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  1. It wasn’t since new according to the data. It has been since early March. But all is good now with the new capacitor for the right mag. Perry
  2. Hi guys. I do have the PDF version. I was looking for a hard copy. I will keep working on it. Thank you
  3. That is where I went first. They can’t do anything right now due to the Mooney’s shutdown for the virus.
  4. Hello everyone, does anyone know how get an additional POH & Maintenance Manuals for 2019 M20V? Thank you
  5. We are trying to figure it out. Change of mag didn’t help.
  6. Thank you. I will try this tomorrow.
  7. Thank you for the input. I know how to download the data to the SD card. How do I get to see what it is saying. Is Savvy a program that can do that? If so, how do I upload the data to it. Sorry about the dumb questions. Perry
  8. I meant to write P-Leads. Still investigating.
  9. Hi everyone. The dead mag or may be just the P-leads or the switch are still intermittent. Next we will change the switch and see how it will fair. Changing the left mag helped, but not the rpm drop is not always consistent. Sometimes it is there sometimes it is not. will report back once we got it figured out. Perry
  10. Hello all. The new mag is in and initially looked like that the problem is actually the ignition switch. We will see if that is the case. Jay at Lapeer MSC is better than great in diagnosis and repair. Stay tuned.
  11. Thank you for all the input , right, wrong , mischievous or indifferent. There must be more engineers among us who want to resolve issues of this great product, than the ones, who seek fame on the social media. There seem to be two different issues, one cross-wiring, which was from factor, second the hot mag, which could have happened any time during its life. Both were discovered by Eric at the transition trading for my coworker at our company. The mag, will be replaced by MSC at Lapeer, once the stay-home order is released, due to the virus. Stay healthy, stay vigilant and value your lives. Perry
  12. It did leave the factor that way. It was discovered during the transition training paid for by Mooney. Ironic.
  13. I owned a new out of the factory D42VI for a year in 2018 with FIKI. A very nice plane for good weather flying. Throw rough air, rain, cross wind and ice is would not handle it anywhere close to Mooney. It wouldn’t fit into my normal hanger and about 30 Kt slower even flying in the yellow ark. Great people at the factor, but anywhere else service is very limited on those engines. I had many quality issues with it. Things coming apart etc. they fixed it all. The annual was twice as a Mooney etc. I would buy it again as a recreational plane if it was a bout 2 ft shorter wingspan. That is the plane I sold to by this Mooney. All problems are gone with the weaknesses of the DA42VI abilities. FWIW. Perry
  14. Hi all. If we had electric mags we wouldn’t worry about hot mags. Right wrong or indifferent, the quality of a machine that we fly and our lives depends on it is not open for negotiations. The state of art in manufacturing is way passed over the times that we all should play the role of a test pilot. With today’s technology we should be able to put this beautiful and prefect design of flying machine in the hands of pilots fast, cheap and easy. No need to argue any other options. It happened to Harley, it happens to GM and many other great American products. We shouldn’t kid around this. It is the pride of our county. Perry
  15. Hi All. Just found out that in my new Mooney with only 35 hrs the mag II was hot and also the wires were crossed from the factory. Right mag to left and left mag to right. The guys (Jay) at Lapeer MSC fixed it and we are awaiting the new mag from continental. Eric Rudningen was the one who discovered it in the transition training for my coworker. I bet if we can help Mooney to fix their quality issues, they can actually make money. No wonder why they spend two to three times more on each new unit verses the other manufacturers. They fix and repair things constantly. It is a great product that need a great process of production. Perry