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  1. The big deal is I painted all my trim, which means I painted over the writing. And now I want some labels.
  2. Yessir - I’ve already painted my trim - which of course covered up the old markings for the vent and light. Now I just gotta get me some labels for those
  3. Hey bud, so I just got a response on Facebook. All they are, are flat tinnerman nuts. Shoot, I’m finding them almost everywhere now LOL thought you might like to knowShoot, I’m finding them almost everywhere now LOL thought you might like to know
  4. Also - any tips to getting the new headliner in would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I removed my headliner to my 64C Mooney. My new one just came in - and I need to get it installed (what a huge mess that’s going to be). Anyway, I found that the metal bow supports that hold the headliner up, attach on the lip above the Windows using a small screw with this little backer - anyone know what kind of backer this is and where I might could find them?
  6. Did you find that your bows attached to the side using small screws and these little backings? I cannot find these backings and am missing several.
  7. Ok. I’m trying to tackle this project now - I’m missing a few of the backings for the screws that hold the metal bows into the fuselage. The piece of fabric we got way oversized - of course to allow for error - would you lay it out - lay the old one on top, trace and cut before putting it in? Or would you just try to put the new one in whole - and the cut to fit? this is the most daunting portion of the process for sure. Thanks for the help.
  8. I need to see where I can get the instrument lights / air vent placards for this console? It’s the one on the ceiling of the cockpit where the lights and air vent are located. Any help?
  9. Can’t do any of those. Could do late June
  10. Update: it was the P lead - ordered a new one - and got it put in. Got the mag timed tonight - tidied up some of the conglomeration of wires that were strewn about. Found three wires that, at one point, led to the switch - but had been cut in years past and taped. The OLD p lead had a butt splice - that’s where the failure was. I’m definitely glad I’m taking this opportunity to clean up some of the things that are never seen. Pulled the interior - redoing seat upholstery, headliner, and side panels while they’re out. Removed old insulation - pulled inspection panels below back seat - complied with SB208 while we were digging. Cleaned everything up - lubed what we could - shot some corrosion X in that area under the seat - shot some chromium phosphate on the cage for good measure. No corrosion found - what a great feeling. Waiting on new insulation from airtex which will be here Tuesday. Interior stuff should be done mid week - she’s gonna look sharp once it’s all said an done. Hopefully I can get her all buttoned up by next weekend - leaving for a couple of weeks and am supposed to fly her in for her annual on the 19th. If I can’t get it flying by the time I leave - I’ll have to reschedule my annual. Taking it to weepnomore July 26th, then in for paint in October. Woohooo
  11. Awesome - thank you so much! I’ll give it a look. Also - Is that the date manufactured in the picture? Looks like 1999
  12. What am I looking for? What specific areas and what kind of damage - just want to know what I look for after it’s been towed or left at an FBO. Also, would I be correct that these pucks are dated 1999? Thanks!