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  1. Supercop0184

    Repaint Cost

    Hate to bring up an old post - but I’m gonna - lol. I have a 64 C model - going Into weap mo more in May for a strip and reseal. I’ll use it for the summer - then possibly take it in for paint end of year (if I can afford it after the tank reseal). Im liking the quality and price of joes work! I PMd to see if his prices are still comparable. Great reading everyone! Thanks for all the help!
  2. Supercop0184

    Almost good bye

    Hey everybody, just wanted to Make a little post here about a decision I recently made about my Airplane. I have a 1964C model, the engine has about 1950 hours. My tanks need a reseal, my paint has seen better days, but it’s been a very good airplane. I have a panel that contains very nice avionics, an avidyne 440, stec 30 auto pilot with GPSS, ADS-B In our; 4 cylinder engine monitor; fuel flow monitor. It is a very well-equipped C model airplane that just needs a little tender loving care to make it a top-notch specimen of the C models. We have been recently considering getting a 250 horse Comanche or 285 horse bonanza so we can improve our climb out performance and increase our altitude ability and be able to make it to our new place that we have in Durango Colorado from Fort Worth Texas, non stop. Unfortunately, nicely equipped Comanches and Bonanza airplanes are very difficult to find that are affordable. Nothing I can afford is even close to being equipped with the avionics my little C model has. So, we determined that we would keep the Mooney and absolutely deck it out. We have an appointment with weep no more in May to get both tanks totally resealed. I have contacted a painter up in Tennessee and gotten a quote on a brand new paint job that I really want. And I’ve also made contact with Jewel Aviation in Missouri to do an engine overhaul when that time comes. There are a couple things I would like to perfect with my Airpoint. No matter what we have done, my cylinder temperatures seem to run hot on climb out. This greatly affects my client performance, because I cannot continuously climb without the cylinders getting to 420° or slightly higher. My oil temperature also climbs greatly during my climb out , sometimes reaching 225° before I have to push the nose down, illuminate my climb momentarily to cool the engine off. Certainly there is something that can be done, we have played with the Cowell flaps but it has not done anything. We have toyed around with the temperatures with and without Lazar no scowling closure, the temps are actually cooler with the enclosure removed. My mechanic has been thinking about doing some kind of a double pass-through oil cooler, says that if we can increase the cooling efficiency of the oil it may cool the rest of the engine some. I think if we could hone in on this one issue, it would alleviate some of the frustrations I had with the aircraft. Any suggestions at all?
  3. Supercop0184

    New Owner, First Plane, 1974c

    Question, how did redoing the carb heat box help with engine management and cruise speed? I just don’t feel I see the speed numbers I should.
  4. Supercop0184

    To Powerflow or not to Powerflow - That is the question

    What is this Mooney power boost that you speak of, how much power does it add, and how much is it!?
  5. Supercop0184

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    Great to hear brother!! Thanks!! Hope you’re doing well!!
  6. Supercop0184

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    Hey Paul - what do you know about Jewel??
  7. Supercop0184

    pic of scrap m20c

    Do you have the cargo door hold arm? If so how much? I need
  8. Supercop0184

    scrapped a mooney m20c

    Do you have the little cargo door hold arm by chance? If so how much? I need
  9. Supercop0184

    Mooney meet up at Triple Tree

    Any body else from here going? If so when are you getting there? And has anyone been? it would be great to have a Mooney hang out!! Can't wait to check this place out!!!
  10. Supercop0184

    Really Cool Osh Video

    You bet brother!!
  11. Supercop0184

    Really Cool Osh Video

    First off, let me start off by saying that I am very good friends with Josh, also known as Mr. aviation, and I must say I am very proud of him for these two videos. He did himself in every way possible, and I personally was moved by watching these! secondly I'll say that yes, That was me at the end of the part two video. What an honor it is to be a part of such a fine group of aviators. Thank you for your words out, I'm glad you enjoyed the video and the poem.
  12. Supercop0184

    M20C Manifold Pressure

    Sounds perfect to me! Lets do it! HEY HOW DO I GET THAT COOL MAP?
  13. Supercop0184

    M20C Manifold Pressure

    Yup that makes sense. Thanks! HEY by the way how are ya? Was in the area not too long ago and tried callin! Hope you're doing well!
  14. Supercop0184

    M20C Manifold Pressure

    So it goes to say - if you are at field elevation of 1000 ft, and temperatures are 100 degrees, it would be a decent amount lower than altimeter setting? correct? maybe by a couple of inches?
  15. Supercop0184

    o-360 overhaul

    Well if you find out would you please let me know - might be easy for you while in conversation. He might think I am a wack job if I call out of the blue and say " HEY MAN ive heard so many great things about you - when are you retiring?" HAHAHA!