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  1. I only have an EDM-700 - would they still benefit me?
  2. What do these fuel sender’s cost? I’m not necessarily as worried about labor price, as they will be in the wing to reseal it anyway. But have no idea what the senders cost. I have done some looking now that Y’all mention of these things, very interesting.Y’all mention of these things, very interesting.
  3. You will see prices all the way up to 15 or $20,000. Now, the highest quote I received was 14,900. And he’s trying to get his name out there again as a painter. I would definitely give him a looksee. Jeff quoted me a much better price, for the paint job that I want. For a white with two accent colors, right now he’s around $10,000. I’ve seen his work, and he does an outstanding job. He and his business partner split ways, And he’s trying to get his name out there again as a painter. I would definitely give him a looksee.
  4. Well all I have is a lowly edm-700 with that I JUST sent off to have USB and fuel flow added to it. That instrument is staying for a while. Now if digital senders would really improve what I have, I’d definitely consider it.
  5. I’ve never heard of the CiES fuel senders....definitely open to it since we’re gonna be in there? What’s their claim to fame?
  6. Looks like we’re going in for paint in October - Jeff with American Plane Painting Company has been FANTASTIC so far in answering questions and always making himself available for a phone call. I saw a Cherokee he painted in a Miami hurricane scheme (I tried not to judge planes paint job by its school colors). The paint looked amazing as did the line work. He’s at Craig field in Selma Alabama - can’t wait to get this part of my refurb done. So now here’s what we have - Don Maxwell annual in May - Weep no more for both tank reseals and fuel sender overhauls in july Strip and Paint in October. Busy (and expensive) year! But it’s all Stuff that really adds to the airplane. seriously - Jeff at American plane painting is worth a look at it you need a paint job.
  7. Thanks Paul - that’s just what I was looking for!! You’ve helped me decide which one I’m shooting for!!
  8. I did a little reading, the Aspen E5 does drive an auto pilot.
  9. And, perhaps he was trying to help, now that I have seen some of your explanations and answers it makes more sense. But without any kind of explanation as to why the comparison should be different, I really had no clue. I’m a newbie here. If I was snappy to my original responded - my apologies. @vorlon1
  10. Awesome, definitely food for thought. So let me ask this then, 2 G5’s compared to this one each five. Which set up is better equipped
  11. So the G5 works for IFR flight? Or no? I will have to look at the auto pilot compatibility. Good point, I had never thought of that. I have an asked text 30 now, but for see myself upgrading down the road. However, I think I will want the true track. Good points, thank you.
  12. Not to hijack this thread but, I’m gonna anyway! lol! No. Because I don’t NEED two G5’s, but since I need ONE G5, I could spend a few more AMUs and get the aspen. Or maybe I could spend the same extra and get two G5’s. Sooner or later I probably WILL need to G5’s, I guess we could go on and on with discussion - which is why I asked? And - no where did I say ONE G5 - I’m asking comparison of available features and brand to each other. Thanks.
  13. As the title says, pros and cons to both, and of the TWO, which one would you buy and why?
  14. I’m being told the 4500 is incorrect for me - if so, are you interested in the rebuild kit? Looks like I have a brand new one I cannot use.
  15. The B was what wasn’t throwing me way off! I had to be reassured by the local folks that it didn’t mean it was the wrong thing
  16. Thanks for the pointers - I’ve got it removed and will take pictures of it Sunday when we go to working on it. FYI, I did similar to you I suppose - I ordered the lasar kit, hasn’t gotten here yet, but also took the service manual numbers to the local aircraft supply store - they had both o rings - oh well. Learn a little bit everyday lol.
  17. Stand By, if this one doesn't provide the same O rings (im skeptical that it will), consider it yours lol.
  18. I for sure have the 4200, but these model numbers aint matching aircraft spruce. LASAR has a 4500 overhaul kit that he says he is sure will work, to the point that, if it doesn't, he will refund the cost of the kit (six bucks - not worried about it).
  19. My Scott 4200 parking brake valve on my 64 M20C is leaking - the service manual gives both AN and Mooney part numbers for the needed o rings - I am having a very hard time finding these o rings - anyone have any suggestions?? Any help would be appreciated it.
  20. If you buy the airplane at a discounted price taking a run out engine into consideration, then in reality, any excess hours that you get out of that engine are a bonus. I Would ALWAYS recommend a pre-buy, there are a lot of other scary things that could catch you with your pants down besides the engine. Good luck and have fun with the purchase Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. This is great. I get weather - but it’s REALLY SPOTTY. I barely ever get winds aloft reports - it seems to take forever for the radar to pop up - so it’s not even useful. I thought this was normal ADSB weather. I get decent traffic reports - also, I need to figure out how to sync it to the IFD100. Any help anyone?
  22. Bryan - I have a few questions about my unit. May I reach out through PM so I don’t hijack the thread?
  23. I’m leaning this direction as well.
  24. Touching on an old thread - looks like I may be in need of an overhaul. Everything I have seen and heard about Jewell, makes them seem like my top choice.