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  1. Flight instrument removal

    What is the secret to attaching/detaching vacuum hoses? I removed the Brittain DG in my 201 to work on the autopilot. Re-installing the hoses cost me a good bit of the skin from my left hand and took almost an hour. Is there any kind of lubricant that can be used on a vacuum hose?
  2. ADSB Tracking

    I believe you can register with the NBAA or the FAA to block output of your flight information on the ASDI data feed. If you register with the NBAA, your registration data will still be on the feed but will not be displayed by Flightaware, etc. You can then subscribe to FlightAware at some cost so only you can see your track. If you register with the FAA, no registration will be sent out on the feed so no one can track you. However, anyone with a ADS-B receiver (< $100) can track you when you are in range of their station. There is no legal way to prevent that.
  3. Flight instrument removal

    It should take about 10 minutes to remove from under the panel. Biggest PITB is actually getting it out of there once you have disconnected the various vacuum lines or wires.
  4. The $300 version doesn't have the ES option (extended squitter) which makes it ADS-B compliant. That is a $1200 upgrade you have to have installed at the factory.
  5. Fuel Tank Reseal - Expensive...

    The sealant is not toxic or unpleasant, but it is difficult to work with. It stays on anything it touches. Need disposable/dedicated clothes, gloves, tools, etc. It is also time sensitive. In Houston, you have about 30 minutes to work with a batch before it gets too difficult. Colder climes have longer working times. The sealant really needs to be put between parts on the Van's because the flanges are smaller than the Mooney parts. Then brushed over the seams in a couple coats. You need to be super careful about which holes to seal, avoid drain holes, etc. You also have to be careful what kind of tools you use. For example Harbor Freight brushes tend to disintegrate so you have to use better quality ($$) ones. And you have to be super careful about cleaning things religiously before applying it. Soap, then MEK/Acetone and no oily skin contact. You can certainly do it yourself, but it's not for the faint of heart.
  6. Fuel Tank Reseal - Expensive...

    I've built two sets of tanks for RV's. Just putting the sealant on properly with unassembled tanks is a PITA. Would heartily recommend letting professionals handle it.
  7. Seat Track Cotter Pins

    The cotter pins are fine, these were just so huge it was really difficult to get them out. They are like 2 1/2 inches long. I may check the Lowes for something a smidge smaller or see what I have lying around in the RV-8 parts bin.
  8. Brittain T/C

    How difficult is it to remove a Brittain T/C? The pneumatic hoses are all off but there is an electrical connection to an inverter. The inverter is mounted up in the footwell on the sidewall and would be a bear to remove. Is there a simple way to disconnect the electrical connection (grey wire)?
  9. I use a quart every 5-10 hours, depends on the kind of flying. Anything over 6-6.5 qts gets blown out usually fill it when it gets below 6.
  10. Seat Track Cotter Pins

    Gonna go with the clevis/cotter pin combo. The 2" cotter pins were a bit much.
  11. Seat Track Cotter Pins

    Does anyone know what size cotter pins are supposed to be installed on the seat track to prevent the seat from coming off? I removed four cotter pins that would hold up anchor chains. Would like something a little easier next time.
  12. Hoses - Latex vs Silicone

    New issue. Removed a couple of the hoses. They were so old that they basically crumbled and left hose on the tee fittings. Is there anything recommended to remove the residue after I peel off the big chunks of rubber.
  13. Hoses - Latex vs Silicone

    FWIW, the lady at Brittain was super nice. Gates 27043 at auto store 8-10 feet. Will give it a shot.
  14. Hoses - Latex vs Silicone

    I need to replace the hoses on the Brittain system behind the panel (original from 1977). 7/32 ID wiper/vacuum hose is the recommended replacement. It is offered in latex or silicone or "synthetic rubber". What are the pros and cons of each?
  15. Organizing stuff in Plane

    Get some sheet plexiglass at Lowe's, cut it with a bandsaw, and glue it together to create a box that sits on the floor between the seats. Holds my checklists/iPad/POH with a cup holder and a fire extinguisher holder in the back. I keep a cheapo little tackle box for batteries, extra eyeglasses, ear plugs, fuses, bulbs, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately my hat rack area matches your description