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  1. markejackson02

    Stupid owner tricks

    In the course of installing new RG-400 coax, I used my awesome new LED worklight. Whiiich turned out to have a rather powerful magnet in the base. Now my compass is off by about 30 degrees. I was gonna remove the compass and take it out of the plane to see if it is still jacked up. If so, is a new compass the only alternative? If not, time to break out the degaussing wand.
  2. markejackson02

    IFR Setup

    You should come back when it's hot here...
  3. markejackson02

    Try to patch or strip/reseal

    I have used them on RV fuel tanks. Get the quart and store it in the garage fridge, will keep indefinitely. It's smelly and sticky but not really rhat horrible. Rules 1. Double glove with nitrile gloves. Then tear off the top glove and reglove when necessary. 2. Plan on disposing of everything it touches, brushes, syringes, popsicle sticks. 3. Get really wide wax paper and do all the mixing and prep on the wax paper. Then roll everything up in the wax paper and toss it when finished.
  4. markejackson02

    Nose Wheel 65 M20E Help!!

    The FBO there has a nice mechanic, my son used to go to school in Stephensville. Changing the tire should be easy, just use an engine hoist to take the weight off the tire.
  5. markejackson02


    I am now two weeks into the project. Time to actually do wiring - about two hours. Time to remove about a pound of what appears to be plumbers putty from the antenna/plenum, to fix the seat belt installation which was done horribly, time to fix all the Tandy/Realistic/Radio Shack speakers/buzzers, clean at least two handfuls of old zip ties, remove the duct tape from the plenum/ceiling, correctly wrap all the wiring, replace incorrect hardware with correct, etc. - 1.99 weeks. Taking apart the plane is like a box of chocolates, never know what you're going to get.
  6. markejackson02


    Part of the issue might have orginiated when the plane was painted. Apparently they didn't put new sealant around the antenna base. Who votes for pro-seal and who votes for RTV Silicone for sealing the antenna base?
  7. markejackson02


    Yeah the entire cabin has 1/2" foam insulation. Very useful in South Texas. At least all the steel tubing looked to be in great shape.
  8. markejackson02


    Did you reuse the clamps?
  9. markejackson02


    I removed the front antenna. Wow. First, there was an entire container of plumbers putty put in around everything. Second, the plenum seems to be nothing but a support for the two rolls of duct tape that were used to seal everything. Finally got it all apart. This is the coax connector. There was some kind of pink film all over the antenna, AN3 screws, and gasket. Anyone know what this is?
  10. markejackson02


    I removed the rear antenna, cleaned it, made a new gasket, cleaned the coax/screws, and reinstalled it. Huge difference. I can hear KSGR tower from the ground at KAXH now. Worst part was crawling into the tailcone in the heat inside a metal hangar. It had to be 120 in there. Now I have to figure out how to do the front antenna.
  11. markejackson02

    Comant CI-156

    I found a data sheet that had a scaled drawing of the bottom of the CI-196 which I assume will work. Being a CB before popping for a new antenna.
  12. markejackson02

    Comant CI-156

    Does anyone have an installation manual for the CI-156 antenna? Specifically looking for a template to make a new gasket. Thx
  13. markejackson02


    I am going to check it for loose connections. It was overhauled about 50 hours ago and a new harness installed. Will check all the grounding straps as well.
  14. markejackson02


    Well crap. After giant mis-adventure removing the seats I got under there and all the connections to the radio are new. I cleaned the connector to one antenna but was prevented from flying by a giant thunderstorm parked over the airport. May try tonight. Very frustrating. The radio works well enough in the pattern but once I try to listen to departure, whose antenna is about 15 miles away, everything is very faint and I have to turn on the squelch. I have de-activated every electric device one by one but that doesn't change anything. Running just the #1 radio with everything else turned off didn't help. Mag check didn't change anything. Next step will be to remove, clean , and reinstall the back antenna to see if that helps. It happens on both radios which makes me suspect there is something awry electrically somewhere.
  15. markejackson02


    Today's project is to remove the seats and get under the panel to remove, clean, and replace all the connections. If that doesn't help, will remove the antennas, clean and replace. If that fails, will try to run new cable. Sure hope it's just the connectors.