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  1. Mooney Bladder Install
  2. M20R for Flight Simulators

    FWIW, I've had flight sims since DOS days and the feel part of it has always been missing, especially in pitch. I use it sparingly to practice procedures since it's so clunky and the systems are so poorly modeled. I really enjoy it to get a taste of big iron flying.
  3. Engine Monitor

    I have the very basic GEM (G-1). It was about 1.500 installed. I just like being able to see what is going on. Given the South Texas heat you have to be able to see the CHT as they can easily go to 450 with cowl flaps closed if you're not paying attention. If I had to do it again, I would get a G2 or G3 that can log data and could replace the older Hoskins fuel totalizer.
  4. Hot weather battery maintenance

    I do use distilled water. I try to fly at least once a week. The battery minder may be overkill. If this one turns out to be dead (will check tomorrow), maybe try the Concorde.
  5. Hot weather battery maintenance

    Is there any issue with the battery box? My current one has two sets of ridges that look like they are designed to hold the battery caps in place.
  6. Hot weather battery maintenance

    It is the Gill specific BatteryMinder unit. I believe it is the S2. I used to use the aviation specific unit that allowed you to pick battery type and amperage. It was constantly resetting itself so I would come back to the AGM battery setting at 2 amps. Finally tossed it which was annoying given the $250 price tag.
  7. I have a Gill G-35 battery in a 201. The hangar in which the plane sits is regularly 100-120 degrees this time of year. I keep the water topped up and use a battery minder. Is there anything else I can do to keep the battery from getting torched?
  8. Low oil Temperature

    My suggestion is to move to South Texas where low oil temperatures are never an issue.
  9. Control Wheel Parts

    Lasar does indeed have them.
  10. Control Wheel Parts

    I'd like to install a co-pilot PTT switch with a silk screened label next to it. Does anyone have any idea where I could find the 1" by 2" control wheel thumbplate? The manual part number is 917024-033 but I don't see them online anywhere. I'd like to get one powder coated with a label if possible.
  11. Cold Start Help

    I couldn't start the plane Saturday. The technique I used: throttle 1" open, full rich, boost on for three seconds then off, slowly reduce mixture to ICO. Wait 10 seconds, crank. Nada. Tried to flood it, etc. No love. Even flooded technique didn't work. Sooo, I went back to the POH. I found the starting procedure to be different from the checklist. In short, I have found three different starting procedures in the various POH's. I have a 1977 201 (S/N 48) with A3B6D. My POH - throttle 1/4" open, mixture ICO, fuel tank selected, boost pump on until pressure > 10" then off, advance mixture to 50% for three seconds, then ICO, then crank. Later POH - throttle 25%, mixture full rich, boost on until pressure rises, then off, mixture ICO, then crank. Checklist - throttle 1", mixture full rich, boost on three seconds, then off, mixture ICO, then crank. Why the differences? Going to try the POH one this evening. If that doesn't work, will have mx look at it.
  12. Looking for Advice G1000 vs GTN

    Make sure the G1000 is certified for LPV approaches. I believe some of the earlier versions of the software were not.
  13. WSI/avidyne/sirius XM ending their service

    Just out of curiousity, why do you have a radar display in your truck?
  14. Stratux Mount

    Agreed, the difference in reception is night and day.