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  1. single band vs dual band Stratux

    I was incorrect. I looked at a picture of my old set up and I had two SDRs installed when I had both bands on there. If you have to choose one, take the 1090 as it will show some air to air traffic.
  2. single band vs dual band Stratux

    The Pro Stick is 1090 only (cursory read of the specs). You should have a software defined radio hooked up to the Stratux that looks something like this. How many antenna connections does it have? Or you may cast off the Mooney cheap b*****d moniker and pony up $36 for a new set of antennas and radios.
  3. single band vs dual band Stratux

    FWIW, if you have two antennas plugged into two USB ports, the Stratux software should recognize it. If not, you can connect to the Stratux at and configure it to use both. I also used two antennas off of an old iLink ISA PC card. Worked okay. You can buy prepared antennas on Amazon:
  4. Jerry Walters owner of Brittain Industries

    Sorry to hear, everyone at Brittain has always been super helpful and nice.
  5. single band vs dual band Stratux

    I don't know if they sell it any more but I bought a dual band EFB -Ping dongle from uAvionix. Stratux supported and works very well. I get both 1090 and 978. I think they make the new receiver for Foreflight tho so you may have to try to find one used.
  6. Mooney M20J glareshield overhaul

    Does that have the lights installed?
  7. Cowl flaps not closing

    I am curious what you find. My J model (77) has never been able to have the cowl flaps in anything other than fully opened or fully closed.
  8. Running Bladders Dry

    Is there any reason I couldn't run a bladder dry? Want to make sure the tanks hold the advertised 27 gallons and I've never had them down below like 10 gallons remaining.
  9. Innefficient Descent (going fast)

    I ignore the costs and descend at 500' a minute to minimize headaches. Unless IFR in which case I usually have to either throw out the dive brakes or cruise for 80 miles at 2000' around KIAH
  10. Heading Knob Set Screw

    In one of my stupid pet tricks I managed to drop the little tiny set screw holding my heading bug knob onto the DG into the belly of the aircraft. Gone forever. It looks like a 4-40 1/8" screw. Can't find a part number or reference in the parts manual. Anyone know what it is?
  11. Most important thing to remember is to move the throttle slowly so that governors and such can keep up. I used an iPhone app that measured sound pulses to check my tach and it indicated within 25 RPM.
  12. What is this device in the tail?

    Brittain magnetic heading sensor
  13. Insurance valuation

    In my case, the insurance company would have been willing to repair the plane had the A&P/IA guaranteed a fixed price repair. Since that seemed like a crazy thing to do, they ended up totaling it. If you can get your A&P to give them a fixed price repair and do a side deal with him(her) to cover any additional costs, you might be able to keep the plane.
  14. Turn Coordinator flaked out during IPC

    I thought it was an electrically powered gyro that operated pneumatic values that controlled the P/C or autopilot? I'm curious. Probably will have mine overhauled at the annual as it is starting to get a little wobbly.
  15. Insurance valuation

    Should be "damaged beyond economic repair". I had exactly that happen. Gear up in 67 C model. Insured for blue book (~45K at the time.) Repair estimate was $35K, so they decalred it a total loss. The frustrating thing was I had spent five years getting the plane in good shape and upgrading it, etc. Insuring it for $100K would have been stupid expensive but maybe $60K would have reflected the premium I put on having it put together the way I liked it and prevented them totalling it. So I promptly took the proceeds and upgraded to a 77 J hangar queen which was a bigger mistake, but that's for another time