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  1. markejackson02

    Changing Tires based on age

    My great oil change plan went awry and I ended up pouring a quart of old oil down the firewall and all over the nose wheel. Is there anything to do other than clean the tire with soap and water and then go flying?
  2. markejackson02

    What Jacks do you Reccommend?

    Just out of curiousity, why don't people use sawhorses as a backup for their jacks? Takes about an hour and $20 to make a set of very substantial sawhorses. In the pre-lawyer Mooney service manuals, they were a regular way of supporting the wings.
  3. markejackson02

    Insight G1 on M20j Help

    I have on in my 77 J and it works perfectly fine for leaning. I lean 50 LOP for putzing around the neighborhood get 9GPH and 100 ROP up high if I want to get somewhere. I have a separate Shadin FF of dubious accuracy. You will be fine without the FF.
  4. markejackson02

    Alternator offline

    I have a question about the ammeter and how it works. Background - been having radio issues, light problems, battery issues, etc. Turns out the voltage regulator was set to put out 13 volts. I mention this only because the ammeter would only show a tiny discharge with the master on and engine off and a tiny charge with engine on. It wasn't until I had a voltmeter hooked to the buss bar looking at the radios that I realized the voltage was too low. How should the ammeter have helped in this case? Ever since setting it to 14.2 volts, no more problems.
  5. markejackson02

    Bizjet Baggage

    Has anyone ever travelled in a Citation or Phenom? The baggage compartment is unpressurized as I understand. Does it cause things like toothpaste or shampoo to blow up in the suitcase? Or does that stuff need to be carried in the cabin? Just curious.
  6. markejackson02

    Cowl Flap fine adjustments

    Yeah mine is 24-0048. No step and 2 position cowl flaps. I wonder if they took a bunch of F models and modified them.
  7. markejackson02

    Cowl Flap fine adjustments

    I have an early 77J (actually made in 76) and it is open/closed.
  8. markejackson02

    Voltage regulator adjustment

    I was able to adjust it per the service manual. I removed the right seat for easier access. Tied down/chocked, started plane, voltmeter on buss, 13.5 volts @ 2000 RPM. Adjusted to 14.2 volts @ 2000 RPM and 14.3 @ full throttle. It solved my strobe issue, my radio issue, and my battery issue.
  9. markejackson02

    Voltage regulator adjustment

    I have a 1977 J (actually a 1976) which has a VR415F. Is there any way to adjust this that doesn't involve running the airplane full blast while I hang upside down under the panel?
  10. markejackson02

    Alternator Belt Tension

    If the alternator belt needs to be tightened, is there a sanctioned way of doing it? On the cars I use a 1" combination wrench as a pry bar. Same for the Mooney?
  11. markejackson02

    SWM Meter Source

    Anyone near Houston know where I might be able to rent/borrow a SWM meter? Something like an MFJ 259 meter. Have replaced the coax cable but still having weak reception/transmission issues. I'd like to test the antennas before starting a fishing expedition with the avionics people.
  12. markejackson02

    Stupid owner tricks

    In the course of installing new RG-400 coax, I used my awesome new LED worklight. Whiiich turned out to have a rather powerful magnet in the base. Now my compass is off by about 30 degrees. I was gonna remove the compass and take it out of the plane to see if it is still jacked up. If so, is a new compass the only alternative? If not, time to break out the degaussing wand.
  13. markejackson02

    IFR Setup

    You should come back when it's hot here...
  14. markejackson02

    Try to patch or strip/reseal

    I have used them on RV fuel tanks. Get the quart and store it in the garage fridge, will keep indefinitely. It's smelly and sticky but not really rhat horrible. Rules 1. Double glove with nitrile gloves. Then tear off the top glove and reglove when necessary. 2. Plan on disposing of everything it touches, brushes, syringes, popsicle sticks. 3. Get really wide wax paper and do all the mixing and prep on the wax paper. Then roll everything up in the wax paper and toss it when finished.
  15. markejackson02

    Nose Wheel 65 M20E Help!!

    The FBO there has a nice mechanic, my son used to go to school in Stephensville. Changing the tire should be easy, just use an engine hoist to take the weight off the tire.