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  1. I have forgotten and it's not a big deal.
  2. A must have in non a/c'ed Mooneys in Texas.
  3. MX told me to leave it at fine pitch (full forward) until the oil temp gauge started to move at which point one cycle of 300-500 rpm was sufficient to get the oil flowing.
  4. Yeah the ebay ones were all not the same switch. I ordered an MPA-206 and will also order a MSP205R from a salvage yard. I like ordering plane parts that are sub $10 :-) I was able to figure out the switch function with a multi-meter. Learn something new every day.
  5. The press-to-test switch for my annuciators broke during an avionics install. One of the lugs on the bottom. It is an ALCO (now Tyco) MSP205R switch. A DPDT switch. Not made any more. Also, no info on the switch connections. I think that the replacement is an MPA206R. Anyone know if this will work or have any idea how to test the terminals so I can figure out what wires to connect where? Thanks very much.
  6. I bought a square foot of heat shield from Aircraft Spruce and used contact cement to glue it in place in the cowl where the exhaust is about 1" from the cowl. No problems since.
  7. According to my POH, you are supposed to be able to pull the level 1/2 open (3"). I'm wondering if I missed something as stupid as tightening the friction lock or something.
  8. Yeah, since the new unit (IFD440) was an "IFD", I thought it would be available online but apparently IFD means Integrated Flight Display, not an IFD 440/540.
  9. The same NavData subscription works for either the IFD440 or IFD540. And yes, I did have to call them.
  10. I will check when I get home. I can hold them manually open halfway but the system either wants to be open or closed.
  11. Is it me or does Jeppesen have the worst web site in the world? Trying to sign up for a subscription to NavData for a new IFD440. The only option they have is for the 540, which I assume works for both. Buuuuut, it crashes when I go to my cart. Their support is around during Mountain Time. Seems really weird for a global aviation company. People in Japan have to order at 3:00 AM? As far as I could tell, there was no option to buy through Avidyne. Which also has a pretty cruddy web site. I registered my units and noticed that their support website hasn't been updated since 2014. Ugh. So does the IFD540 subscription work for the 440 and is Jeppesen the only place to get it?
  12. I have a very early J model (s/n 24-0048). The cowl flaps slam closed as soon as the torque tube moves out from over center. I have looked at the system quite closely but see nothing that would allow it to stop halfway. Was that put in place on later J models?
  13. Not to wander farther afield, but is there an STC to use a vernier control for cowl flaps on the early J model? I have a manual push/pull that is only open and closed. Half open would be awesome in Texas in the summer....
  14. How difficult is it to remove the glareshield? I see four-five screws on the top. I assume a knife connector for the lights. Is there anything else involved in removing it?
  15. If we want to speculate, I would guess that the least senior/experienced crew members were on watch (1:30AM). Since it takes miles to stop/alter course, a small error in judgement could result in a collision. The captain was in his stateroom which was crushed by the collision.