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  1. markejackson02

    Engine Start Issues

    Just remember to wait 30-45 seconds between 3 and 4. You need to give the fuel some time to vaporize. I use the time to set up the cockpit.
  2. markejackson02

    High FBO fees.

    I was surprised that almost 40% of the traffic at DAL was non-airline. According to the story, the impetus is to drive GA traffic away to Redbird to allow more airline traffic at DAL.
  3. markejackson02

    Mooney has been sitting

    DO NOT blow into the pitot tube. Get a 6' length of rubber/plastic tube. Put one end over the pitot tube. Get a set of hemostats (surgical clamps). Clamp the open end of the tube and then start rolling the tube up until a given speed reads on the ASI. Then test the gear.
  4. markejackson02

    Benign Spiral-Anyone ever try this in a M20J ?

    I was taught this in a 172 but there was no spiralling. Idea was to mush forward using the rudder to keep the ball centered. I tried it in my 67 C model but the sink rate ended up being around 1000-1500 fpm versus 400-500 for the 172.
  5. markejackson02

    Power setting while on the clime on Mooney M20J

    The only reason I would reduce power is to reduce temperature. In South Texas that sometimes happens after a quick turn when the engine is hot to begin with
  6. markejackson02

    7 Antenna

    How much of the interior has to be removed to get to the antennas?
  7. markejackson02

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    I find that passengers like looking at the sectional view following the little plane along.
  8. markejackson02

    Skin surface corrosion?

    Let's put it this way. If it doesn't come off with a little elbow grease and a maroon scotch-brite, then you need to step back and have the experts look at it.
  9. markejackson02

    Skin surface corrosion?

    Cleaned with a scotch-brite pad then alodined and repainted.
  10. markejackson02

    How much did Mooneys cost new by year/model?

    Even going experimental isn't that cheap. I'm building an RV-8. It will cost north of $100,000 when finished. Include the cost of my labor ~ 3,000 hours and the all in cost is above $600,000. Anyone who does anything in aviation really has to do it because they enjoy it, not to make money.
  11. markejackson02

    When do engines fail on takeoff?

    It's fine for the home drome which is 5,000' long. For short field, just hold the brakes on until at 29 inches or so.
  12. markejackson02

    When do engines fail on takeoff?

    It may have to do with how quickly people handle the throttle. I advance mine as slowly as practical so it's not reaching full power until at or just before liftoff. If you just cob the throttles, I'm sure it places some big stresses on the engine.
  13. markejackson02

    Aspen Evolution 5?

    Okay. Wasn't clear that it had the RSM from the literature.
  14. markejackson02

    Aspen Evolution 5?

    Okay, so basically this is the Pro without the magnetometer and without the ability to display the GPS path/traffic/SV. That makes a lot more sense. Aspen needs to clean up their web site. Much of the model comparison data is contradictory and points to old data sheets. I find it amusing that in my old plane I installed a TSO'd 1000 Pro and had to keep the vacuum AI while now we can install a non-TSO unit and pitch the entire vacuum system.
  15. markejackson02

    Aspen Evolution 5?

    Can someone cut thru the fog here? I have an Avidyne 440. To install an Aspen unit into my M20J, hook it up to my GPS, and use it as the primary AI/EHSI still costs like $11,000 plus labor. I can install a G5 as the primary AI for $2,500+. If and when Garmin allows the G5 to interface to other units, I could use a second G5 as the HSI/CDI, although I would have to keep my DG to drive the Brittain autopilot. So in a way, this is a big nothing-burger?