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  1. Specialized Aero in San Marcos TX repairs them, if I recall mine cost about $800 for repair with a 4 week lead time.
  2. I need to replace the strobe tube in my left wingtip. The manual calls for a Whelen A427 tube. It appears to have a teardrop shaped base. The existing tube has a round base. Has anyone replaced what appears to be an original unit with the 427? I know about the Molex and making sure the wires are in the Grimes order (black/white/red vs w-b-r for Whelen). Thanks Mark Jackson
  3. JD at SWTA found it during the annual last week. Hopefully we can get an exchange truss for about $800.
  4. Took N201TK in for the annual. The nose truss had a pretty healthy dent on the left side. I pull the plane out of it's hangar and turn it left to get on the taxiway. I use a Bogert 5' towbar. As far as I know, it hasn't been towed this year. That would mean that I have put a 1/8" dent in the steel tubing just by using a manual towbar. Is that really likely or possible?
  5. FWIW, I was able to log into the FAA site, prepare my med-xpress form, take it to the doc, and get my medical. This worked only because I have an existing medical and there were no issues. He said special issues are on hold.
  6. I have a 12V J model, usual 12.2 or so before the start. After the start it needs to idle at 1200RPM for a little while so I see ~14v, at 800-1000RPM like 13.5 anything over 1500RPM 14.2V
  7. My medical is due Jan 2019. Has anyone gone to the AME yet? I assume we can fill out the FAA form and get the medical as long as there are no issues.
  8. A corner auto gas station will go through 4-8 thousand gallons a day, a busy one near a freeway even more. An airport tank holding 2-4 thousand gallons might be refilled a few times a year so prices are much stickier. Since 100LL is a specialty fuel without alternatives, there is no substitution effect so prices are much slower to respond. If crude is sub $50 for a year, then we should be 100LL ~ $3.50 but it will take a while.
  9. My great oil change plan went awry and I ended up pouring a quart of old oil down the firewall and all over the nose wheel. Is there anything to do other than clean the tire with soap and water and then go flying?
  10. Just out of curiousity, why don't people use sawhorses as a backup for their jacks? Takes about an hour and $20 to make a set of very substantial sawhorses. In the pre-lawyer Mooney service manuals, they were a regular way of supporting the wings.
  11. I have on in my 77 J and it works perfectly fine for leaning. I lean 50 LOP for putzing around the neighborhood get 9GPH and 100 ROP up high if I want to get somewhere. I have a separate Shadin FF of dubious accuracy. You will be fine without the FF.
  12. I have a question about the ammeter and how it works. Background - been having radio issues, light problems, battery issues, etc. Turns out the voltage regulator was set to put out 13 volts. I mention this only because the ammeter would only show a tiny discharge with the master on and engine off and a tiny charge with engine on. It wasn't until I had a voltmeter hooked to the buss bar looking at the radios that I realized the voltage was too low. How should the ammeter have helped in this case? Ever since setting it to 14.2 volts, no more problems.
  13. Has anyone ever travelled in a Citation or Phenom? The baggage compartment is unpressurized as I understand. Does it cause things like toothpaste or shampoo to blow up in the suitcase? Or does that stuff need to be carried in the cabin? Just curious.
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