"Flying e-newsletter" "Pilots have no rights"

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But what is the reality between what agents are "taught" and what is the actual law? That's what we need to know. Do we surrender all of our rights on the spot because they say we don't have any?

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This happened to me in 1990, just as described in the article. It doesn't seem like anything has changed in the last 23 years. I can't believe the government thought that chasing me with a Citation for 2 1/2 hours was a good use of tax dollars. Especially when they had all their facts completely wrong. I think that the aviation branch of the Customs Service is just trying to justify their existence. I have a friend who used to work as a Pilot for the Customs Service. He told me that they hardly ever discover a drug runner by trolling the sky with their Citations. He said that they find out about the drug runners with old fashion detective work and then intercept the ones they already knew were coming. This is an extremely expensive government program that produces very few results and harasses innocent pilots and passengers.

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