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  1. update 4/6/2021 avionics are now all here, basic setup to get the plane flown back here from houston, for the true panel upgrade thank you to everyone on this forum for help getting the equipment do have double of acouple items (package deals i couldnt pass up) hopefully next update will be avionics installed and offical first start with run up
  2. Update, Plan for now is to get the mooney back to mass with me where it will get a panel upgrade, so for now im buying basic setup to get the plane flyable to make the trip home then will be reselling the avionics and upgrading so far this is what ive bought as of today and pricing bettween ebay, barnstromers and here elt-90 $40 grimes wing tip nav lights $159 m20c stainless hardware kit $51 Artificial horizon $128 Vertical speed $66 Narco at50A and ar-850 $58 Suction gauge $40 TC100 rate of turn $100 R.C. Allen RCA11A-8 Directional gyro
  3. Apparentlly im still limited on message's, shipping will be to 02364
  4. well out of 172/pa-28/super vikings the m20c is the best over all value, better speed, gph, manual landing gear, retains value longer and low op cost This mooney was just too amazing of a deal to pass up, speed mods, fresh smoh on prop n engine newer interior, new sealed tanks, ect missing avionics is going to be costly but also allow's me to build the panel how i would like it. enabled me to buy this one at a super super steal for less than the cost of brace's for a kid
  5. Like the title say's i just bought my first plane, 1966 m20c project having to rebuild the panel with new avionics but gives me time to finish getting my PPL. so ill be in the parts forum alot but anyways heres some photos of the craft
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