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  1. All great, but some of us are still waiting. ‘62C. Full panel upgrade but no AP, yet.
  2. My Reiff is zip tied to the top of the engine mount just inside the inspection door for the oil dipstick.
  3. I have a plate on the ceiling above me that has all of my specific V speeds.
  4. M20C. 15 hours on Penn Yan overhaul. Installed JPI with engine. Factory gauge reads same as cylinder no. 4.
  5. I use a Q Ref multi page checklist for the M20C. Sporty’s has them. It has an emergency section.
  6. I had compass issues years ago. My A&P degaussed the cage. Basically used the second method as described in the service bulletin. I was trying to install a vertical card compass due to issues with the original whiskey compass. We gave up on upgrading the compass but we solved the issues with the original compass which I am still using. The second method to degauss in the sb is fairly easy.
  7. My installation is standard; a ring type thermocouple under the bayonet mount with a crush washer. The factory bayonet type thermocouple is installed as originally intended. What I was referring too was an old style thermocouple made by JPI that took the place of the factory bayonet mount and eliminated the ring thermocouple. It was discontinued due to issues with grounding causing problems with the unit.
  8. We removed the bayonet mount, to look for an irregular surface or paint that could be insulating and reinstalled it with a new washer. No change at all. Talked to JPI, no help. Looked for the old style TC that replaced the bayonet mount but couldn’t find one. A friend had the same issue on his bonanza and solved that way. JPI says they discontinued them due to issues with grounding.
  9. You are correct. It’s the curse of being an engineer. Everything needs to be right.
  10. The piggyback probe is installed against the cylinder head and insulating washer is between the piggy back probe and bayonet mount. The fire sleeve is butted up to the cylinder head. I’m due for annual in March and plan to do more work on the doghouse to tighten it up and will also work to tighten up the fire sleeve. Front to back cylinder CHTs are running about 40-50 degree difference. I’m still doing the engine break in. I see some folks have used high temp RTV to close up small holes in the doghouse. Is there a benefit or issue with trying some to seal the fire sleeve?
  11. I’ve got a similar issue. About 80 degree difference between back cylinder CHT’s. Have removed and reinstalled the piggyback sensor to try to improve but no change. I have the fire sleeve. The factory CHT on no. 3 is close to the JPI CHT on no. 4. I just use the JPI on no. 3 for trending. Any suggestions other than upgrading to 900 series?
  12. My A&P/IA was uncomfortable with the owner produced situation. Did the 337 as the alternative. No issue.
  13. I got a replacement from Mcfarlane. Pull the old one and send it to them. They will make an exact replacement. Will need a 337 for your logs. Good luck. It’s a bit tight.
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