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  1. For replating. Look at Eastwood.com. They have numerous DIY plating systems for home.
  2. Another option is to contact a non-destructive testing (NDT) firm. I've had significant experience working with these firms in heavy industry. There is a "Level3" inspector who lives close by that I've worked with for years. When this AD came out I happened to bring it up while he was working in our mill. Turns out he was qualified for aviation work and did all of Net Jets NDT work. When I need the inspection, he comes to the hangar. My inspector works for Team Industrial. These guys travel all the time. If you call there might be someone in your area if your lucky.
  3. Buckeyechuck

    M20C Difficult to close cabin door

    Caution. If your door latch turns hard, make certain you keep a set of vise grips or similar tool in your flight bag. If the pin in the door latch breaks you'll be stuck in your airplane. I replaced my door seal two years back. It was very difficult to close initially but is better now, although still tight.
  4. Buckeyechuck

    Geographic member locations

    Please include me. Based at RZT. Thanks
  5. Buckeyechuck

    Gear rigging tools

    I’m obviously new to the forum. How do I get info to purchase.
  6. Buckeyechuck

    Gear rigging tools

    I’m looking for a set of gear rigging tools. I have a ‘62 C model. Lasar is out of stock. There is a set on EBay for over $1000. Don’t think I’ll do that when a full set from Lasar is less than $300. Any one have an extra set they’d like to sell?