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  1. Carusoam, could you elaborate a little bit on the ice cream pumps that you have mentioned ? Not sure if this is a joke or indeed a possible alternative... Just heard about the immense cost of TKS replacement pumps. Thank you !
  2. Clarence, the turntable is driven by two motors with a friction wheel pressing on to the outside steel frame of the turntable. Takes about 1:30 min to turn 360 degrees. There are 7 planes max on the turntable, the 8th "pizza slice" is being kept empty and serves as a shunting yard. A plane is pulled from the outside onto the platform in that space and then unloaded accordingly after turning towards the taxi way. In order to use the space properly on the platform, a low wing plane parks next to a high wing plane and so on. My direct neighbor is a Tecnam high wing P2012 SM
  3. Yes, it is. I have found a home for my Ovation in this beautiful hangar, it is the home base for a total of 13 planes. 7 of them are parked on a turntable with wooden planks, the rest on the sides. It's a really nice place. Could not have found a better spot. And I have 3 Mooneys as direct neighbors, an Acclaim, a 231 and this beautiful Porsche Mooney.
  4. I have 3D-printed fuel vent covers using flex material, they perfectly fit on my Ovation. I have designed the cover with a small breather hole, about 2mm, maybe 1/16" in size. That allows some air exchange but it is definitely not enough for flight operations with the cover on. So, I have printed a small storage board also which is glued to the back wall of my luggage compartment. It holds both fuel vent covers and the pitot heat cover... In order to not forget to remove these covers I have added a line to both the outside- and regular check list. Just before starting the engine I turn my
  5. Send me a PM with your email and I’ll send it to you. Along with my checklist file for my O 2GX Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks Danb! I am living in Europe, have to find someone over here to sign off on it. Maybe the MSC can do it when the bird is in for the next annual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Unfortunately this door seal is not available for M20Rs ... Any hints on a vendor that supplies such a door seal suitable for newer Mooneys? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hello @Mooniacs, this is my first post, so a quick introduction first - I am 50 years old, live in Munich, Germany and just bought a N-reg Mooney Ovation 2GX here in Germany a few months ago. Got my PPL license about a year ago and was mostly flying banged up rental 172s so far. The Mooney is my first own plane, I am having so much fun with my bird. Best buying decision ever... Being able to read all the stories, tips and experiences here on Mooneyspace.com really helped me a great lot already. I am glad that I have joined here! *** One of the things missing since day one
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