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  1. I just got In the forum and I really love the sub forum that safety measure is been talked about and we learn because my brother and I will be flying to Miami and he's the one wheels haha Its great here...
  2. I bought my BC12D last summer and it came with a 12A alternator made by B&C, the 200G model. The alternator was in a box of other parts and hasn't been installed on the plane. There is an STC for the TCraft for the 30A version but not this one. I have heard that there might be some field approvals out there and I was hoping someone could help me out with this. If you have any leads on a field approval I would like to know about it. Also, has anyone recently tried to get a field approval (for anything) based on an older field approval on a similar aircraft? Tha
  3. This actually a good question for the OP cos I was wondering what setting cruise of both cos I have a guy who uses same setting..
  4. Hi has anyone got any good pictures and a description of the C85 heat shroud and how it is fitted and what holds it in place? Mine has come apart and I'm looking for info/tips as some of the screws are particularly difficult to get to.(its the standard Taylorcraft exhaust that raps around the rear of the engine) Any Info is much appreciated, Many Thanks, Tony. Ans btw I've got some new aircraft few parts ill be selling of by cleaning my storage... Hey again from Tony,California
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