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  1. Did it include the locking mechanism? Do they have that available? My down lock block doesn’t have one.
  2. So is yours mounted above the exhaust pipe? If so, has there ever been a concern for the heat in that area?
  3. Thanks everyone, decided to send the engine to Penn Yan and go with new Lycoming nitride cylinders. Props going to tiffin aire. New hoses, tubes and throttle, prop, mix, carb heat and cowl flap control cables. After redoing the panel last summer; 2 G5's, GTN650, GTX345, and GMA345, all I need is Garmin to finish certification of the AP for the short bodies. I'm pre wired. Still need to get an engine analyzer for the new engine. I'm gonna have a sweet little Mooney.
  4. Anyone have experience with Superior Millennium cylinders? They're pretty, but the SB list for Superior looks a bit lengthy. Trying to decide; Superior new steel, factory new steel or rebuilt nitride for this O/H. Don’t fly as much as some of you.
  5. Reviewed the PowerPoint download. Did not see the top down photo. Great presentation otherwise. Thanks Hank.
  6. In response to tigers2007 question, this compression check was done hot. Multiple checks. Heard plenty of air coming out oil fill tube (rings) even though prop felt similar on all cylinders. Past compression checks were cold and always in upper 70’s. Not realistic. I questioned this so went to a different mechanic to get new eye on things. I know Lycoming SB requires hot compression check. I’ve put off things like oil filter, engine heater, engine analyzer until I overhauled. Doing all that now. Still trying to decide on engine shop.
  7. So there is only one potential spot for the remote mount on my airplane and that is below the voltage regulator. It looks tight even there. Anyone have it in that location? Battery box is on the other side.
  8. Past TBO about 2100 hrs. I had three chrome cylinders and one nitride. The nitride is good, the chromed are all low compression - low 60's? I was expecting them to give up sooner rather than later. I'll never have another chrome cylinder on anything. Nothing but trouble.
  9. The engine on my ‘62 M20C has told me she’s done. Time for an overhaul. She currently still has the original oil screen and one of the things I want to do is convert from a screen to an oil filter. There isn’t much room back there. Does anyone with an older C model have this conversion? Did you use a direct mount or a remote mount? Also, any recommendations on an engine shop near Ohio? I’m thinking about Signature in Cincinnati. Also doing prop, controls, hoses, mounts, etc. Want this done right.
  10. ‘62 C, s/n 2018, N78984, just finished 2 G5’s with GAD29, GTN650 and prewired for GFC500. Waiting on approval.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I do have access to a rivet squeezer with dimple dies. I'm finding out there is more to this than I ever thought. For instance, if I'm dimpling the inspection plate and the holes in the wing, are there offset nut plates that conform to the dimples? How are those spec'd. I'm planning to use no. 6 screws (heads to be determined), no. 40 flathead rivets for the nut plates, which means countersinking very thin plates. I have the tool for that as well. I really appreciate this forum. I'm sure I would not be into this major work and cost without the renewed interest I've gotten from all of you.
  12. I'm in the middle of a panel upgrade that includes two G5s. Tha means running wires in the right wing for the GMU 11 and future roll servo for a Garmin 500 autopilot once it's approved for short bodies. All of the inspection panels ahead of the spar on my '62C were riveted. I've removed 8 of them leaving only the ones where the fuel tanks (O&N bladders) are. I'd like to convert these to nut plates. Is there any reason I can't? Also since these were round head cherry rivets, any reason I can't use a round or panhead screw, it would save having to dimple the holes in the wing. My IA thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback from this group.
  13. How did you manage to get a wire up thru that space. I only have one removeable inspection panel in that area the rest are riveted. The first rib out has a small hole with grommet for the nav wire and a closure, looks like an elastomer or graphite, around the aeleron push pull tube. No openings otherwise.
  14. Thanks, Just finished pulling panels on my right wing. We checked the space just outside the wheel well with a compass and did not get any deflection when moving the ailerons. I’m still trying to figure out how to get into the space in the aft section of the wing. I think I only have one access panel there.