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  1. Do they have a fuel truck in the mean time or does everyone run tanker flights from other airports?
  2. I had that happen the last time I was descending. "Maintain at or above 9000." Use that opportunity to slow down and drop the gear so you can bomb down after the altitude restriction is deleted. Now if they are asking you to keep your speed up as well, you have to make other adjustments.
  3. I'm far from expert but with cowl flaps closed, I pull back about 1" and push the nose over. I keep pulling the power back 1" about once a minute until I'm at pattern power. The speed is nice and fast but never been an issue. The key is to plan ahead enough so that you have the time to descend.
  4. I have my M20K 231 hangared at HIO. Message me and we can get connected. Joe
  5. We bought the airplane on Dec 21st and the title change was online Feb 15th. I was told they were working during the shutdown even though they weren't getting their paychecks on time. I'm still waiting for the official registration card to come in the mail. I'm hoping that this is an indication that GA is healthy and growing
  6. Do you just hook to the tail tie down loop? Been thinking about this to make it easier to get over the door tracks.
  7. Congrats Chris. Same story for me! Let's stay in touch and see who we find.
  8. Thanks everyone for the good advice. It's both exciting and daunting to buy my first airplane! I'll be PM'ing a couple of you
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I will be getting a PPI and transition training. The test flight is just one step in my purchase. I'm looking for anything that is a feel but won't show up in the inspection report. Every plane has it's own history and my reason for asking for help with a test flight is to see if this airplane is typical or has something that is not typical and going to be a pain over the next 10 years. I've frequently heard Mooneys have a different feel from other makes and if I jump in and it's doing something that's unusual, I don't want to shrug it off as something that's just new to me. I figured that there are experienced M20K pilots here who wouldn't mind flying on my dime to give their opinion and have no stake in if I buy it or not. Jimmy and AAA have been great and very helpful though the process.
  10. That's a good point. Thanks Paul. I'll call Jimmy today and find out. AAA has a great reputation but I have no basis for comparison to another Mooney.
  11. Hi all, As you probably guessed, I'm buying an M20K from AAA in San Antonio. My brother and co-owner was going to do the test flight with me but his work schedule changed and he can't be there. Is there someone with K time who can help me eval this bird? I'm PPL but don't have the endorsements or experience to fly this one solo and make a good judgement. My schedule is limited so some time around Dec 20th-22nd would work best. Thanks!