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  1. Northside Portland ORegon area is $330-$350 plus electricity with manual door, but wait lists are fairly long. Been on the troutdale waitlists for over a year. I may have to move down to Salem, thanks for posting that Jay!
  2. It looks like Blackbird is a startup "charter" service app that that gets around the "charter" label by using pilots that are not connected to the aircraft. From the blackbird pilot FAQ " Can I fly my own plane? In order to maintain the lease requirements, pilot and aircraft must be separate—You won’t be able to fly your own aircraft. From the FAA's illegal charter article: Illegal charters can take a variety of forms including but not limited to: companies that don't have the required certificates; use aircraft that are not on their FAA-authorized aircraft list; use unqualified pilots; offer ride-sharing; try to transfer operational control of the flight to the customer; operate under one rule when they are required to operate under a different rule; and when the customer and the company act in concert to sign a lease that doesn't include crewmembers, but the company then directs the customer to use a specific flight crew. Seems pretty clear to me AND dangerous. If I were a pilot with them, I couldn't fly my own plane that I am very familiar with, but I could fly one that I have never flown.
  3. I like the newer one. Although it would take time to get used to that panel. Not sure about the engine on the newer one, but 10 extra HP! It looks like it was updated with speed and comfort in mind and that is what these planes are all about.
  4. Any words of wisdom from those lucky enough to go? Anything you learned that surprised you? Such as "I've been flying my mooney for 50 years and I never knew ____________?"
  5. I like it. I really wanna see pics in flight.
  6. And if you want to sell in 3 years...? You have to buy out the entire upgrade or try to sell a plane with a $3K/month subscription attached to it. That would be tough. This is definitely not meant for GA.
  7. I'd definitely take yours. As for worth, I couldn't give a good guess, so I won't try. Both planes could use some panel work, but I could fly with yours for a lot of years without updating anything. On the other plane, I would have to update to a standard 6 pack ASAP. More likely, I would go with a glass panel and have to since $20K pretty quick. Just my opinion.
  8. That has to be one of my favorite paint jobs on any plane. Nice work.
  9. I will be in the area at the end of October, would love to take you up. Let me know if you have not found anyone else by then.
  10. Agree with this. I emailed Pacific Coast in May, scheduled for the end of July. They were able to move me up to beginning of July. Less than 2 months on the wait list. Install took 3 days for my G345.
  11. $4K for the annual alone seems quite high. The MSC near me charges $2600 for the annual.
  12. No airplane IR for me yet, but when working on my heli IR and CFII this worked well for me: Get a handful of hours with a CFII to learn the procedures, go slow and take a lot of notes. Then spend several hours practicing those procedures in FSX or X-plane. Even use the autopilot if you don't have a joystick. The objective is to know what to do and when, not necessarily how. When you have the procedures down cold, go back to the instructor and finish it. Saved me a lot of time and money. Getting my CFII in helis took 5 days. IR took longer because I needed the flight requirements.
  13. Posting this thread (or maybe starting a new thread) as a place for MSers to post flights for people like me, who have an empty right seat and just want to go flying. I will be flying out of Portland, OR area for the next 2 months, with nowhere/ and anywhere to go, just flying for the fun of it. I hate flying with an empty seat because so many aspiring pilots just need to build flight time. If someone wants to join me, I would love it. If Someone wants to "try out" a Mooney, great. If someone just wants to build hours, great.