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  1. First - Image stabilization - You need this which most action cameras will have unless it is a relic my my hero 2. 2nd - ND filter - You need this if pointing through the prop. Eliminate the weird prop from your video. I've found that a ND32 filter works best for my RPM-2500-2550 3rd - Metadata (overlaying the airspeed and altitude) - Just neat. 4th - pick one brand and stick with it. 5th Editing software. - This is why you should stick to one brand. I have 4 different cameras when I fly. I know, dumb, but I was trying them out to see what I like best and they ar
  2. When I first got my ADS-B transponder installed I signed up for the blocking and it worked. About a year later I decided that I want to review the flights on flight aware. So I switched to the middle option in LADD, the one that only websites that I subscribe to should show it. LIES! This is not the case, anyone can see my flights. Maybe the FAA put me on the wrong list, but I really don't care. So you can either have them totally blocked, or totally public, despite what the FAA says.
  3. My plane is 42 years young and original interior. It doesn't have issues like those pics. Makes me feel good about Mooney Quality.
  4. Does it come with FREE Garmin database updates for life?
  5. To answer the OP I would move to a Velocity XL-Rg. If meticulously built by someone I trust. This was my first choice when plane shopping, but nobody would insure me at the time. Now I am less trusting of homebuilts than I was then.
  6. ^^ Yep. My wife wants nothing to do with landing our J. She knows the basic emergency drill and could most likely get the plane near the runway, but it would be ugly. Pulling a chute would probably be safer for her. I am not afraid to admit that I am one of the 8 who said yes. I would trade my plane for a cirrus, but even the cheapest cirrus is close to double the value of my J. And I would fly it for a few years and sell it off for a mooney. I would NOT buy a comparably priced/equipped cirrus to a mooney. No way. I have never even sat in a Cirrus, but I would love the chanc
  7. Nice video! Loved the reflection off the bottom of the wing.
  8. And I thought I was doing good until I got my insurance quotes this year... only flew 70 hours this year in the mooney, another 35 in a cessna, got my IR and my insurance went from $1530 to $1888. UGH!
  9. Yes. It is just emphasizing the tower so that you are not caught off-guard.
  10. I had real high hopes for this aircraft even though I have no skin in the game. But after watching all of his flights, I don't think he is a capable enough test pilot or engineer for this. THIS WAS SCARY TO WATCH! The lack of stability is crazy. I wonder if a longer fuselage would help. And what are they doing to counter the engine torque? I haven't heard of anything, but I haven't watched every video. Damn I wish they would get this right.
  11. I uploaded the GPX file from garmin pilot app.
  12. Just tried this ayvri website. https://ayvri.com/scene/xkw77z1058/ckft65prr00013b68d3y0yfrj Pretty cool, but does anyone have suggestions to something better? I would like to be able to export something like this to a video format, but that does not seem to be an option.
  13. My laptop and joystick are feeling woefully inadequate. And no I am not going to post a picture.
  14. There are 2 Chris's here. And I am the wrong one.
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