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  1. Ok, let's talk about some good too... Last month put down a deposit and scheduled at Garmin 345 install at Pacific Coast. They were booked until late July, so 3 months, not bad. I asked them to let me know if something earlier comes available and last week they said they had an opening 2 weeks earlier, even better for me. I'm not spending 10K, only 7. Dewey has been great communicating so far. Hope the install goes the same way.
  2. For family trips VFR, I think this is a solid choice. You will have several years of fun and plenty of time to decide if you really need upgrades. This may be your forever plane and you may never need a GPS. I wouldn't want to take this IMC for very long tho. And i would not want to get my IR in it, because I think learning GPS is the most important part of the Instrument Rating.
  3. Bob/Art, you are correct about Pearson. Head to the north, call advisory and come in. It's a really cool place to land if landing to the East.
  4. Shadrach, I don't mind the hijacking the thread, it makes for fresh discussion. The airport I fly at is Camas (1W1), the threshold is 6-700' from the trees. Landing at Pearson is a piece of cake, just look out for the bridge. That catches you off guard your first time.
  5. I don't recall exactly where I bounced, but It was well before my go around point. Probably around the middle of all the asphalt, near the "n"s in remaining.
  6. This is my doodle of where I was bouncing. the threshold is about 700' from the 50' trees.
  7. Not sure what you mean by this. i assume slowly decelerate to the desired speed? Or do you mean attempt several landings, increasing the speed each time. I do a high, slow, gradual flare which usually bleeds the speed quite well.
  8. I'm pretty sure I was getting anxious as the end of the runway loomed and pushed the nose forward, bounced and went to a go around.
  9. Jay, the first definition of bounce is what I did.
  10. Bob, thanks for the tips. You are a little off on my weight. I was probably 200 with all the clothes that day. Wife, son, and his seat were probably 170 so spot on. My instructor and I are gonna do a lot of touch and goes in 2 weeks. Starting a big airport, then coming back home for a bunch more. The speed and psychological were certainly the factors, but my speed on the last was the same. I can't wait to get a hangar at the bigger airport. Too bad that list is pretty long.
  11. 9201A - Referencing bounce aborts, that is how I am looking at it. I never had any bounces with the instructor, but I knew what to do from this forum. I also learned to recognize the internal pressures, but haven't incorporated it into my risk management yet. I still want to know what exactly I did wrong, but I will never really know. Next I am going to mount a virb under the tail to maybe next time, I can use video evidence to learn from.
  12. Just to be clear, this was not my first time in the 201 at this airport, probably my 10th landing here, but it was the first with aft CG, anywhere. And my transition instructor is a Mooney guy... absolutely excellent. I will take some weight for the backend when we fly in a few weeks. And we will start off on a nice long runway.
  13. So I'm fairly new to my 201. I have done 15 hours of transition training with a great mooney instructor, a few solo flights with a handful at my home airport all within weeks of my bounced landings. Then I decided to take my wife and 18 month old on their first flight in the 201 just to see how the baby takes it. My home airport is uncontrolled, with a 2700' runway, but there are large trees on both ends. The winds were calm, and about 40 gallons of fuel. We took off, head north and my wife is feeling air sick and the baby won't keep his headset on and earmuffs aren't enough protection IMO. So we turn back to the airport. My first attempt, I clear the trees at 73ish kts, full flaps were in, throttle idle, bleed the airspeed down to touchdown and I bounce. Go around, clear the departure trees with tons of room. Come in a 2nd time a little closer to the approach end trees, on speed, and bounce again. Third time, same story. Now I am starting to think I should go to a longer runway, but i decide to try a 4th time. The 4th landing was perfect. I'm not sure what I did differently. My only thoughts are that maybe I pushed it to the ground as I saw the end of the runway coming, but not sure if there was something else. The only difference I can think of from when I flew with an instructor (who weighed about as much as my wife and son put together) and flying with the family was that the family was in the backseat with the front right seat empty. So, could having a more aft CG cause me to bounce? I would think the opposite, but I would love to hear your "expert" thoughts. I haven't flown since this, but have arranged an instructor to fly with me the next time.
  14. Found a great Mooney CFI. PM me if you want his contact info.