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  1. This was a GoPro hero 2 with a ND32 filter. I have tested ND8, 16 and 32 and 32 has looked the best for me. The next time I fly I am going to use the same filter on a better camera.
  2. Still figuring out camera configurations, but here is the first of my 5 videos so far. Let me know what you think.
  3. Here is why I disagree with this, and feel free to rip into me if you disagree: by waiting for what actually caused this accident whether it is fuel starvation, medical or a prop falling off, we will only think about that one cause, and one or two solutions. On the other hand, monday morning quarterbacking these accidents, it forces us to think about the different scenarios, however unlikely, that cause various kinds of accidents. I have never considered my prop falling off the airplane on approach before. Probably due to the low likelihood of this ever happening. It is not something I will ever worry about, but it is beneficial to think about, and to theorize what I should do in this event. Just my .02
  4. As a licensed (not practicing) Helicopter CFI, I would highly doubt retreating blade stall, settling with power or a nose up attitude caused this. Retreating blade stall - This one is possible if he was at a high airspeed and attempted to duck under one of the lower clouds, but that would be REALLY poor judgement. Not something I would expect of a high time commercial pilot, that close to the ground. Settling with power (ring vortex state) - basically the opposite of retreating blade stall would need to happen. He would have had to get under 30ish (probably lower) knots of forward airspeed and be descending greater than 400 FPM. Not likely when he was so low already. Raising the nose (not collective) - this won't stall a helicopter unless you flipped over. It will slow it down. I've never came close to raising the nose of a helicopter 30 degrees, not even when performing "Quick Stops" (an emergency slow down maneuver). The only time I could imagine a helicopter doing this would be landing under hostile fire. My guess is he went inadvertent IMC, panicked due to the close mountains that he knew were but couldn't see, and instead of switching to instruments he looked for an opening in the clouds. Of course it could have been a control surface failure too.
  5. All the templates are experimental aircraft, but still a lot of fun to play with. If anyone figures out which template is close to a mooney, let us know.
  6. In my experience, helicopters are poor at flying instruments, mainly because it is a lot harder. Helis are unstable and it doesn't look like this one had any autopilot to help. IMO heli pilots don't train enough because it is so challenging, and expensive. And instructing instrument students is no substitute for flying instruments. Not even close.
  7. Yes. I didn't have any heli actual IMC when I got my heli IR.
  8. Not an answer here, but something I find interesting... the King Airs (A200s) that my company uses were originally approved to 23,000 hours. With additional inspections, Beech cleared them to 30,000. At 30,000 Beech, flat out said NO MORE. They returned stateside with less than 100 hours to spare and the owners said they were going to use them for training right up to 30K hours.
  9. I've not flown a turbine helo, do they have the turbine power lag like turbine planes?
  10. This is the finest C I have seen and I could see paying that much IF the engine was fairly new. It would perfectly fit my mission and my wife's comfort level for many years. Keep in mind that the $125K is an asking price and not necessarily what it will sell for.
  11. 2019 - Bought my plane. Took my 2 year old son for his first flight with me. Made him fall in love with flying. 2020 - Finish my fixed wing IR add-on... 5 years in the making. And maybe a MEL
  12. I have never heard this statement when landing "Traffic will depart prior to your arrival."
  13. I agree with Cyril on this one. My last flight I was on a right downwind and cleared to land #2. The other aircraft was on left downwind. Instead of turning base when I normally would, I had to find the other aircraft (a much slower plane) and space myself well behind him. So not really "cleared to land" in my opinion.
  14. Couldn't find anything further about this, but these really scare me.