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  1. Congrats on your new Mooney! I have a 67F also. They are great planes
  2. Thanks, My supplement is the same as one of these. The other doesn't cover the F model but still nice to have. I appreciate the help. The manual saved in the download section of Mooneyspace has a performance chart, parts list, drawings etc but it's for the 180 HP models with a carburetor. I assume something similar exist for the 200 HP fuel injected versions
  3. Does anyone have the manual for a Rajay Turbo system for an M20F? There's a complete Manual for the M20C in the download section. Looking for something similar. All I have in my POH is a 3 page supplement
  4. It was a K model I was looking at. The first person I talked to seemed to generally dislike Mooney's. The second person mentioned two issues. Difficult to work on because of how tight they were and the turbo's failed all the time. It was a disappointing call. I had already done my homework and decided to purchase a Mooney. I didn't finance or insure through AOPA. At about the same time I called a MSC for a quote on a Prebuy and was told by the owner that he would never buy a K-Model because of the added maintenance cost. Everyone has an opinion but I wasn't asking for them.
  5. I'm a member and try to support both EAA and AOPA but when I called AOPA in 2017 to ask about insurance and financing for a Mooney two of them told me I shouldn't buy a Mooney. Obviously I didn't take their advice
  6. Yep, just saying there is still a glitch
  7. Don't know what the deal is. If I search Sky0x STC then select the SkyOx website, it gives the error message below the search. If I search Skyox STC Mooney then select the SkyOx website it goes to the aerox website. Seems there is a glitch but I doubt anyone else is searching like I was
  8. I will see you at the summit. The Skyox website is not redirecting
  9. My 66 M20F had a Rajay Turbo installed with a built in SkyOx in 1969. There is a logbook entry that mentions the Oxygen system but I don't have a copy of the STC. Does anyone know what STC # was used for these installs? I have the Rajay STC but it doesn't mention the oxygen system. The SkyOx website isn't working any longer
  10. I saw on Hanger 67 you had the Light Speed head sets priced separately. Are they still available?
  11. I haven't tested it but my LS100B Microkit was advertised to have the ability to announce the gear warning when I purchased it in November
  12. This is why I chose to buy. Trying to use a rental for anything other than same day trips wasn't practical. Each year the minimum fee went up
  13. Buy the plane that fits your mission then put in the time needed with a good instructor. The big difference is that everything happens faster and it takes practice to stay in front of things
  14. I repaired the cracks in my interior panels with fiberglass. Many people paint them after. I prefer material so I sent the four panels with armrest to Hector at Aerocomfort to be covered. Shipping cost is high but covering those panels requires several sewn seems. All the other panels I covered myself and mechanic sent material out for the fire cert. Aerocomfort is like a year behind so they have to work small jobs in when they can. You can get carpet at Airtex. I was fortunate and had good leather on my seats. Best of luck and don't get in a hurry.
  15. Thanks! I was getting ready to replace my old vents when I searched and found this thread. I hate to go back with the old version
  16. From reviewing the thread it looks like three people ended up making these. Is anyone currently selling them?
  17. Thanks. The bad thing is that I didn't even notice the duct tape until after I posted the pic.
  18. Thanks to both of you! Doing our best to keep things in good shape as we redo the interior.
  19. Can someone tell me how to remove the overhead vent covers in my 67 M20F?
  20. 1967 F, 927 lbs. Useful Load 64 Gal Tanks
  21. Thanks, I wonder why the type certificate shows 2000-2350 and the POH shows 2100-2350? I won’t be operating continuously between 2000 and 2100 so it really doesn’t matter, just curious.
  22. Thanks, that's what I was looking for. I'll check the prop log. Setting the range to yellow rather than red sounds like a good idea also. Finally getting close to completing the install.
  23. Thanks for the info everyone. I thought it was related to the OEM prop also but can't seem to find my notes. We are setting up my Dynon system and set that range to show red for now.
  24. Would someone remind me why my 67 M20F has the "WARNING" not to cruise within the range of 2100 and 2350 RPM's? Thanks
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