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  1. I actually have 4 start procedures: Cold start: See Post from JimB Very cold start (<10°C/50°F): As cold start, but wait 10-30 sec between priming and engaging the starter. Hot Start (30-60 min after shutdown): See Don Maxwells video above "Warm" Start: Try hot start, cold start, flooded start in that order....
  2. The plane might have been a microlight. They have a lot stricter noise limits then "classic" planes. Also planes from flight schools tend to use all kind of noise reduction, because on many fields they are otherwise very restricted on flying circuits.
  3. Hi, I nearly bought an Tiger as well, before the Mooney came across. My takes: The Tiger is not for tall people. I am 6' and constantly hit my head on the ceiling during the flight. The Tiger basically is a no-go for any soft-fields. Low Ground clearance with the nosewheel construction make it notorious for prop strikes. The Tiger canopy entry makes it impossible to enter the cockpit during rain without getting the whole cockpit soaking wet. Florian
  4. Flying a 75'F with fixed steps, no mods, 2 blade, a repaired belly landing and too much antennas... I usually plan at 9500 ft, 2500 RPM, WOT. This usually turns out to be 138 kts TAS (ROP, 10 gph) or 134 kts TAS (LOP, 9 gph). I can go to 150 kts TAS, but that requires WOT and high FF at altitudes below 3000 ft.
  5. The radio also went to the US and that was a non-issue thanks to DHL and Paypal. However I don't know what paperwork you need to put the device in a N-reg plane. Of course shipping cost is quite high, but old radios and related equipment is dead cheap in the EU as most of them had to be removed with mandatory 8.33 kHz, which still makes it worthwhile.
  6. Somehow I completely missed this thread. I have a used KI-214 left from the radio replacement. Working when removed. PN me, if you are interested.
  7. I have a unused KI-214, if that also fits you?
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