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  1. Good question re:chrome cylinders. I hadn't thought of that.
  2. 7-8 hours per quart is very high for newly broken in cylinders. I’d expect at least 10-12, especially with fresh oil. Since it started high and gradually got even worse it’s probably a break in issue. Broken rings would be a relatively sudden increase in oil consumption, and too coincidental for two cylinders simultaneously.
  3. Did the increase in oil consumption happen suddenly, or increased slowly over a period of time? What was the oil consumption after break in, and what is it now?
  4. Buttonville has fees, even for just dropping off a passenger. Also, with road construction season open, a cab to downtown Toronto (and back) would be expensive and very very tedious. Being a CB I hate to say it, but overall, paying the Toronto Island fees saves time, aggravation and $$. I'd use Stolport FBO.
  5. Two way 180 degree average will only be correct if you have 0 crosswind component.
  6. A clinic in Canada (Ontario?) would be attractive. Early June 2020?
  7. Am I the only person who’s a bit surprised at the lack of security at an airbase with a pile of F18s present? Are there many unattended airbases where you could just walk to F18s without anyone noticing?
  8. Just willing to learn, not starting a war... If one aileron is broken off entirely or was flopping, wouldn’t the opposing aileron be almost as effective? If it were a worst case scenario where the whole aileron mechanism were jammed in full deflection, wouldn’t the rudder be able to counteract the roll? In my plane, based on my slipping practice, if the speed is >90 knots, the rudder has more authority than fully deflected ailerons. Below 90 knots, the ailerons have more authority than the rudder, so keep it fastish. It wouldn’t be a pretty landing trying to flare at 90 knots, but it would be survivable.
  9. IAS or TAS? WOT or not? RPM? Ram air open?
  10. Unfortunately, they are surface mount relays that require a deft hand with circuit boards. Other potential issues are (1) the NC contacts that are rated at 1/2 the NO contacts even though they carry the same current and (2) they decided to use vented relays that are supposed to have the vent plug removed after soldering to the board but didn't remove the plug because of potential FOD issues. They should have used the external protected cover version....
  11. Note that when 1 relay is engaged to apply power to the flap motor, the other relay is providing the ground to the motor via its normally closed position. When I had a flap issue, it was one of the relays that had an intermittent (high resistance) normally closed contact. Something to check.
  12. I don't believe there's any confusion. I there isn't a prohibition in the POH, or the type certification category (M20s are Normal category), or the FARs, then the maneuver isn't prohibited. I agree however, that some combined non-prohibited actions can be dumb. eg. FARS allow maneuvering close to the ground to takeoff or land. Normal category certification (M20s) allows bank angles up to 60 degrees and stalls are allowed. No prohibitions in the POH regarding slips.... so, a cross-controlled stall at 60 degrees bank angle close to the ground is legal.. but fatal.
  13. I'm always willing to learn. Why is a K more likely to risk a tail stall than a J when (I think) the fuselage and aerodynamics are identical?
  14. The potential elevator effectiveness problem was also said about slipping 172s with full flaps. Non-issue. Speed brakes are often useful tools. If you don't have speed brakes, slipping performs the same function. You're slipping during every crosswind landing, unless you're pretending to be a 747 pilot with the sloppy kick the rudder just before touchdown affectation.
  15. Yup. That’s why I just dropped the switch assembly including the bus down to clear the panel and then slid out/in the switches. Maybe my 75F is slightly different?