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  1. I looked throughout the E POH and it basically says 90 for base, 80 mph for final, then 10 mph above Vso for the final approach and flare. Vso is 57 mph in the 64 E with zero bank. I’m also always well aware of stall speeds and AoA in bank angles, no worries. I don’t do more than 30 or 40 in the pattern. 40 degree bank stall speed in the E with zero flaps is 78 mph. 30 Degree bank stall speed is just under 74 mph. Any flaps and it is lower stall speed of course.
  2. I did multiple short field and power off 180s a few days ago. It seems for the short field in non gusty conditions about 75 mph at 50 ft, pull power just beyond the numbers around 1st/2nd stripe works well to hit the 120 ft of the 3rd runway stripe. This is in calm winds like 7 knots. A little less speed than what I’d been doing before. 80 mph works too if you’re near max gross but you’d an easily overshoot. The 180 is mostly a timing game but you want to be faster like 95/100mph as you arrive over the runway if you want to make it to the 200 ft touchdown bars. Depends a lot on height AG
  3. Okay my E 1964 manual just says 90 mph on base, 80 mph on final descent. Final approach is 10mph above stall speed. At full gross with zero bank and full flaps the Vso stall speed is only 57 mph...if winds aren't bad I may start shooting for about 70-75 mph over the fence. I know the buzzer doesnt go off in my E until usually around 68 to 70 mph when doing power off stalls.
  4. For those looking through this thread in the future, a second thread on the forum from a few years back was also extremely helpful for me. Going out today to practice some of these techniques.
  5. I’m curious which POH recommends no turns under 90 without flaps? What year and model?
  6. Hi all, Well I’m getting close to 100 hrs in my new to me 1964 M20E. I’m working on my commercial check ride prep in it. So far the maneuvers are all going well and no problem except my accuracy landings. Don’t get me wrong they aren’t bad...but it is just hard to nail the 100 ft and 200 ft limits every time. I’m looking for tips and tricks especially for the power off 180. The short field landings I can usually hit. Biggest problem just seems to be that it’s an unpredictable float based on weight (solo vs dual), wind, etc that I can get off by one stripe or half a stripe etc.
  7. I've got my E weight and balance fully loaded into foreflight (manually from my paper w and b POH) so calculating different setups is very easy. I tried flying yesterday with baggage in the back and it certainly helped the plane trim out easily. (Normally it's harder for me to control trim when I'm by myself) and I probably did gain a few knots. Not sure since I had a tail wind, but i was averaging about 155 knots at 8500 and with the mixture leaned to 8.4 gph. 50 LOP or so.
  8. Okay I travel for work (flying x country solo) and carry about 70 lbs of luggage and it worked well this last week to load that into the baggage area and back seat so I'll have to keep experimenting with weights back there. I have the w and b loaded into foreflight so it's easy to calculate and stay within limits.
  9. Okay sounds good. Yeah I know the purpose of the Chandelles are that....but the ACS doesn't state it has to be at full power anywhere and I've seen other instructors use 25 squared for Mooneys doing them so I was curious.
  10. Have fuel bladder with 27.4 gallons each side. The long range tanks improve the cruise speed?
  11. Okay so we pretty much are using 18/2400 for all the maneuvers as an entry starting point for cruise before stalls etc., lazy 8s so that seems about same. The Chandelles you use full power? We were having trouble controlling the plane to get max pitch up and then ending the 180 up near stall speed (70 mph) so we were going only to about 20 inches on that one. What settings are you using for your landings? Short field especially. What stripe are you aiming for? I did my first practit short field landing in the E at 85 mph on final, about 75 over the numbers will full flaps calm win
  12. I'll have to try this but I don't think my numbers are quite that good. At that altitude and settings with the power boost on I probably do about 160/165 mph when I'm alone in the plane.
  13. This is tricky, I'm using it for work for multi state x countries....I'm not sure how much weather etc(winter icing) will allow this as I've just started using it for work. For example this week I'm heading to Tulsa and next week to the far east coast. I'm probably going to airline the far east coast trip (I'm in Nebraska). Good news is wife is happier right now since I got a nice pay raise. ;). Hahaha. I'm getting avionics done in about a month. Scatter shot panel right now with a 430W and STEC 30. Looking at 2 GI 275s or a G3x.
  14. Hi again all, I’ve had my new to me M20E for about 3 months now and enjoying it much. Great machine, working on my commercial maneuvers now. Side note if anyone has a published guide for commercial maneuvers for a C or E let me know. I’m creating my own with power settings etc for chandelles, 8’s, etc but if there are some others out there please let me know! Okay back on topic.... I want more speed. Tell me how to get it. The E has the 201 windshield, flap gaps seals, lower nose cowling mod. What else is a good speed boost? I am thinking prop? I have a 2 blade Hartze
  15. What are you putting in it. My gauge layout is eerily similar on my 64 E. I’m putting some money into it in November to upgrade the panel.
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