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  1. Serge, I moved from a rental 172 to an M20E I bought earlier this year with the same total time as you. The transition has been reasonably smooth. I strongly recommend transition training with a Mooney CFI. Happy to give you a ride if you’re ever in the Boston area.
  2. I did, thanks. Personally, for that price, I’d like to be getting a better GPS, maybe an autopilot and/or ADS-B
  3. Thanks Pilotja5. Glad you found one! It’s been a long hunt, but I’m patient.
  4. Thank you for that info, and sorry to hear that. In that case, I’m going to pass. I appreciate all of your responses/offers to help.
  5. Thank you. The plane was posted previously on here and got some good feedback. I’m novice when it comes to Mooneys, so if it checks out with someone who “knows” Mooneys well, then I’d likely make the trip down there myself and make the final call.
  6. Hi all, I’m interested in an E based south of Houston (KLVJ) but I live up in Boston. I was wondering if anyone in the area would be willing to go check the plane out on my behalf. Thanks very much.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. John, I’m looking at an F. Thanks, I’ll give you a call sometime.
  8. I’m looking for recommendations for a pre-buy inspection in the Boston area. I’ve looked through a few old threads on the topic but wanted to gather any recent feedback. I understand KOWD has an MSC. I thought there was one at KASH but don’t see it listed on the Mooney site anymore ( Also, if anyone in the area might have some spare time to chat or even check out airplanes with me, I’d appreciate it. I’d be a first-time airplane buyer. This forum has been a tremendous resource. Thanks.