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  1. bob865

    MooneySpace Member Map

    I'd like to be added also! -Adam
  2. bob865

    Finally a tailwind

    What app is that you are using?
  3. bob865

    Stuff to sell

    What would you take for the VA gauge?
  4. bob865

    Help with Placard Text

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to get a custom one engraved to replace this for now, thanks @R Van Dyck for the photo. Thanks @Marauder I have some cracked interior pieces that need love/replacement. Jaegar had me when their first slide was either do it yourself or owner assisted. Want to replace my stained/discolored head liner too. They may be just the ticket.
  5. Hey guys, Want to see if someone here can help me. Since buying my plane, I'm going through and cleaning up all the little discrepancies I can. One of which is faded placards. Ran into a problem though. One is so faded I cannot read it to get a new one made. I have a 1975 M20E and this placard is on the left of the plane by the pilot's leg. Can someone post a picture of theirs so I can get the text? It looks like it starts out with something about limitations. Thanks!
  6. bob865

    Ads-B delayed....? April Fool.

    The give away is the link to the sign up page for the rebate takes you to a top 10 April fools article on PCworld.
  7. Well after a few phone calls this morning, saving money by doing an overhaul on it doesn't look like an option. Looks like I'm going to be ordering me a new one. However one guys mentioned that Slick (since I have slick mags installed on my plane) has an option called SlickStart that replaces the old Bendix boxes. It's a capacitive discharge solid state (no points) version that is supposed to provide even higher starting energy to the plugs. Has anyone used it or have any info on it?
  8. Thanks @Urs_Wildermuth I think that's the point I'm at now. I sent a few e-mails around to shops that look like they may overhaul this. She is in annual immediately after having a G5 installed so she has been a major money pit this month. Hoping I can save a few on overhaul vs. buying new. I went through and verified all wiring an everything works. Turns out we even have a spark at the plug at the advance point. My mechanic mistakenly pulled the wrong spark plug originally when checking for spark. But it sure looks weak to me. The sparks in the starter vibrator are way brighter than those at the spark plug.
  9. bob865

    Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    I don't think that will work. With a dual G5 install the units communicate between each other and will fault for having different software versions. I guess if you install them both independently then it's possible, but i'm not sure in the end you would end up saving anything after you have to wire two units independently with 2 GPS sources etc. Just my thoughts.
  10. I've read his whole thread. Actually chimed in and asked some questions to help my own troubleshooting along which got me to this point. I know the issue is in the SOS, but what is missing in all of the threads I've read is how to verify the SOS box works or doesn't. I don't have a scope, but I'm thinking I should be able to connect my regular meter it should read somewhere below 12V but above 0V telling me I am getting power out. If the power makes it all the way to the mags then I know the switch is ok too. From there I would suspect the cap inside the SOS box so that it isn't providing enough power to the mag to generate the spark or causing the frequency to be too high to generate a usable spark.
  11. Hey Guys, I've finally narrowed down my starting problems thanks to the help of mooneyspace to a problem with my shower of sparks system. I thought at first it was just a bad SOS vibrator box since I didn't hear it when I turned the key past both. However while she was in for annual my mechanic was testing and found that it is working. It just didn't activate until the key was pushed and you can't hear over the starter. With that said, my mechanic was saying when he tested per Don Maxwell's article he doesn't get a spark. He said he does hear a change in the sound when the cylinder reaches near TDC where it should be firing. I also asked if he had any power out at the output of the vibrator when it was vibrating and he said no. I say all of this to ask, is there a simple way to test the SOS box? I've been searching and the only testing I've seen on here is the Don Maxwell article. What I'm thinking I should be able to do is: read 12V-ish at the output of the vibrator when it's running (depending on frequency and update rate of meter etc). This will tell me the vibrator works read 12V-ish at both the P lead and retard contact at the magneto This will tell me the switch is functioning. If it's missing at either contact or if ground is present this tells me the switch is faulty If 1 and 2 read correct, the the magneto has to be faulty Does this sound correct or am I reading the schematics all wrong?
  12. bob865

    Static Leak Troubleshooting

    That's my concern. When I flew last, I saw no problems with any instruments. The system was also certified by a different shop about a year ago (if memory serves). I'm sure they did find a leak. It's a 40+ year old plane and stuff breaks. I'm just not sure how much was failed equipment vs. them doing the work correctly or damaging something. I'm just baffled that after 2 days of troubleshooting, they are just now finding the alt static port and the drain valve. As I understand, they found 3 leaks, 1) Drain valve, 2) alt static source, 3) Connections at the back of the VSI. I had a G5 promised to me by another shop, but when I showed up to get it installed they told me that they didn't have any. They were just too hard to get from Garmin. My partner called and he fessed up to selling the unit promised to us to someone else. So I had to go back to the drawing board. These guys were new on the field, so I decided to give them a go. Try them out before I get to my ADS-B upgrades. Not looking like I am going to use them again. I guess I know why my second choice shop has a backlog out until May.
  13. bob865

    Static Leak Troubleshooting

    At one point they had told me the VSI was the leak. They then pull the VSI out and find it's the connections in the back. Those fittings are replaced. Leak persists, but is better. Now it's the spring int he drain valve isn't adequate to keep the seal and the alt static valve under the panel isn't sealing. Normally I would have been at the tech's side as soon as he said he had a leak, but I got stuck in Detroit for the week when she went into the shop.
  14. Hey guys, I've got my plane in the shop installing a G5 to replace my lazy ADI. During the install they found a leak in my static system of over 1000' per minute. To get my static system to pass the 100'/min tolerance they are still working but we are already at 18hrs. They have basically replaced all the fitting in the system and are about to replace the alt static source valve and the spring in the drain valve. Does anyone have any experience troubleshooting a static leak? Looking for some guidance as to if this sounds reasonable or not? It's my first time using this shop and I'm not feeling good about what is going on. I did a search before asking, but I didn't see any results that answered my question. Thanks!