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  1. bob865

    uAvionix tailBeacon fitment

    FWIW, I believe they are trying to get an ADS-B in receiver built into the other wing tip light. Certified SkyBeacon has not yet shipped.
  2. bob865

    uAvionix tailBeacon fitment

    Yep. They announce they would ship the skybeacon in August so I bought one at OshKosh. It still hasn't shipped Bright side, the delay means I now qualify for the re-opened $500 rebate from the FAA!!
  3. bob865

    Whelen Parmetheus 3

    So you may be able to answer this question. I was under the impression that once a device had a TSO it was able to be installed on any aircraft and an STC was not required. The A&P decided if the installation itself was a major/minor change and what paperword was required, i.e. if they have to make major changes to install the TSO harware. But I also understood that to get a TSO, it had to be pretty much a bolt on install that wouldn't require a Major Change. An STC was required for non-TSO equipment to be installed and your aircraft and your plane model has to be explicitly listed as approved if the STC using an AML or the specific airframe (by serial number) listed if not using an AML. And in this case the A&P decides if it is major vs minor at install. In your case above, changing a light fixture with a different but still TSO light, in the eyes of the FAA, is no different than chaning it like for like. I know this is changing topics some, but I'm asking because I bought a SkyBeacon which recieved its TSO in September, but they are not shipping becuase they are waiting on an STC? I thought with the TSO an STC was not needed?
  4. bob865

    ADSB Rebate is back $ 500.00

    For those who may need it:
  5. bob865

    Mooney 2; Birds 0

    They are canadian geese. Maybe the canadian version of the FAA doesn't have the same oxygen rules?
  6. I talked to wet-wingologist last week about getting my tanks sealed. They told me if they did them originally after the warranty is over (7 years) they will patch them for $200. You need to check the books and find out who sealed them and when and go from there. I've been working on quotes and planning for getting mine done so here is the quick summary of your options: I talked to one shop that would do a patch for ~$500 plus materials and they wouldn't warranty the work because a leak was an indication of more to come. A full reseal is going to run you just under $7000, take 2 weeks, and you will have to take it to one of the few reseal guys. Most offer a 7 year warranty with the reseal. Bladders will run you about about $6500+- for the bladders themselves, plus about 40 hrs of install labor.
  7. Very true. I agree and feel sure this isn't the first time these pilots flew the plane as they did when the accident happened. To your point, I fully expect if I were to ramp check every single engine pilot taking off and landing I would find a long list of violations. I know without doubt it happens many times every day. With that said, most of the planes I'm talking about ramp checking are all small 1 or 2 passenger planes with values below $100k. If you went out a bought a plane worth more than $1mio are you going to let just any pilot fly it? I know if you have the kinda money to buy a multi-million dollar plane, your relationship with money is a lot different than me and most of us on this forum, so that is a tough comparison. This plane is also certificated for 2 pilots. This isn't a King Air or Pilatus that can have only one pilot so another private pilot can sit up front and build time because it can be safely/legally operated solo. They are supposed to have 2 pilots. So how is the private pilot building time? Anyway, all I'm getting at is the lack of appropriate certifications shows a systematic disregard for safety and history of poor decision making. Because of this, I feel like this was an accident waiting to happen. Remember the saying, "there are old pilots and bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots." This seems like a real life example.
  8. bob865

    Fuel Selector Help!

    Please educate an fuel selector swtich ignorant soul. How do these selector switches fail? What indicates it needs overhaul? Is this a timed component? i.e. overhaul ever x period? Or is this just, repair/overhaul becuase a seal is leaking?
  9. I use Ted at Above and Beyond in Greenville, SC (KGMU). He maintains my mooney and another on the field as well. It was three until the other guy ran his off the runway at Myrtle Beach. He has quite a few mooneys in his charge other than the ones than the two I know about also. I've been by his shop before and seen two in the hangar and at least one more parked outside that he was actively working on. He is not an MSC but he is trusted and respected around our area. Never heard a bad word about him and he has literally maintained every plane I've ever flown.
  10. Was it a drop in replacement? I looked at their website and it looks pretty big, depth wise.
  11. Neither pilot was appropriately certified for the airplane. The PIC only had a type rating for SIC operation and the SIC only had a Private MEL with no type ratings at all.
  12. bob865

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover

    I tried something similar too. The wind grabbed it though and I never saw it again. I will say my root cause ended up being a crooked fuel cap. I was new enough to mooney that I didn't notice it at the time. Kept getting water in my left tank every time it rained. Was a real PITA trying to sump it all out every time I flew and I never felt 100% sure I got it all and that thought will make you pucker up! It is pretty easy to do. I showed my partner on the plane what happened when I realized what happened and he has done it again since then so it's really easy to do if you aren't paying attention. Fueled at another airport and their line guys did it too. So my 2 cents here is keep the o-rings fresh and make sure the cap goes on right, and learn what straight looks like vs crooked and it's a non-issue.
  13. bob865

    Hit by prop

    Is your mooney different? I thought all Mooney's had a SOS system? Without an impulse coupling and SOS not operational even with broken p-leads etc., the possibility of getting a spark while hand propping is basically nil.
  14. bob865

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    Touche' LOL
  15. bob865

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    And I've done that also. I started there, and that's how I found this thread that hadn't been commented on in 4 months. There are plenty of comments on the plusses and minuses of the bladder setup, but I did not find any comments on one being better in the sun vs the other. Thus my question. And with the thread title, "Tank seal vs Bladder" it seemed like the logical place to ask the question. If I missed that discussion, please link me to the thread/comment where living in the sun is covered. I would appreciate the read, that's why I asked in the first place.