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  1. Look just like the oil leak I had when my prop governor started leaking. Same place and everything. There s a "shelf" in there that sits under the governor. it's either part of the landing gear strut or a foot well for the rudder pedals. That's were it would collect on mine and not drip down until enough had collected. Made it appear to be an intermittent leak.
  2. When my ADI failed I went with the G5. The installation cost me $1700.00 and was no where near right. They spent hours searching for a static leak they created and I refused to pay for and other miscellaneous grievances during the install. I spent the next few years slowly correcting errors in the installation as I found them. This should have taken 1-2 days and they kept my plane for 2 weeks. G5 connected to hot side of breaker so it wasn't protected Pitot/Static system of the G5 (despite hours searching for a leak) was not calibrated Per the STC the G5 has to be on with
  3. Mine was done through Triad Aviation in NC last year. It was $29,375 for the overhaul. We also did a bunch of other stuff at the same time, cables, governor, lights, engine monitor, etc at the same time and all that labor in that block was around $9500 including the engine R&R. It took almost 6 months right at the beginning of the pandemic.
  4. This is how we did it. Since I was taking out a Loran, ADF, DME, and COM2 out of the second radio rack, we repurposed the ADF tray as a mounting tray for the EDC, Manifold Pressure Transducer, and G-meter. All the wires come through the firewall to this tray and then it's a small wire to the actual instruments on the left side of the panel. This is an "in process" picture from the install that shows what we did. In the final install, there is a blanking plate over the entire right side radio stack. All the parts for the engine monitor are gold in the picture.
  5. I put in the CGR-30 set and love it! What I liked most was how cleanly it fit into my panel because it fits into existing mounting holes. That was probably my #1 deciding factor. I found the cost delta between the CGR and others was negligible due to rebates, but they run the rebates a good bit. Their service was great helping us getting it up and running because we had a lot of trouble getting it working with the surefly ignition we also installed at the same time.
  6. Yes. Mine is still available. I just sent you a message.
  7. I'm going to show my ignorance. What's the pro/con of the yaw servo? I know the PC has it now and it's used for Yaw Damper (I saw the other thread arguing between damper and dampener). How would the plane handle different? What would I feel/not feel with/without it?
  8. Yours is an M right? That's what's in your avatar. I wonder if there is a price difference between short and long body mooneys......
  9. Not yet. I asked for a full quote, labor included, for the 4 servo system (pitch, roll, yaw, trim). I'll share when I get it.
  10. Thought I would share what I just got from my Avi shop for my e model. This is the hardware price they quoted me for just the autopilot. I already have the g5s and a gad-29b installed. 4 Servo: Pitch / Roll / Yaw / Pitch Trim $13,595.00 3 Servo: Pitch / Roll / Yaw $11,095.00 3 Servo: Pitch / Roll / Pitch Trim $10,895.00 2 Servo: Pitch / Roll $8,395.00
  11. This news comes with much Acclaim from the Mooney community.
  12. I think I found them. Pins 11, 12, 14, 103, 104. I see a bunch of others I would adjust before I tried to connect it again. Like 17, 31, 43, and 86 to name a few. What's your 4th?
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