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  1. bob865

    pitot leak

    Your interpretatin of the results is correct. Seems small, but keep in mind it means you airspeed indicator always indicates lower than acutal. I don't know that translates to in knots in flight. Like @jaylw314 said, pitot inspection is not a requirement. Mooney sets the allowable leak spec., not the FAA. More details in case you're interested in reading. 25.1325 is the static system and 25.1323 is the airspeed (pitot) system.
  2. bob865

    Mode C Died

    Just to throw this out since there are several pieces of incorect info in this thread. The Mode C transponder does not report position. It only reports altitude and squawk. ATC can see your position with your transponder completely off, that's primary RADAR. Now this position has no other info with it other than this your position on the ground, but not how high over the ground. The squawk and altitude comes from your transponder and is part of the secondary survailence RADAR. The screen the controller is looking at marries these two pieces of info together and displays your squawk, altitidude, and position. The system has a database that relates your swawk to your tail number so your tail number will show up in your data block. So if ATC can see you and your position but is only missing your altitude, it is likely you encoder or the connections related to. If they can't see a squawk or an altitude, then it is likely the transponder.
  3. bob865

    GoPro Mounting

    What I would do different to my mount is add some sheet rubber. Not sure where I would get it. I'm thinking old inner tube or something similar. I would add some isolation and make it more difficult for the mount to move in flight.
  4. bob865

    GoPro Mounting

    Just to be fair, that was like hour 6 or 7 in my Mooney. Right after I got her I was always left of the taxiway center line, runway center line, and parking center line. The sight picture is a lot different than in a cherokee. I've since brought everything back to center. You'll have to take my word for it because I quit making photographic evidence since.
  5. bob865

    Oil analysis

    Figuring out blue was worthy of a Nobel Prize.
  6. bob865


    I know a little about a lot. But I know a whole lot about nothing.
  7. bob865

    Attitude Indicator

    I didn't. I like having duplicates of all instruments except the ADI. Makes partial panel a lot less partial. When my ADI failed I went with the G5. I just couldn't justify spending the money on an overhauled 40yr old piece of gear when the new G5 gave me redundant instruments in a new package.
  8. I flew a cessna once that had something similar. It was just to help you remember headings and calculate inverse headings. Best I remember the one I used was actually just stuck to the panel.
  9. bob865


    This seems like a good point to share my experience buying a version of what the OP asked. Old guy at my airport owned a 75 M20E. The next to last M20E ever produced, so cool story there. He was an active pilot for a long time, but his health had deteriorated and couldn't fly anymore. His plan was to give it to his grandson, but his grandson decided he didn't want it so it just sat. The owner kept it maintained as well as you can considering he couldn't fly it. He had a buddy that would fly it every few months at most and he kept it in annual. He even still 'worked' on the plane, chaning the windows right before I bought it. So a couple of years of little to no activity, but still 'cared' for. And a great asking price, well below the proverbial book price. I put her through a pre-buy with a respected MSC and they found nothing of any concern. A few older/worn parts, but nothing that posed a safety of flight issue. The wost thing was old shock discs. So I bought it. I've now owned her about a year and a half. Right now she is parked at Wet Wingologists in Florida getting her tanks resealed. ($7k). Almost immediately after purchase, the AI went out. So we replaced it with a G5 because why not upgrade right? That identified a pitot/static leak. $4200 later, that is resolved and G5 is in. Radio is now failing. Not looking forward to that expense. Not really a viable used market for the radio becuase it's so old. The shock discs I mentioned earlier, doing those as soon as it gets back because I'm not beating up my newly sealed tanks($1500-2000). Oh and had to do ADS-B out upgrade. That was $2k for the skybeacon. All of this to say, my first year of ownership cost me $12k and this year is forecast to be another $12k and that's not including the normal LOP list of items: Fuel gauges, compass light not working, comm2 radio failed, temp gauge not working, etc, etc, etc. In the first two years, I will have spent more on the ownership costs than I did on the purchase. And that doesn't include any nice to have upgrades like a GPS or upgraded autopilot. Oh and don't forget normal inspections: transponder, annual, etc. Those always sneak up on you. Do I regret it, heck no. I love my plane. But I do have a love hate relationship with her most days. I love flying her, but hate what she does to my wallet. When I finally getting my instrument rating out of the way, I'm going to love her a whole lot more. I cancel a lot of trips now due to weather because being a younger guy (compared to the mooneyspace population) and I don't want to call out of work on a Monday becuase it's cloudy. Just remember, in general flying is a hobby of pasion. If anyone here tells you they fly because it's cheaper or makes their life easier is lying through their teeth. Just make sure you have the budget set right and you'll be fine.
  10. bob865

    GoPro Mounting

    My go to is my CB mount. It's a 1/4-20 eye bolt with 3 fender washers and another 1/4-20 bolt with wing nut. You sandwich one of your tie down points and the eye bolt between washers and then put the both through and secure with the wing nut. Then you have a 1/4-20 mounting bolt to attach your camera. You'll also want another 1/4-20 nut to let you secure the camera in the direction you point it. This is how I filmed this video using my contour roam 2.
  11. bob865

    Shower of sparks

    Mine is getting weak too. The day it goes, I'm going slick start too.
  12. bob865

    Flap at FAF

    Does your engine/prop not have the "No continuous operation between xxxx and 2350" requirement? xxxx becuase I don't remember the lower limit. Does anyone know the reason behind this requirement? Obviously I wouldn't setup in cruise at 2300 for a long xc, but does a low power decent at 2300 for 5 minutes in an approach pose any risk?
  13. I wonder if it's in the same bay or nearby the temp probe. On my plane the temp probe is mounted in the right wing about midway down. Similar location you seem to be describing. Between the GMU and the G5 correct? You didn't change the wiring on the light, right?
  14. I need to ask a question....Is this 200% position error i.e. the direction needle swings? or 200% data transmission/communication error?
  15. bob865

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Wanted to throw this out there for anyone who is considering a skyBeacon. Make sure to check the transponder threshold with this procedure. I installed mine and all looked good. I assumed the squawk would come in when I got airborn and had a radar interrogation. It did, but the lag gave me a maximum consecutive failures for Mode 3A and flight ID. I made the changes per these direcions and now it picks it up almost immediately. Flew breifly to verify it's fixed on another report and it is working fine. Not more failures. I need to do my validation fight again so I can get my rebate.