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  1. @Doug Tellef I may have missed it from eariler in the thread. What is the cost? I'm in need of an autopilot for my plane. I currently only have the default Mooney PC.
  2. That's kinda my point. Prime example is when I installed the skybeacon. I missed the required placard at first. Just a small oversight that made my install illegal(that has since been corrected). That would have been an easy find an inspector that wouldn't require taking the plane apart and looking for model numbers on light bulbs or digging through log books for correct entries. I also remember the conversation on here a few months/years back about IFR legal GPS installs. From that thread I gathered that many GPS installs that are used for IFR actually aren't even legal for IFR. Not becuase of the capability of the GPS, but becuase the install are't per the rules. Easy to catch if you know what you're looking at and you don't even have to tear into the log books or look at a bulb and crossreference for an STC. I guess to sum up, if I was an inspector, I'd have to be kinda sadistic to go after small owner operators over a LED light bulb. Just my $.02 as a non-faa inspector plane owner.
  3. Maybe I'm just cynical. All this conversation about if a bulb is or is not approved by the FAA is crazy. I feel like we like to obsess about the minutia of the regulations on stuff where it’s basically irrelevant. Let me walk down this path a little and go with me for a bit. Then you can hang me. A light bulb type specifies the base, wattage(in the case of incandescent bulbs this is how bright it is), size, and shape. For the sake of this discussion let’s call it a #123 bulb. If I buy a brand A #123 bulb or brand B #123 bulb they are both going to have the same base, wattage(light output), size and shape. If I buy a LED “bulb” compatible with #123, it will have the same base, pull the same or less wattage (but produce the comparable amount of light as it’s incandescent bulb), and fit within the same size and shape requirements. Why should I look at an LED bulb any different than I would an incandescent? Let’s take a second to consider safety. An incandescent bulb works by creating heat. An LED doesn’t. Point to LED. An LED pulls less power than a comparable incandescent bulb. Another point to an LED. I cannot believe a world exists where an FAA inspector would ramp check a light bulb when there is hardly a Mooney in existence with the same panel it originally had. If the inspector walks up for a ramp check and asks about my light bulb choice and not about the paperwork on my G5, Radios, or Skybeacon then aviation is doomed. I think a log entry saying I did it is a fair and reasonable solution. It wouldn’t say anything other than R&R right wingtip light bulb with compatible LED bulb. Just my opinion. Flame away.
  4. Skybeacon or Tailbeacon would limit you to 17,999ft. Have to go 1090ES to be in the Flight Levels.
  5. We always loaded/unloaded munitions at the CALA (Combat Aircraft Loading Area). The CALA was away from the flight line and ramps. The aircraft all parked pointing away from everything else (into the woods typically when state site) so should a missle or gun go off accidentally or no so accidentally, it wouldn't would hit anything with a heart or was expensive.
  6. They get cleaned a lot! As a lowly Lcpl, I washed many a F-18. Later when woking on hueys and cobras spent many hours getting windblown drying the engine after a wash (at this point, I wasn't the one doing the washing).
  7. I installed the GT-50. Nice little unit and the cheapest of the bunch. I liked it because I didn't have a volt meter, and it added that functionality. That alone has already saved my butt. I was doing an IFR training flight at night on an ILS approach (VFR conditions) and it started flashing in my face. My alternator breaker had tripped and I didn't know. The voltage annunciator (idiot light) was flashing, but at low RPM and high load, it's not uncommon for it to flash even with no issue; so I had ignored it. Then the GT-50 started flashing. I was able to unload the system and land so I could troubleshoot on the ground. The original plan was to go missed and fly home so I knew I needed the time on the ground. Luckily it was just a breaker reset. Otherwise I would have started troubleshooting in flight when my radios and lights went out. The ground was a much nicer place to troubleshoot. :)
  8. I was curious about that. I currently don't have a GPS and am looking at adding one. I already have a G5 and was going to add a second with the GPS to that they could act as the CDI and annuciator so I wouldn't need to add another CDI on the panel. With your install, do you get all of the info displayed on the G5? Do you have an autopilot and does the G5 still output course info to your autopilot based on the flight plan in the GPS?
  9. I was understanding that the G3x does not have a A/P built in. The GFC 500 is attitude based and requires the G5 for this info. The G3x touch can also supply this info but the autopilot must still be added. (as I understand it)
  10. You're quandry is basically the same as mine, except I don't have a GPS yet. I can't seem to find a clear answer; is the G5 compatible with the Avidyne IFD series? I think I'd like to go with a IFD-540, remote transponder and dual G5s (I already have 1) and my existing KX-155 as my second com/nav. However, if I can't get full functionalify of the G5s (HSI and Glideslope so I don't need an external CDI or annunciator) without a Garmin GPS, I'd probably forego the Avidyne in favor of big G. I plan on adding a TruTrack also when it comes available and they do have the interface with the G5.
  11. Just got here today. Anyone else around? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  12. What does the gear indicator light show on the panel when it stops? Does it show gear unsafe (in transit) when the motor stops? If you are not getting a "Gear Unsafe" indication and not getting a tripped breaker, then I would venture a guess that you've got a limit swith that is acting up. It is telling the system that the gear is up even if it's not.
  13. Same on my E. The Yellow Arc starts at 175 on mine.
  14. If you've never been to Triple Tree, you're missing out. I'm local, so I'll probably be there, even if I drive. It may be a grass strip, but it has the best maintained grass strip on the planet. The whole campus is beautiful. Bath houses for camping, etc. Think of it almost like a micro OshKosh. Make sure you pull the approach procedures from the website. If this materialized, I'll be there for sure: Fly or Drive. Should we call it a MooneySpace meetup on Saturday the 7th?