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  1. Bulb removal

    Trade you my red/white switch for your panel? Seems like an even trade to me since I'm having the G5 put in this week.
  2. Bulb removal

    Just below the throttle quadrant. The three knobs to the switch's left are the dimmers. One for right panel, one of left panel, and one for gauge backlight.
  3. Bulb removal

    I have the switch in my '75 E.
  4. Would anyone be interested?

    For cars, after a certain age they become vintage and/or hobby classified. With that comes lower taxes and different rules. Why not the same in aviation? These are 40+ year old ships at this point. Why not hold them to the same or similar requirements as experimental? I mean seriously, how many original parts are still available? Most of us are piecing together parts from downed ships or hoping someone makes a replacement. And few people make the replacements because of the cost of getting the parts PMA'd. Keeping our old birds flying is a hobby in most regards, almost as much as building a plane from a kit is. Why is it not classified and regulated as such?
  5. My Engine Heater

    Like @larryb said, they are separate. I will try to take a picture of the back of the box when I get home so you can get a better idea.
  6. My Engine Heater

    I have considered getting a T fitting to put air into the cabin and into the cowling so I get into a warm plane too. It's always an option. Just more hardware to transport though.
  7. My Engine Heater

    I thought about lipo, especially since I have some 3s packs laying around for my rc planes, but went with the lead acid for stability. I was concerned about fire, but I see @Yetti has posted a fireproof version. I'll have to look into those. The next version/mod will be to re-pin all the connectors to get the wiring more reasonable lengths. Right now it's a mess because there is so much extra. The harness has enough wire to mount the thing in the back of a car/truck and still connect to the battery in the front.
  8. M20 C Engine Start problems

    How loud is the shower of sparks vibrator? I have been having trouble getting my engine to start and after reading this I believe I have a bad shower of sparks vibrator also. She will only start when I let go of the key and I do not remember ever hearing the vibrator. Is it loud enough that it is obvious when it is vibrating?
  9. My Engine Heater

    Finally have some more details: The box dimensions are 12"x22"x12". She weighs 24 pounds fully loaded a full tank of fuel and fully charged battery will run an hour Output temperature is 200 degrees (with a 55 degree ambient temperature) The one hour cutoff is when the internal battery hits 11.6v which is critical voltage for lead acid batteries; there is still fuel left at this point, but less than 25% remaining. It will run longer, but it's not a good idea to avoid damaging the battery. The built in battery is necessary, at least for startup because of the current draw when the glow plug is on during the startup. It could be setup to use an external source (i.e. plugin to a cigarette lighter) as a supplementary power source to get more run time if needed. Now that I see the available space, the battery capacity could be increased or even the type changed to increase run time. When starting there is a 1.5 minutes purge cycle and it will light off and starts producing heat by 3 minutes. There is also a 6 minute shutdown/cool off cycle.
  10. My Engine Heater

    Yes, that is the fuel pump for the heater and the line going out the back is the fuel line. The fuel inlet is on the back of the toolbox. The only part I don't like about my design. But I'm going to build a metal shield/guard that will cover the fuel inlet and fuel line and also help guard against something touching the hot exhaust port. The BTU conversion would be 17,050 BTU. Quick note, 30,000-45,000 BTU is enough to heat a 2 car garage.
  11. My Engine Heater

    For my Proof of concept, I got a Chinese one off ebay. That's what made me start working on this in the first place. That was the closest I could find to what I needed but was over $500, not light and not portable. Good for an FBO, not for an individual. Yes it is. This one is a Chinese clone of a Parker I think was the name. And yes, the inside of the toolbox stays ambient outdoor temperature. The intake and exhaust for the actual combustion have ports on the back of the toolbox. Based on what I saw yesterday, I should be able to get well over an hour on 1 liter. The temp of the output is hot enough you can't keep your hands in the stream long, but temp wise, I'm not sure. And for the weight, I'll put it on my scale tonight when I get home, but less than 30lbs I'm guessing/estimating now. I wanted it small enough to fit in the plane. I visit my parents in GA and the airport there is a really small country airport with no support equipment. Need to be able to take it with me. Exact numbers I hope to prove out and be able to answer soon, i.e. runtime on battery, fuel burn, weight, output temp, etc. Any other details that would be good to know?
  12. My Engine Heater

    Around $375 give or take some for hardware and miscellaneous parts.
  13. Hey Guys, I just tested my new engine pre-heater this morning and wanted to share. I don't have the luxury of a hangar or electricity so I couldn't use the "normal" engine heating methods. Luckily, here in South Carolina the need to pre-heat an engine doesn't happen all that much. But when it does, I didn't have access to a good solution. So I built my own. My requirements where it had to be self-contained and able to function without having to be attached to any other service, lightweight, and small enough to fit int he baggage compartment in case I wanted/needed to take it with me. This ruled out every option I was able to find. What I ended up building was a diesel/electric powered heater. The heater is a 5000 watt diesel heater that is typically used in cold climates to preheat cars or to keep trucks/campers warm without running the engine. I mounted this in a toolbox with a small motorcycle battery for power and a small 1 Liter fuel tank for scooters. There is an intake on one side which I will add a filter to later and an output on the other with a flexible duct I can put into the cowling. The control is on the outside so there is no need to open the box except to charge the battery or add fuel. The heater is flexible fuel wise so, in a pinch, it would also run on jet fuel or kerosene. Maybe some of you snowbirds on mooneyspace can offer some feedback on ways to make it better. --Adam
  14. Garmin 340

    Is the mounting tray and hardware included?
  15. Landing light, I assume it's the same as my '75 E anyway.