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  1. I'm going to show my ignorance. What's the pro/con of the yaw servo? I know the PC has it now and it's used for Yaw Damper (I saw the other thread arguing between damper and dampener). How would the plane handle different? What would I feel/not feel with/without it?
  2. Yours is an M right? That's what's in your avatar. I wonder if there is a price difference between short and long body mooneys......
  3. Not yet. I asked for a full quote, labor included, for the 4 servo system (pitch, roll, yaw, trim). I'll share when I get it.
  4. Thought I would share what I just got from my Avi shop for my e model. This is the hardware price they quoted me for just the autopilot. I already have the g5s and a gad-29b installed. 4 Servo: Pitch / Roll / Yaw / Pitch Trim $13,595.00 3 Servo: Pitch / Roll / Yaw $11,095.00 3 Servo: Pitch / Roll / Pitch Trim $10,895.00 2 Servo: Pitch / Roll $8,395.00
  5. This news comes with much Acclaim from the Mooney community.
  6. I think I found them. Pins 11, 12, 14, 103, 104. I see a bunch of others I would adjust before I tried to connect it again. Like 17, 31, 43, and 86 to name a few. What's your 4th?
  7. I just installed the EI CGR-30s too. Did you use the connectors they provided? They are very problematic for me. I am still chasing loose connections where those were used. I feel like I get something else start fluctuating every flight. Right now as I'm typing this my #2 CHT has stopped working. I am slowly working on changing the connectors out to better connectors as they start failing. I got fluctuating fuel pressure in flight too. I went to replace the connectors and also found a really slow fuel leak. Hopefully this helps any. As for the tach, I had some issue too; but I h
  8. Finished the upgrade of my panel and need to sell off the old hardware. Selling my Horizon Instruments P-1000 digital tach. Worked fine when removed. Includes the harness and circuit breaker for installation. Looks like they sell on eBay for $250-300. I'll let it go to a fellow MooneySpacer for $200 or make me an offer.
  9. I'm keeping my stratix I built for that. Selling the more valuable one and keeping my tinker toy for backup.
  10. Maybe I can help. I just took out my digital tach when I did my upgrade. I'll send you a message with the details.
  11. Now that my upgrade is done, I don't need my stratus anymore. Just in time for Christmas it's for sale. Looks like they go for around $300-$350ish on eBay. I'd let it go to a fellow mooney driver for $250.
  12. Not sure how exactly it's not lining up, but when we did my nose gear we had to encourage it to move with a large c-clamp to get the holes to align.
  13. In the later year models, it's electric in the yoke; not pneumatic. They moved the dump valve elsewhere and operate it electrically. I had the cap but it got broken and lost when we refinished the yokes a while back. I like having it a lot, but I really like it deactivating when I grab the yoke. It's so much better than pushing through the wing leveler when I want to hand fly. The topic bubbled back up to the forefront to get a new cap when my existing solution shifted and I have to pull on the switch to turn the leveler back on when I release the yoke. That's annoying. Most lik
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