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  1. My home airport, like the rest of the world, is upgrading to LED lights. They have changed all of the runway edge lights so far and it is killing my landings at night! Greenville downtown at night has always been difficult to find at night. It blends in with the surounding lights and just disappears. Now, with the LED lights, it's no easier to find but when you finally get lined up on final, the lights are blinding. The runway becomes a solid black silhouette. The first time I tried to land, I slammed my plane on the ground and bounced like never before. I do have to say thanks to this forum that when I bounced from hitting so hard I went around without thinking about it and the go around was second nature and a non-issue. Anyway, I tried to land again last night and, though I didn't slam the plane on the ground, it was not pretty and a real struggle. Has anyone else landed at an airport with LED lights and have the same trouble?
  2. bob865

    Check Gear!

    I verbalize GLUMPS at least twice on final in addition to when I'm doing it to get configured. Added the "L" for lights. I like having my landing light on when on final even during the day to make sure I'm seen. Serious question - I struggle to get slowed down without the gear down. Maybe I'm still just new to my mooney, but it would seem like a high airspeed on final would be an indication that something isn't right.
  3. bob865

    Old biplanes

    If I remember right, weren't they used for plane identification? So you could spot you wing leader easily? That could just be hollywood's explaination and I'm remembering it from a movie.
  4. bob865

    $100 Burger

    Got it. Here is the map and source spreadsheet if someone wants to help fill in the missing data
  5. bob865

    $100 Burger

    I need to do some data clean up, but here is the alpha version of the google map.
  6. Wherea are you pulling your skew-t chart? Your's looks different than the one I just pulled. Specifically the winds. I did a google search for skew-t to find this.
  7. bob865


    Same in SC.
  8. bob865

    Christmas gift ideas....

    Helicopters were never meant to fly. They are just so ugly the earth repels them! I tried helicopters once or twice. One of the times I ended up with a .60 size nitro heli. Was running the engine in my driveway when I bumped a swtich on my radio that changed the throttle/collective mixes making it jump off the ground and drift into my car. Drove my car with 3 huge dents in the driver door for the next 8 years and sold the helicopter that night. Haven't touched a whirly bird since then.
  9. bob865

    ADSB... uAvionix

    There are two connections, one for power and one for strobe. You would wire it just like your plane curently is and it will perform just like your plane currently does. The ADS-B/Nav lights come on with the nav light switch and the strobe with the strobe switch. (unless you screw up the wiring job )
  10. bob865

    Slide in KX155 replacement

    yeah, that's my screw up. I had 155 on the brain and that's the one waiting on TSO.
  11. bob865

    Slide in KX155 replacement

    I understand what you're saying, but I don't think TKM is targeting the "upgrade" crowd. I've never seen a TKM radio installed along with a new GPS or any other new equipment. It's usually installed right by the original 1950 radio that came in the plane that is still working. Their target market is those who are looking for slide in replacements are looking to replace an unrepairable dead radio. In that case, almost anything is an improvement over no radio at all. I was just looking at their KX170 replacement since my 170B just died. Assuming their 170 gets its TSO, my options would be a TKM radio, New/used radio with full install, or try to find another 170. Great radio, but in my case a new radio would be preferred over another 1000 year old radio that is just biding it's time until it retires also. So assuming a new radio, a slide in replacement would be preferrable to fighting the ADS-B install backlog at the avi shops for a full install. Just my $.02.
  12. bob865

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Here is what the actual unit looks like.
  13. bob865

    ADSB... uAvionix

    What deters the walk by thief from pulling off $500 LED nav lights? Ones without any identifying marks on them? I know plane theft happens and stuff gets stolen out of/off of planes, but this is an odds game. How often does that really happen? Again, not saying it's not worth considering. With that said, if I ran across a security set of 6x32 screws I would definitely use those to intall vs. #2 phillips screws.
  14. bob865

    ADSB... uAvionix

    I don't disagree with not changing LED nav/strobes if you already have them done, but it does have a strobe.
  15. bob865

    Mooney Lunch Roundup in Alabama

    The first airshow I ever went to, when I was 8, was at Shelby County. I still have the program that I got the pilots of the coca-cola aerobatic flying team to autograph 26 years later. Think that may have been when I fell down the rabbit hole.