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  1. My turn to share. All three of my girls in one picture. (The wife is in the passenger seat of the car. )
  2. Figured I would throw something out since I've seen it come up a few times. ATC is only responsible for separation for aircraft on an IFR flight plan in IMC. All other times see and avoid prevails. As I understand it, the regs are written with the out that if you can see, it's your responsibility as the pilot to maintain separation. "Separation will be provided between all aircraft operating on IFR flight plans except during that part of the flight (outside Class B airspace or a TRSA) being conducted on a VFR-on-top/VFR conditions clearance. Under these conditions, ATC may issue traffic advisories, but it is the sole responsibility of the pilot to be vigilant so as to see and avoid other aircraft." 4-4-11 paragraph b.
  3. Found this that might be of inteest for this discussion: ANTICIPATING SEPARATION Landing clearance to succeeding aircraft in a landing sequence need not be withheld if you observe the positions of the aircraft and determine that prescribed runway separation will exist when the aircraft crosses the landing threshold. Issue traffic information to the succeeding aircraft if a preceding arrival has not been previously reported and when traffic will be departing prior to their arrival. EXAMPLE- “American Two Forty-Five, Runway One-Eight, cleared to land, number two following a United Seven-Thirty-Seven two mile final. Traffic will depart prior to your arrival.” “American Two Forty-Five, Runway One-Eight, cleared to land. Traffic will depart prior to your arrival.” NOTE- Landing sequence number is optional at tower facilities where the arrival sequence to the runway is established by the approach control. Anticipating separation must not be applied when conducting LUAW operations, except as authorized in paragraph 3-10-5b2. Issue applicable traffic information when using this provision. EXAMPLE- “American Two Forty-Five, Runway One-Eight, cleared to land. Traffic will be a Boeing Seven-Fifty-Seven holding in position.” REFERENCE- P/CG Term- Clear of the Runway.
  4. I've gotten the 'Cleared to land #2 behind traffic' before too, but it's always after getting a traffic advisory and reporting traffic in sight. I've never been given a cleared behind unless I've confirmed that I do in fact have them in sight(best I can remember anyway). Regs aside, I've always regarded it as a VFR type clearance where I'm still responsible for separation.
  5. Oops. Didn't mean to start a reg battle. Was just checking to make sure Paul hadn't made a mistake and his landing counted toward his rating as he expected. He checked. He's good.
  6. I thought for night currency, they had to be full stop? I'm pretty sure touch and go's don't count after dark for currency, they have to be stop and go's. Is the commecial requirement different?
  7. It's doable. I have one on there now. It has worked wonders to extend the life of the running belt.
  8. I wasn't sure. Went and looked it up. I was the next to last E model, so I already have the upgrade. And now I'm tumbling down the SB rabbit hole to see what all is there. See what is done and might not be done.
  9. Thanks @mike_elliott and @Oldguy! I have that and have it posted on my panel. I've never heard it called that, though. I've been working on my instrument rating too and was slightly paniced that I missed somthing.
  10. My plane is going down for an engine overhaul. At the same time, we are going to put on a surefly ignition, new motor mounts, and overhaul the prop governor. What else would you have done while it's down for overhaul? Anything else you would inspect/overhaul/replace?
  11. I did the Skybeacon. It only made sense at the time. Quick install and cheapest on the market at the time (considering install time). Got the $500 rebate too. When I made that call, I was under the impression uAvionix was going to certify their left wing ADS-B in and a LED light solution so I'd have a full LED and ADS-B in and out solution. They've since dropped plans to certify the ADS-B in solution. With that said, I'm already looking at going to a Lynx NGT-9000. I'm getting ready to do a full panel upgrade and figured why not get ADS-B in on the panel at the same time. I can also clean up and steamline the wingtips compared to the skybeacon.
  12. PAC numbers? I've never heard this term?