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  1. DualRatedFlyer

    Screw Kits

    What happens when your on screw number 476 on the belly panel and that sucker falls off. Now I gotta go back 20 screws to get access back in there.
  2. DualRatedFlyer

    Screw Kits

    What about tinnermans? Are there a handful of sizes commonly used? I have noticed when removing sections of my belly, some tinnerman nuts snap on perfectly and completely, others are too long and have been installed in a diagonal fashion to keep them in place (if that makes sense). The are prone to movement when reinstalling the panels.
  3. DualRatedFlyer

    Screw Kits

    I was able to get the kit parts list to figure out what hardware and qtys are in the F kit. Adding up the prices of the hardware individually comes out to $89 bucks, while the hardware kit comes to $94 (for the F model). Dont think thats a bad deal to get a little hardware kit established in your hanger.
  4. DualRatedFlyer

    AMSafe Seat Belt - $200

    Where did you get your push button seat belts? I am tired of unlatching my lap belt every time I try to re-trim the airplane.
  5. DualRatedFlyer

    Screw Kits

    Never seen the specialty catalog. This is incredibly helpful!
  6. DualRatedFlyer

    Screw Kits

    hmm, could be my work. Ill try again when I get home. Thanks
  7. DualRatedFlyer

    Screw Kits

    Are you able to access the website right now? I am getting an error message.
  8. DualRatedFlyer

    Screw Kits

    As someone who knows nothing about screws, but enjoys crawling under the oily belly to swap a stripped screw just as much as the next guy, is there a standard way to decipher these? AN- aviation designation? 526? 832 is 8-32 thread size? R6/R8? I.E- whats the difference between these two screws AN507-832-R6/R8 wing inspection panels AN526-832R6/R8 wing inspection panels
  9. DualRatedFlyer

    I have a new mistress

    Congrats!! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  10. DualRatedFlyer

    I have a new mistress

    pics or it didnt happen...
  11. DualRatedFlyer

    IFD 440 LNAV at FAF no LPV

    Someone else will come on here and rightfully correct me - my gps knowledge is a bit rusty... RAIM is only for non-WAAS recievers. Since the IFD 440 is a WAAS unit, corrections are continuously broadcasted and do not require a RAIM prediction calculation to insure integrity. Relevant portion copied and pasted below from FAA Aviation news publication. Briefly looked at NOTAMS in the area on foreflight, but didnt see anything relevant to outages. Noticed your approach location is next to a MOA - unsure if local interference can affect only WAAS performance? No answers, just thinking out loud AIM 1-1-20 describes the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). With WAAS, strategically positioned ground-reference stations monitor GPS satellite signals and correct any errors in the data that can result from atmospheric anomalies. This “cleaned-up” version of GPS data is sent back to the GPS satellite network and then rebroadcasted. A WAAS-enabled GPS receiver (TSO-C145 or C146) uses this version of the GPS signal to provide more accurate position data, FAA’s RAIM prediction model uses assumptions about generic aviation grade GPS receiver performance, so your specific receiver may be better. The model uses a generic RAIM algorithm to predict a horizontal protection level (HPL), considering the current and scheduled status of GPS satellites. The HPL is then compared to the alert limit for the phase of flight: en route (2 NM), terminal (1 NM), non-precision approach (0.3 NM), to determine availability. If the HPL is predicted to be greater than the alert limit, an outage of service capability is indicated. January/February 2010 FAAAviation News 25 making RAIM prediction unnecessary in these units. In addition to providing the correction signal, a WAAS geostationary satellite provides an additional range measurement to the GPS receiver, improving the availability of GPS by providing, in effect, an additional GPS satellite in view
  12. DualRatedFlyer

    IFD 440 LNAV at FAF no LPV

    Where/when was the approach?
  13. DualRatedFlyer

    Any Attorney based in FL?

    ^^^what he said