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  1. Pshew. Thank God breadcrumbs are free
  2. Might be able to sell some of those rebate codes. https://adsbperformance.faa.gov/paprrequest.aspx
  3. Agree with this. Save your wedding, kids graduation, new puppy, essential oils, and all that other non-aviation stuff for Facebook. I dont think this is the place for it, because it has nothing to do with aviation. The location this stuff is getting posted under is titled "General Mooney Talk" with a descriptor of "This forum is just for general discussion about Mooney aircraft". Given that statement, I would think it makes sense that anything non-aviation related (weddings/puppies/etc) should be deleted. I dont want to hear about the border wall, or universal basic income -- I DO want to hear about the fees signature charged you when flying your Mooney to Key West. On the flip side, I keep hearing statements about the rules and policys of this forum. I have only been hear for a little over a year and have never been able to find these rules. Where could one look? The only posts I see stickied are those asking to donate to this site. If these rules do exist, or we take the forum header and subject descriptors seriously, then the mods should go through and clean this stuff up, regardless if they agree or disagree with the post content. Members jobs are to help make the mods life easier by reporting these rule violations to get rid of them as I am sure the mods cant watch every post. Rumor has it there is a great Mooney club on Facebook you can post that other stuff to and get tons of "likes".
  4. Bryan -- thanks for following up on this and being a part of this forum. Understand that you guys can get beat up every now and then, but please dont let that take away from the value that you have the potential to provide this community by participating on these boards. It certainly means a lot to us as customers. Cheers!
  5. Anyway --- update. Got an email yesterday morning from the avionics shop. They walked over to my hanger and swapped out the SD Cards and said the unit is fixed and my logbook sticker is sitting on my seat. Wont get to verify its working until this weekend or next, but very pleased with how quickly Avidyne reacted in shipping replacement hardware and coordinating with the shop to repair.
  6. Mine is busted to heck as well, cracked at every seam. Tried to aluminum tape it as much as possible at annual. Would be interested in your fix
  7. Same exact symptoms as mine. Here is the repair SB they deployed. 601-00182-047_SERVICE BULLETIN_IFD4XX_IFD5XX_LOSS_OF_WI-FI_BLUETOOTH_FUNCTIONALITY.pdf
  8. Minor correction - not 8.5 non-stop. 2 hrs then break, 3.5hrs then 15 min refuel and back in the air for 3 hours. Still a 1 day butt flattener.. That intercom is on my list but really need a modern engine montior first.
  9. Trip from Lancaster PA to Key West FL with the family. Shout out to @Marauder for letting me borrow his mobile intercom. My wife and mother in law loved having a separate channel in the back on the 8.5 hr flight. I shared their enthusiasm in the front. 8.5 was the second longest single day trip since my purchase of the aircraft. Rear end fatigue did start to set in around hour 7, but still wayyyyy better than the airlines. The Mooney is truly a traveling machine!! So thankful for the advice i received on this forum when talking about my mission during my hunt for an airplane. I love my F with the large amount of leg room in the rear and 1050 useful load Equally thankful for the confidence I gained to make such a long journey with 3 passengers over the Everglades and water because of my owner assisted annual in which an A&P/IA MS forum member allowed me to participate in his annualing of my airplane. Nothing like getting involved in the maintenance to gain confidence in flying your family around in your bird. Was a beautiful route with a fair amount of traffic following the islands at low level taking in the sights. Hoping for good wx on the way home.
  10. Departed PA for a trip to Key West on Sunday for a short vacation with family. Noticed my iPad wasn't pairing with my IFD440 for some reason. Restarted the IFD to double check I clicked "allow" on the wifi prompt. Bluetooth and wifi symbols come up on the unit, but no networks are visible on my iPad or phone or backup iPad. Only so much troubleshooting can be completed from the air, so I did what I could and decided to give them a call after landing in Key West since I was on a tight schedule. First time calling avidyne. Tech support was extreemly repsonsive calling me back within 5 minutes. They shot me a list of data to collect from certain pages on the avidyne system pages. I went back out to the airport to grab screenshots. I have attached what I found. When I called them back with the results they said there was an issue with the unit based on the blank LIO lines that would result in an avidyne dealer having to open the box to replace microsims. I asked if this was a known failure mode to which I was given a bit of a runaround about how "we wouldn't call it a known failure mode but we have seen it happen and have a 100% fix - although in speaking with our engineers the reason this happens is something too complex that I can't adequately explain it because I'm not a software person " (or some variation of that). Three concerns I had, 1) would this be a warranty repair- to which they said even if it was outside of warranty they would fix this for free 2) would it happen again? -no we've never had a repeat failure. 3) is something I'm doing causing this? - no there is no way you could have induced this failure. Headed to the shop hopefully next week to resolve. Thought I would post this here in case any fellow MS'rs found themselves with a similar failure. If anyone has more info or has seen this in the past and knows what's going on behind the scenes I would be really interested in a more in-depth explanation other than "software". Thanks
  11. Does that mean your ready to part with those fancy buttons you made??
  12. Agree with this. I had a somewhat similar flight path to the OP a little over a week ago. Huge waves causing large fluctuations in airspeed. Heard several 172s on the radio requesting block altitudes because they couldn't maintain altitude. I dont get a lot of this in the area I fly, so it was a little strange seeing such drastic nose up and down attitudes while trying to maintain altitude. The large swings in airspeed make a very nice wave. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N862HL/history/20181222/1530Z/KLNS/KLYH