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  1. I find it extremely difficult to pull any meaningful pricing information from BAF or Macroair. When asking about pricing I feel like I get a "well how much do you got" response... I cant figure out why there is no catalog pricing information for these. Can you provide any info on sizes/prices for Hunter?
  2. Looks promising. Would love a PIREP if you go with them
  3. When finances come up I always tell my wife that I can sleep in my plane, but you cant fly a house.....
  4. Joe - do you know the size of your fan/hangar space?
  5. Anyone have experience with the big hangar fans? Looking at a Bigass fan and a Macroair fan. I hear that the Macroair fan is the newer technology and is more reliable. There are no catalog prices, so I have to get a quote for each vendor which is curious. It makes sizing vs budget exercises somewhat difficult. A neighbor has a 16ft diamater one that really puts out the air. Anyone have leads on a used one for sale? Are they worth the money? Any other solutions that are better? Thanks,
  6. Mooney space wouldn't be nearly as useful if every question was answered via cell as opposed to over the forum.
  7. I hate paying for stuff. Wouldn't pay for 100LL if I didn't have to. I heard Gary speak at osh and I think he is well worth the money. He is a wealth of knowledge
  8. I had a carpet place rehim my aviation carpet. They did a crappy job. Believe automotive shops are the place to go.
  9. Anything Fenix is worth the money. I bought the PD32 one before going to Afghanistan in 2012. Beat the crap out of it there and used it daily. I still carry it with me every day in my flight suit and it works amazingly. That's over 7 years on a single flashlight - I'd say it's worth it. https://www.fenix-store.com/fenix-pd32-led-flashlight-2016-edt/
  10. This is what happens when you let Chuck Aaron retire.
  11. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/lycominggaskets_08-00307.php
  12. Pm sent for arm rest and fuel selector.
  13. Not true if you are instrument rated 91.157 Special VFR weather minimums. (a) Except as provided in appendix D, section 3, of this part, special VFR operations may be conducted under the weather minimums and requirements of this section, instead of those contained in §91.155, below 10,000 feet MSL within the airspace contained by the upward extension of the lateral boundaries of the controlled airspace designated to the surface for an airport. (b) Special VFR operations may only be conducted— (1) With an ATC clearance; (2) Clear of clouds; (3) Except for helicopters, when flight visibility is at least 1 statute mile; and (4) Except for helicopters, between sunrise and sunset (or in Alaska, when the sun is 6 degrees or more below the horizon) unless— (i) The person being granted the ATC clearance meets the applicable requirements for instrument flight under part 61 of this chapter; and (ii) The aircraft is equipped as required in §91.205(d).
  14. Aside from the other valid points you brought up, there is nothing wrong with this. Vne is not based groundspeed.