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  1. Notchy trim diagnosis

    I have replayed the video like 5 times and swear he is pulling (clockwise) the first time to make it tighter. After the WD40 he pushes (counterclockwise) to loosen it.
  2. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    @jetdriven Purchasing before demonstrated/released compatibility is a dangerous leap of faith. Hate to hear he took a loss -- I am sure thats money he could of spent on other upgrades.
  3. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    @LANCECASPER -- Ouch, that seems really rude. I have limited knowledge on STCs and have come to this forum to ask honest questions to gain a better understanding. I was given conflicting information and hoped the experts on here could help take me through it and "show me the light" with their opinions and supporting documentation. After I was presented additional supporting information by you and others, I took several days to better educate myself about it before coming back to ask additional questions. Questions that I am trying to be thorough with to prevent myself from making a several thousand dollar mistake -- I have seen others make those types of mistakes a time or two on this website. Thank you for offering your help in the previous posts. I can tell you are very knowledgeable on the subject. I wasnt convinced that someone trying to offload a product could be trusted. I wasnt convinced that a random avionics shop could be trusted I wasnt convinced that a stranger online could be trusted I wasnt convinced that a installation manual was the governing authority I hoped by doing additional research I could better understand the complexity of the subject, learn a thing or two, and make a final choice with confidence that I had considered all the variables. I plan on taking cruisers last post and looking up his citations to better educate myself. Should I still not understand something, I may post another question or two on this thread. I would value any feedback you may have.
  4. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    @Cruiser Thank you for the way you wrote this. Going through the steps like you have above really helps me wrap my mind around this. I appreciate you continuing to post on this thread.
  5. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    Posting this here from the Avidyne community forum. The author is the VP of product development. The middle two paragraphs would appear to bring into question the legality of the 345/440 combination until an official STC is released. I see that 10.2 has been released, but I have not seen an STC that specifically calls out this combination. http://forums.avidyne.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1127&title=adsb-compatability The IFD family of boxes will output ADS-B compliant GPS position for various ADS-B Out transponders to use. Those transponders can use that GPS output just fine and be donating their position into the ADS-B network and look and feel like full-up ADS-B participants including being able to receive ADS-B data from other network participants (presuming a piece of equipment capable of receiving that ADS-B data is on the airplane).The "to be legal" part is where I would say he isn't completely correct. The FAA mandate (the "legal" thing here) requires an FAA recognition of compatible compliance by Dec 31, 2019. That typically is delivered via an STC vehicle (but it doesn't have to be). So, between now and Dec 31, 2019, you can basically do whatever you want and not be "illegal".That nuanced set of statements is important operationally. You are a full-up ADS-B participant with an IFD and an ADS-B Out transponder combo, now. You just need to make sure, presuming the FAA doesn't change their rules between now and then, that by Dec 31 2019, you have a combination of GPS position source (e.g. IFD540, IFD440, etc) and ADS-B Out transponder that is a FAA-recognized acceptable pair. As of Release 10.2, that will include:IFD4XX/5XX - AXP322IFD4XX/5XX - AXP340IFD4XX/5XX - GTX330ESIFD4XX/5XX - GTX345Avidyne is the one obtaining the STC that supports those combos. I would agree with Mike that other vendors are understandably reluctant to seek more STCs that include Avidyne navigators and/or transponders. They do this for reasons that make business sense to them.There are other combos that involve Avidyne supplied navigators like R9 and other combos that involve Garmin supplied navigators and Avidyne supplied transponders but I will leave those out of this IFD-centric post.An important note is that some installers inappropriately take a position that until there is a STC that shows the navigator-transponder combo is FAA recognized as 2020 mandate ADS-B Out compliant, then it is not a legal installation. They are wrong, plain and simple. But, sometimes, you are just pushing on a rope in spite of actual facts and so the mis-perceptions propagate.A lot of that will be moot as soon as the STCs are in place in the very near future.
  6. GDL-69A

    You hit the nail on the head. Believe some users benefit from additional weather that is available on the XM via ADSB, and the music is a plus for those who like to stretch their aircraft's legs, but the pricing structure is a little rich for me.
  7. GDL-69A

    Thinking about selling my GDL-69A as part of a system upgrade. The installer has given me a lowball trade-in value, so I thought I would check on MS first to see if anyone was interested in making me an offer. Thanks,
  8. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    Good info @Cruiser. I do currently get Wx on the 430. Any other quirks I should be aware of?
  9. Raptor

    Very true, however the Navy uses the Texan. All relative I guess.
  10. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    Starting to make more sense. Since the GTX345 installation requires an approved source of GPS data (coming from the 430), wouldn’t using a non gtx345 approved source of GPS data -IFD440- be an issue?
  11. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    Can you provide the rest of the letter? Is there an official Avidyne STC number that states this, or does the service letter serve in lieu of? Thanks for answering these, just want to make sure I understand before calling the shop back.
  12. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    Thank you very much. So the avionics shop specifically stated that lack of STC. The above states compatibility, but wouldn’t you need the STC to be official for install?
  13. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    Also can’t find this letter on their page (I’m 0 for 2) http://www.avidyne.com/support/downloads.asp?prod=ifdpart23
  14. Avidyne IFD Garmin GTX Compatiability

    I’m missing where in the article it says that (it’s probably going to jump out and bite me).. can you help clarify?
  15. Saw Avidyne’s promotional deal where turning in your 430w gets you 5k off a new IFD440. The plug and play installation into the 430 deck keeps installation expenses virtually nonexistent. Called Avidyne to get the skinny on compatibility with existing systems (Stec50, GTX345, etc) and was assured all was compatiable. Called a respectable avionics shop to get pricing and was told the GTX345 is not STC’d to work with the IFD440 (or 540), and that I would need to replace the 345 with an AXP340 and add a Skytrax 100 for ADSB in. Has anyone had experience with this? Appear to be getting conflicting information.