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  1. Not true if you are instrument rated 91.157 Special VFR weather minimums. (a) Except as provided in appendix D, section 3, of this part, special VFR operations may be conducted under the weather minimums and requirements of this section, instead of those contained in §91.155, below 10,000 feet MSL within the airspace contained by the upward extension of the lateral boundaries of the controlled airspace designated to the surface for an airport. (b) Special VFR operations may only be conducted— (1) With an ATC clearance; (2) Clear of clouds; (3) Except for helicopters, when flight visibility is at least 1 statute mile; and (4) Except for helicopters, between sunrise and sunset (or in Alaska, when the sun is 6 degrees or more below the horizon) unless— (i) The person being granted the ATC clearance meets the applicable requirements for instrument flight under part 61 of this chapter; and (ii) The aircraft is equipped as required in §91.205(d).
  2. Aside from the other valid points you brought up, there is nothing wrong with this. Vne is not based groundspeed.
  3. Some excellent info here and quite a few things I hadnt considered. From the above I got the following Make the front of the hanger 60 wide by 50 long. The wide side with door will face the runway. Going to try to up the door size as much as physically and financially possible. No sense in having a wide hanger with a short door. Perhaps it will attract a beechtalk buyer one day with a big multi and lots of money when I decide to sell. We know those guys got cash Had not considered putting in windows instead of skylights. Really like how this would add cross ventilation as well. Not an RV guy, but like the idea of an RV or garage door on the rear to enhance the cross ventilation Had never considered having a wireless remote control door clicker to keep in the Mooney. This one is on my list now! Im not sure what I want to do about a bathroom - the garage is right next door with a bathroom in it. Is it worth extra money? Might look into putting in one of those "bigass fans" People door will go into the rear Insulation is a must. Dont think a loft is on my needs list anytime soon, always nice to have space for it in the future @Culver LFA can you comment on a price range for those LEDs? I couldnt find anything online. @M20Doc I need to see a pic of the RV on the lift! Am i missing anything?
  4. Laying out plans to build a hanger and could use some advice/lessons learned/wisdom from those that have been down this path before as I am out of my element. I am coming up a bit short in finding current information online from others that have posed similar questions (mostly finding old forums from 2003 on random pilot boards). I moved jobs this year and am now down in Dallas TX. I have a home on an airpark, but no hangar, so I plan on building one. Biggest theme here is that I am on a budget, but I really want to get it right the first time as opposed to being unhappy and spending more money later. Here are my main questions: We are limited to 3000sqft so the dimensions will probably be 50x60. Would you recommend having the hangar 60 wide, or 60 long, and why? What type of door would you recommend? Rolling door, bifold, single piece hydraulic? How wide would you recommend the door be? What kind of cost differences should one expect between different doors? What door manufacturer would you recommend to go with --- and to sat away from? Lights - I know nothing about them. What kind if lights should I put in? Skylights - I have been told there are two types. Those that leak and those that will leak. I noticed how pitch black my neighbors hanger is with no skylights, and how bright my other neighbors is with skylights. Are they worth it? What are the other big elements that I am missing? Any questions I should be asking? Really hoping there is some collective wisdom on this forum that can help me with these. Thanks!
  5. Pshew. Thank God breadcrumbs are free
  6. Might be able to sell some of those rebate codes. https://adsbperformance.faa.gov/paprrequest.aspx
  7. Agree with this. Save your wedding, kids graduation, new puppy, essential oils, and all that other non-aviation stuff for Facebook. I dont think this is the place for it, because it has nothing to do with aviation. The location this stuff is getting posted under is titled "General Mooney Talk" with a descriptor of "This forum is just for general discussion about Mooney aircraft". Given that statement, I would think it makes sense that anything non-aviation related (weddings/puppies/etc) should be deleted. I dont want to hear about the border wall, or universal basic income -- I DO want to hear about the fees signature charged you when flying your Mooney to Key West. On the flip side, I keep hearing statements about the rules and policys of this forum. I have only been hear for a little over a year and have never been able to find these rules. Where could one look? The only posts I see stickied are those asking to donate to this site. If these rules do exist, or we take the forum header and subject descriptors seriously, then the mods should go through and clean this stuff up, regardless if they agree or disagree with the post content. Members jobs are to help make the mods life easier by reporting these rule violations to get rid of them as I am sure the mods cant watch every post. Rumor has it there is a great Mooney club on Facebook you can post that other stuff to and get tons of "likes".
  8. Bryan -- thanks for following up on this and being a part of this forum. Understand that you guys can get beat up every now and then, but please dont let that take away from the value that you have the potential to provide this community by participating on these boards. It certainly means a lot to us as customers. Cheers!
  9. Anyway --- update. Got an email yesterday morning from the avionics shop. They walked over to my hanger and swapped out the SD Cards and said the unit is fixed and my logbook sticker is sitting on my seat. Wont get to verify its working until this weekend or next, but very pleased with how quickly Avidyne reacted in shipping replacement hardware and coordinating with the shop to repair.
  10. Mine is busted to heck as well, cracked at every seam. Tried to aluminum tape it as much as possible at annual. Would be interested in your fix
  11. Same exact symptoms as mine. Here is the repair SB they deployed. 601-00182-047_SERVICE BULLETIN_IFD4XX_IFD5XX_LOSS_OF_WI-FI_BLUETOOTH_FUNCTIONALITY.pdf
  12. Minor correction - not 8.5 non-stop. 2 hrs then break, 3.5hrs then 15 min refuel and back in the air for 3 hours. Still a 1 day butt flattener.. That intercom is on my list but really need a modern engine montior first.