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  1. DualRatedFlyer

    Rest stop NC to WI

    Just found something interesting. I am almost 100% sure when I checked my intended fuel stop prices last week, it was at $3.99 - one of the main reasons I was stopping there. Today, that price has jumped to $4.59. Does anyone know if websites that tracks fuel historical prices for airports?
  2. DualRatedFlyer

    Rest stop NC to WI

    Me and my crew were talking about making a stop here for late breakfast/early lunch. https://www.funplacestofly.com/funflydetails.asp?id=543
  3. DualRatedFlyer

    Font Size

    Don't think font size is a website setting. If using chrome, use CTRL + to increase font size.
  4. DualRatedFlyer

    New ride

    One of many reasons i preferred instructing in the Schweizer 300cbi over the R22
  5. DualRatedFlyer

    Proper Fuel Flow for IO-360

    ..... Quickly compares engine serial number on graph to serial number in logbook...
  6. DualRatedFlyer

    My 1976 M20C Ranger

    Believe it takes a day or two for a manual changing of your account status to allow for posting.
  7. Thought this post was interesting given my experience down in NC yesterday. I was visiting overnight with some family and was debating calling the fbo to fuel my plane before leaving, or fueling it when I showed up. It was really hot and I was in a hurry to go so I was leaning towards having them fuel it without me and prior to my arrival. The little mooneyspace voice in my head said no and reminded me of all those damaged nose gear trusses. I decided to wait and get fuel when I showed up to the airport where I could supervise. My family thought I was being oversensitive or over cautious - these ppl work with airplanes all day, right? I show up, ask the line guy to top off the plane and ask him if he has any experience towing Mooney's and if he is aware of the turning limits. His response -- " this is my first day, I don't even know which one is a Mooney". He was unsupervised as well. The tow bar was hooked to a tractor, so I am for sure I would have had damage had I not helped him. No criticism to him, I didn't know either until I became a Mooney owner. But that sure was a lesson for me to not trust anyone with my plane. Would have been heartbroken to have my landing gear damaged, incur costs away from home, and possibly not have had it repaired in time for Oshkosh. I tried to leave him more knowledgeable than I found him and gave him a quick point and look around the nose gear area so hopefully the next Mooney that he comes accross he will have a better idea of how to tow.
  8. DualRatedFlyer

    Flying to see fireworks

    A great YouTube vid of someone doing the corridor on the 4th
  9. DualRatedFlyer

    Flying to see fireworks

    Would love to do the Hudson corridor on the 4th
  10. DualRatedFlyer

    SCS Interior break down

    Having a hard time visualizing the vinyl. Have a pic of the vinyl flooring installed by chance?
  11. DualRatedFlyer

    Oshkosh 2018 MooneySpace Social, July 23rd

    Any chance you have room for one more box? My gear donuts will thank you..
  12. have you tried downloading the picture (previously uploaded) and then rotating it and re-uploading it?-- as opposed to maddeningly rotating the original
  13. Is this true only for the inboard, our could the inverse situation apply -- i.e. outboard is grounded and inboard is not. Just curious as to why you think its the inboard - i have a similar issue.
  14. DualRatedFlyer

    ADS-B / FlightAware question

    How was your flight yesterday?
  15. DualRatedFlyer

    STEC-50 Heading Hold Failure - Need Advice

    It does seem to want to turn... but just cant commit. I have done the full checkout listed in the "STECT 50 Functional Preflight Procedures" http://aerofliers.org/documents/s-tec-40-50-operating-manua.pdf I believe this is what you are referring to. I **think** I have done a full disconnect and went straight to HDG mode without switching from NAV. I will check this box for sure next time I fly. Even when HDG mode stops working, the Turn Knob continues to function normally - so I end up commanding a turn until reaching a desired heading and then moving the Turn Knob back to neutral to remain on that heading. So far the only avionics work I have had done was at Lancaster Avionics with my IFD 440 install. We are both based on the same field. Thought I would shop around the issue a bit on here to see if anyone had any ideas before contacting a shop.