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  1. Bird strike last night

    Never knew that there was an official word for the remains left over after a bird strike with an airplane. Need to add that to the ole logbook for the time I hit that bird in the schweizer 300 snarge. The residue smeared on an airplane after a bird/plane collision.
  2. Partial panel cover

    Very excited to see ur finished product. Having the same issue.
  3. First time cutting my oil filter. Take a look.

    Did you pull the suction screen as well? I have been wanting to pull mine during an oil change to have a look mostly out of curiosity, but I know I would never be able to get that thing safety wired again. Believe the manual specified doing so at 100hr or annual.
  4. Door Seals again

    @GEE-BEE I declare interest!!
  5. Insurance

    Shannon D. Guidry Manager/Agent Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Louisiana Insurance Division P.O. Box 187, Estherwood, LA 70534 (800)280-2884 Toll Free (337)783-7366 Phone (337)783-5526 Fax (337)224-0782 Cell
  6. Insurance

    Purchased my M20F this year with an 80k hull value. I am a CFI in Rotary Wing and Fixed wing with probably around 1200 hours. 0 hours in Mooney at purchase. My experience may differ from others, but I could never get Falcon to respond to calls in a timely manner. I found an insurance broker who is a joy to work with and always super responsive day or night. My insurance is through QBE and my yearly cost is $1400 - but I only deal with my broker when I need something.
  7. New (to me) M20C, intro and trip home

    @Kmac Congrats on your purchase! Looking at your pictures, I believe my airplane was sitting in the same exact spot when I went to pick her up ~6 months ago. Our trips also looks similar., except I went west of the mountain range. My father in law was supposed to fly with me, but with the hurricane bearing down on Texas I had to leave that night instead of waiting the next morning. I would have preferred to stop halfway through, but they were closing down the airspace at my home airport for the next 2 days for an airshow. Flying through the night on my first flight after doing an all day prebuy in the Texas heat was not enjoyable. Where are you based at in PA? Im out at LNS
  8. Mooney Shirts and stuff...

    sob.... facebook knows!! you've put this entire site in jeopardy now!
  9. Mooney Shirts and stuff...

    How did you find this?
  10. Mooney Pre Buy Video

    Literally just watched this today. Awesome airplane!!
  11. Avidyne IFD440 upgrade decision

    Just upgraded my 430W to a 440 about 3 weeks ago. The 540 is indeed much nicer in terms of screen realestate, however the smart thing to do is to buy the 440 and take advantage of using an ipad as a secondary screen thus saving big $$ on purchase and installation costs. Now I do all of my flight planning, freq swaps, etc from the ipad which has a much much larger screen -- and it displays both the comm and nav freqs together. I watched all "Baron Pilot"s" videos on youtube and followed along on the simulator. He has some great content and made it easy to jump right into the 440. I have exclusively used garmin products in the past (G1000, 430, 530, etc)- and that is what I have been familiar with. The luring curve for the IFD440 took about 2 weeks of on and off simulator use in my free time and now I have the layout memorized and it is very user friendly. Much easier and quicker to find what you are looking for on the 440 than in the 430 for new users. My favorite feature of the 440 thus far has been the knobs (crazy right?). Funny enough at the Mooney fly-in last week I was having a hard time adjusting freqs using the touchscreen because the turbulence was so bad. I reached up and grabbed a knob and simply twisted. I didnt have to worry about poking all kinds of buttons on the touchscreen while bumping up and down.
  12. Fuel Tank Patch

    That did it. Thanks
  13. Fuel Tank Patch

    @bradp I think your upload failed to stick (at least it looks that way on my mobile). Any chance you can upload again? Would be interested in having a read.
  14. Reading PA, NJMP Fly In Saturday March 17

    New Mooney owner here. Excited to come and meet the crowd.
  15. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    A good rule of thumb is that if there are that many people watching --go land somewhere else