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  1. DualRatedFlyer

    Fatal Carbon Monoxide Crash

    Dan, I teach for AOPAs air safety institute - i travel around the country doing flight instructor refresher courses for those who want to renew their CFI. Your story made a huge impact on me. I now have a sensor in my airplane. I also present your story at every one of my clinics (25-35ppl) and highlight what your market research has lead you to believe is one of the best sensors out there. I also ask at the end of the class who is going to go out and buy a sensor. At my last class, 10 instructor hands went in the air. Wanted to share. I hope these cfis pass this to their students as well. Keep being a voice for safety - your saving more lives than you know.
  2. DualRatedFlyer

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    Can you explain how the fuel pump would be relevant in this situation? Wouldn't the fuel be exhausted regardless if the pump was on or off in the slow selector turn in the runup situation described above?
  3. Think that's a like to your mailbox
  4. DualRatedFlyer

    Rat socks

    not many animals on this earth nastyer than a pig --- but man i love me some ribs and bacon..
  5. DualRatedFlyer

    High nickel in oil?

    What color would you call this
  6. DualRatedFlyer

    Hot or cold start?

    Don't forget that starter duty cycle regardless of the starting procedure used.
  7. DualRatedFlyer

    Getting WiFi in the hangar..

    Would be interested in this as well.
  8. DualRatedFlyer

    Mooney M20C Purchase Air Mods

    Brian is a top notch guy. He has gone out of his way to help me on more than one occasion
  9. DualRatedFlyer

    Dual Yokes

    Always wondered about taking the copilot yoke out of the Mooney. Would make for more entry/exit room, as well as a more comfortable flight. Almost always removed the copilot controls in the helicopter when I wasn't instructing. Would have the student remove them when going solo.
  10. DualRatedFlyer

    67’ M20F Airwolf Remote Oil Filter

    looking forward to your post!
  11. DualRatedFlyer

    Ramp Fee Question for Attorneys

    6 emails... 6 emails is how long it took me to get a straight forward answer on how much it would cost me to park over the weekend at Windsor locks CT for a business trip. And after all was said and done, and I bought my mandatory 10 gal of gas to waive some of the fees, I arrive to an airplane topped off w 20 gallons of fuel at 7.30 a gal compared to my home airport of 5.20 a gal 1hr away. Some service... Am confident my interrogation skills gained from years of practice trying to figure out an FBOs fees would make me an excellent interrogator for the CIA..
  12. DualRatedFlyer

    Leaning Best Practice for newbie

    My POH specifics not to lean above 75% power. I wasnt aware that 65% is the magic number where mixture setting becomes less critical. Guess I could imply that from his charts, but I always run 75% power and havent really considered running at a lower power setting unless altitude dictates it. Was just curious why 65% was being recommended.
  13. DualRatedFlyer

    engine heater for the winter

    This is probably my favorite home-built ive seen thus far. Props to the creator for ingenuity. @bob865 Any PIREPS from using the system last winter?
  14. DualRatedFlyer

    engine heater for the winter

    Looked at those, but if I remember correctly, they had a much larger footprint when placed in the back of the airplane. I wanted something that would collapse better for storage when traveling.