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  1. I'm sure anytime a small plane crosses over a couple of states, then immediately turns around and flys home it raises suspicion. How many GA pilots fly a thousand miles just to re-fuel and fly home again. It's a bit weird.
  2. I think after a year of ownership there's no tax. You'd have to register the plane in a tax free state (Oregon?). I'm sure the authorities have ways to find you.
  3. Use tax = sales tax here in CA. 9.25% in my county.
  4. I was affected by a GPS outage about two months ago. I was flying with two independent receivers, a Stratus 2 and a Garmin GTN 650 and Both lost GPS signal, so I know it wasn't a problem with either box. In addition there were other pilots reporting loss of signal at the same time showing that it was an area-wide issue. There were no NOTAMS. This happened in a pretty military heavy area - along the coast of So Cal where there are some Military Training Routes and Vandenburg isn't far away either which might be an explanation. Luckily I was flying VRF in a familiar area so wasn't relying on GPS. The iPad certainly wasn't happy. It was definitely weird.
  5. Maybe that's the answer. Tell your pick up passengers that it's mandatory to eat as many cookies as possible and drink all the ice tea. I have to say, Signature does offer an impressive variety of snacks. The snack area is bigger than reception usually.
  6. I agree. The forward slip is your friend. Use it liberally as needed.
  7. It is the best coast.
  8. Interesting conversation that has generated some passionate back & forth. I would be interested is a couple of things here: 1) Is the original paint scheme copyrighted in any way? 2) If not, it's appropriation might be considered 'fair use'? 3) Copying the scheme is for personal use, and not for commercial purposes. 4) related to No 3. Lets say I'm painting my plane as a ONE OFF occurrence and I'm not doing it for commercial gain, then what is the law as it relates to this? Full disclosure. I'm too lazy to look up the answers to the above, however I'm hoping someone might know the answers. Happy Fathers Day! s
  9. Nice to hear and thanks for giving us some photos too. I hope to be making a similar post day...
  10. I'm going, although only if anyone needs a co-pilot from Los Angeles
  11. I vote you rescue her for the last time and don't let go again. Strange she's ended up with such neglectful owners (other than you). I've never seen a black Mooney before, Very cool.
  12. You're so right, although to my defense the FAA doesn't distinguish between acronyms and Initialisms.
  13. That's a good one. PD is too confusing I think, but discretion still gets the point across and saves time.
  14. Heard over the radio today a pilot saying "Descend at PD", as in Pilot's Discretion. It's not listed as an official FAA acronym which I guess means it shouldn't technically be used. Anyone heard this before? What's the thought on using non-standard phrases? I personally always say good morning/ good afternoon to ATC even though it's unnecessary...and they often say have a good flight which is also non standard. Monday Morning Musings: MMM.
  15. How do the annual running costs compare? Maybe that helps explain, but only if Bravo's are significantly more.