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  1. Correction. Sounds like the "west side" of Los Angeles - which just happens to be in California!
  2. Bensen B-8 Gyrocopters?

    Take a test flight in a Robinson 22 first. That might just cure your curiosity, or take you to the dark side. It worked for me!
  3. Get the rating.

    Noted. I'll stay away!
  4. Get the rating.

    I flew a couple of times through Los Angeles over the holidays. Van Nuys to Palm Springs and other destinations involving flying over LAX!! I noticed that ATC was very short staffed. One controller was managing 4 frequencies. They probably were not expecting much traffic out there and then spread themselves too thin. I wonder if that was the root of your problem? I too had one occasion of calling 2 or 3 times to get through. I've only encountered very cheerful and courteous So Cal controllers and never any issues with FF.
  5. Get the rating.

    I'm sitting here right now studying for the IR knowledge test. Planning on having my rating by the end of 2018!
  6. How much do you trust your Garmin 530?

    Are you close to any Military Training Routes? I've lost GPS before along with several aircraft in the vicinity and it was explained to me by someone older and wiser that it was most likely the military. At the time I was very close to a MTR.
  7. Looking For a Mooney Eagle
  8. Passenger Briefing

    You're welcome
  9. New Member from Los Angeles

    Welcome. I live in Echo Park and fly out of VNY.
  10. Withdrawals...

    There's this little known website called I recommend you check that out as a way to pass time.
  11. Clearly I'm comfortable with my name
  12. Bravo For Sale

    Ferris Bueller's aviation themed sequel?
  13. The Struggle is Real

    Could always send the unicorn UPS in a pinch.
  14. Its a good place to visit and a good place to leave. I was born there but prefer the US of A. Used to say I like people more than trees.