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  1. I agree with that sentiment. Also I was careful not to criticize and just present the facts. Were all capable of making up our own minds based on this.
  2. @gsxrpilot @MBDiagMan Found it. For any pre-buy inspection I would definitely work with Savvy again. Can't say enough good things about working with them. They convinced me to go with an independent inspection. I know Maxwell has a sterling reputation, but I would have been severely burned if I just relied on that fact. Have a look at Savvy's managed pre-buy. https://www.savvyaviation.com/ Now check out the discrepancy report and make your own minds up... N1155G.pdf
  3. Nope, but I trust Savvy aviation who found broadies and worked with them on the inspection.
  4. I'm happy to upload the inspection report if you want to see it.
  5. Try broadies in fort worth. https://broadiesaircraft.com/ The did a Mooney pre-buy that was managed by Savvy. They were excellent. They found a ton of airworthy issues. Don Maxwell was the primary mechanic on the plane too and had just performed an annual. Broadies saved me from buying a basket case. The buyer claimed no pre-buy was needed because of the pedigree annual. Not so it turned out!!
  6. We are heading of to LAX tomorrow at 3:00 am. flying commercial to see family in WI. Any advice on the easiest way to find the meet up? Do we have to go though the main gate, or is there another way to sneak in? Looking forward to pizza and beer. I'll be wearing my bright red West Coast Mooney Club T shirt! Simon
  7. I'll be there + wife. Flying commercial and driving. Formation arrival will have to wait...
  8. General advice for flying into Aspen? Make sure you visit the Hotel Jerome. The hotel was built in 1889 and the J-Bar is one of the nicest places in town to relax. If you're a fan of Hunter S Thompson then visit the Woody Creek Tavern for lunch - really close to the airport. For daytime sightseeing there's the Maroon Bells or the Ice Caves (Grottos). Do an image search on those. Amazing. And of course Independence Pass (if it's open), although it's a bit dull despite being a big tourist draw. Have fun.
  9. This aircraft was for sale at Specialized Helicopters in Watsonville, CA last year. I called them about it. Looks like it caught the hovering bug.
  10. @Skates97 looks like you took a photo of my house on the way home. You can just make it out inside the red circle I added. It helps that it's painted black!
  11. I was just thinking the same thing. It's been pretty lousy for about 2 months and we happen to have the most perfect day. Perfect in many many ways!
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