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  1. New Member from Los Angeles

    Welcome. I live in Echo Park and fly out of VNY.
  2. Withdrawals...

    There's this little known website called I recommend you check that out as a way to pass time.
  3. Clearly I'm comfortable with my name
  4. Bravo For Sale

    Ferris Bueller's aviation themed sequel?
  5. The Struggle is Real

    Could always send the unicorn UPS in a pinch.
  6. Its a good place to visit and a good place to leave. I was born there but prefer the US of A. Used to say I like people more than trees.
  7. Looking for a Stratus 2S

    I recently bought a 2S on ebay for about $600. It's immaculate & like new condition. A lot of people don't need them anymore as they upgrade their panels. I'm not sure if $600 is steep, but it seemed like a good deal especially considering I could probably sell it for that.
  8. PPI check list

    A list of model specific AD's would be helpful.
  9. ATC Privatization

    Good work! Can you post your letter to the senator here? I'm sure everyone would love to read it.
  10. This is why I fly

    I'll guess that you've never been so happy to see the 405 at a standstill?
  11. Oceano, CA (L52) Camping

    SMX also has a Raddison holel with its own ramp and a pool. You could probably sweet talk your way into the pool as a way to pass time.
  12. Something I noticed

    Steve Fossett immediately comes to mind here. I can't think of a more experienced adventurer either. If it can happen to him it can happen to anyone. Know your performance limitations - especially at high DA.
  13. Turbolader is turbo charger in German. Photo below is from the Porsche Museum in Germany, Down the hall from this they have a version of the "flugmotor", AKA aircraft engine. I assume it's the same one used in the Mooney PFM!!