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  1. @Skates97 looks like you took a photo of my house on the way home. You can just make it out inside the red circle I added. It helps that it's painted black!
  2. "Direct turn" to the downwind?
  3. I was just thinking the same thing. It's been pretty lousy for about 2 months and we happen to have the most perfect day. Perfect in many many ways!
  4. @Shawn26 We're leaving from Mach 1 aviation (Signature West) at around 9:00am. You're welcome to join. We were going to take @M20FanJessehowever he can ride with someone else. Full disclosure. We're flying a C172, although it's a very nice 172.
  5. I'd recommend calling my past instructor. He is based in VNY and has many hours of Mooney time. Call Eric at 323-309-0529 The only thing I'm not sure about is that he can help you with the IR. The complex endorsement shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Hey Ryan, it's been a while! See you on Saturday. Simon
  7. It's looking like great weather this weekend after months of low visibility. People will be itching to go fly.
  8. I'm planning to park the 172 somewhere on the periphery!
  9. Might be a good idea to review landing procedures prior? That's a lot of traffic for non-towered. I've noticed in the past that even though 19 is the calm wind runway it will still be used when the ASOS is showing a light tail wind.
  10. @jonhop we spend a lot of holidays in Paso. For one night stay only I'd recommend the Paso Robles Inn. It's right on the square downtown Paso so you can walk everywhere and it's not pricey either...
  11. That's a lot of Mooneys!!
  12. Cool. And thanks for organizing.
  13. The 7th is ahead by a nose. @mooneyflyer
  14. Bump to the top. Looks like April 14th is in the lead...
  15. adding @NotarPilot and @3914N