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  1. I get "I just paid the premium we should go out to the airport and I can help you fix some things before you fly" I don't see anything that should stand in your way from training in whatever airplane you want to have as an end goal. It just may take a little longer for you to catch up with the airplanes performance.
  2. You made the right call. I'm on the southern end of the lake and it has looked like ice all day long.
  3. Last Thursday. Went from Rutland, VT to Sanford Fl with stops in VA and GA. 7.2hrs flight time. From this: To this:
  4. Glad no one was injured or killed. That had to be a very confusing Wile E. Coyote moment for the pilot.
  5. Is the pilots name Otto? :-)
  6. So does doing the SB update require a logbook entry and sign off from an AP or can the owner sign it off if required?
  7. I can do sun up to sundown in glassy air with a low workload but I have also called it quits for the day after a 3 hour leg left me feeling wrung out. Depends on how I'm feeling.
  8. AMEX. No points but it has never left me high and dry. My primary card has left me hanging at the self serve kiosks several times.
  9. I know it is not directly Mooney related but he did ask when he could start transitioning into my airplane about 5 minutes after. Almost 19 years after his first flight instruction. I think I was more nervous than he was.
  10. Small toolbox Screwdriver with the ends that flip, pliers, knife, paper towels, small tube of hand cleaner, lightbulbs for any panel lights, small multimeter, extra batteries for anything that might take them, funnel, small container of brake fluid and two quarts of oil, an assortment of screws for inspection panels and elsewhere, tire gauge, mini tire inflator, window cleaner and microfibre towels.
  11. The video was hard to watch. I heard no injuries so that was the best outcome.
  12. Frost would have taken the road less traveled. Where we're going we don't need roads. Robert Frost cabin for reference. We ski there often.
  13. @siu1526Just as an update we managed to get the 172 down over the holiday weekend. It is in hangar 22 on the SW ramp. The timing made the trip a little interesting (Dorian) but we managed to get it down from Vermont without too many issues. Next is the Mooney. I think I am going to go ahead and move it down before the snow shows up and bounce back and forth between FL and VT depending on personal requirements. I look forward to meeting up.... TK
  14. So talking to friends who are down in Florida and hearing all of their plans to get their airplanes north and out of the way I have a slightly different tale of woe. I finally cleared my work schedule and was planning on repositioning my C172 from Vermont down to Sanford this weekend. Time to practice patience in planning.