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  1. Ready for new batteries...again...

    I just ordered a Concord from Spruce after having to get a jump start after fueling yesterday. I knew it was soft and getting softer but I was trying to stretch it a month or two.
  2. Buying an Airplane

    Ken, It's beautiful. Enjoy it. If I can ever get out of this two airplane merry go round I'm on right now a 55 just might be my forever airplane.
  3. For $1.50 an hour and .13 cents a mile I would totally give up ownership. Ahh the good old days. .Kind of neat
  4. Identify this Mooney?

    1961 M20B?
  5. Snow snow and more snow

    I came into Montreal from Puerto Vallarta on Thursday night around 22:00. Walking out of the airport was a very rude welcome back. The car temp read -23f on the way back south to Vermont. Why did I come home?
  6. I finally caught a break in the weather that matched my work schedule and went out to do my ADS-B cert flight yesterday. I headed up to Burlington since it was the closest airspace to me. I was asked to stay in the outer ring east of the airport and not enter the active restricted area that puts a dent in the circle. A few observations. 1. A class C outer ring is not very large in a Mooney. 2. The cabin heat is not very good when you are set up for slow flight and a -4F wind comes in through the other vents. 3. Make sure you check in with approach or they might forget about you being there and you could go in circles for a long time. 4. I kept hearing that the redemption website process was super easy. I did not find it so easy. I did manage to muddle through it and am now awaiting my big bucks from Uncle Sam.
  7. Landing Gear Swing

    Neat video. I liked the camera in the gear well shot.
  8. At one of our local restaurants they do the old stuff on the wall decor. I happened to sit at a new table last night and noticed a old pilots logbook screwed to the wall. Only one page filled out but I thought it was interesting.
  9. Amazing backcountry flying video

    I would be quite happy with something like the Mackey SQ2. It just looks like too much fun.
  10. Got ramp checked

    When I lived in Florida there was a 70+ year old gentleman who used to fly a Cessna 140 around. He lived on an island in the St. Johns river and flew in and out almost every day. He never had a license. He had bought the airplane and taught himself to fly it. We were discussing what would happen if he ever got caught and came to the conclusion that if he had busted the Orlando B or done something equally silly that he would get off with a much lesser fine than any of the certificated pilots in the conversation.. To my knowledge he passed before ever getting caught. The point being that there is a huge difference between illegal and caught. It's a game of chance.
  11. Innefficient Descent (going fast)

    A 172 you have to leave the power in to descend. If you don't you could be up there all day.
  12. I like my old set a lot more than the new ones. I talked to a tech at Flightcom and he told me they changed the shape of the ear cups with the newest version. The new ones do not seal as well as the old ones on my head. So I still use my vintage pair.
  13. I've given this kid my life, my love, my money. He is NOT getting my Mooney. Says the Dad before the kid needs his complex endorsement....
  14. Lessons learned

    I have been swapping between my 172 and my Mooney a lot lately due to some maintenance on the Mooney. I have found that I have to be very diligent in all of the aspects of the flight. Checklists for everything and no shortcuts. Although I did forget to put the gear up on the 172 last time I flew it. I'm very happy to read that it all worked out for you.
  15. Congratulations Mooneygirl!