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  1. I was leaking out of the top of the valve. The indention for the valve handle had about 1/8" standing fuel in it. Not a huge issue the seal kit was readily available at Lasar. I just wish I hadn't filled the tanks prior to putting it away. Draining it down 100% was something of a PITA. And it was surprisingly difficult to get rid of 45 gallons of fuel. I put 18 into my 172 but I now own a few nifty new gas cans which will never get used again. As a bonus I'm swapping out the sump drains which I have been meaning to do for ages. So all in all the aviation gods should be appeased with my
  2. We had a crystal clear cool day so I decided to ditch work and go fly. Aviation gods said "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" So I went home and started ordering parts instead. :-(
  3. Mine are always shifting Phenom 300 CASA C-212 with appropriate conversion for SnF & OSH camping. Pitts S2-C Mackey SQ2 1974 Mooney M20F with dated avionics.
  4. Mine had a coupling failure but disassembly revealed something more serious. I also like that the new one came with a caliper to check the vane wear.
  5. Now I'm going to have Marty Robins songs stuck in my head all day.
  6. Cudos to Peter for chasing his dream and making it fly. That said after watching this process from the beginning I feel like he is going to end up with a very expensive one off aircraft that will never see production. I also hope the Raptor doesn't kill him before he figures that out.
  7. Flew out for breakfast with my son. Him and my wife in our 172 and me and his GF in the Mooney. My wife took what is now my favorite picture. Notice I had to stop the prop to fly formation with the 172.... :-)
  8. https://flysnf.org/holiday_festival/?fbclid=IwAR1cvB-PQIV5yEOpl_V77ge9C7e0pbv40mzy7PaxCWVyv9FdisH8JsQnJJY
  9. When my son passed his PPL check ride my wife and I gifted him a Bose headset and a nice handheld radio. One was to save his ears and the other was to save his @ss. He was out with his instructor working on his IR this week in our C172 when the #1 radio stopped working. While diagnosing this small problem the #2 went dead followed by everything else in the airplane equalling a total loss of electric. They diverted to another airport and he reached back into his bag and pulled out his nifty new handheld only to find the battery was totally dead with no spares in the airplane. They made a u
  10. My son works for the FBO on the field and has talked with the crew a few times and fueled them up for trips. Interesting facts: They don't leave the airplane when it is parked. Meaning if they are going to be there for a few days they have their own food and sleep in it as well. Fueling it is not much fun. It takes 4 trucks to fill it which is a lot of back and forth to the farm. They work in overalls and flip-flops which seems he though was pretty funny. They use SFB because it is a 10k' runway in Orlando and is cheap and easy compared to MCO. On one of their trips they were brining h
  11. Had a chance encounter with a Antonov on Saturday. Those things are huge when viewed from the Mooney. We went out and flew around for a bit and got to see it again while we were on final.
  12. As for the Apollo gear. I have a GX in my C172. The Apollo gear is EOL'd so plan on buying yellow tagged replacements if something ever goes wrong with them. They are prone to display delamination in the corners of the screen and replacements are not available. That said it does work fine for being decades old technology.
  13. That's what happens when you tie down in the bad section of the airport.
  14. Convention center is about a wash for KISM and KORL. Either place has a good FBO.
  15. My other ride is pretty pedestrian compared to some of the others.
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