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  1. Mooney Bladder Install

    I am pretty sure I would require copious amounts of industrial medication prior to making the first cut into my wing. Just the thought of it makes me want to lie down with an ice pack.
  2. Look up Sanford Orlando KSFB. It's a quick trip up the beltway to UCF.
  3. Chris, This is going to be an odd question but do you have any pictures that you could post? I have bladders in my airplane and have wondered what they look like when they are out. I've looked down the cap but it's dark and usually full of fuel.
  4. Camera Mounts / Location?????

    At $60 bucks it would be a lot easier to wave goodbye to if a mount failed than a GoPro.
  5. Duly noted. Perhaps they will take pity on me when they see my old F and fill my tanks just so I don't clutter up their ramp.
  6. The woman who I spoke with at the FBO said they would be marshaling airplanes onto their ramp for parking. I wanted to go to OSH but life got in the way and I really want to make the first trip in there with someone who has done it before.
  7. Are there any other Mooney Space members attending the Great State of Maine Airshow on the 26th and 27th? I called the organizer and the local FBO. They are closing the airport at 11:00 for a 12:00 start. Opening back up at 4:00-5:00. Anyone going?
  8. Clear AvGas?

    I think I remember hearing that the dye was added at the fuel terminal prior to delivering it to the retail facilities. That might explain the difference in color saturation.
  9. Not the best landing

    Closing their eyes because they are scared to death doesn't count as sleeping. They aren't all going to be diamonds. Just learn something and move on down the road.
  10. Always wear a helmet

    Yeah but who hasn't been there and done that? I mean really that could happen to any of us. Well....sort of. Okay maybe not really.
  11. Today's flight for 2017

    It may be pretty mundane to many of you but I used my Mooney to do my work commute for the first time this week. I have been working a contract in Boston, MA but live near Rutland, VT. My Tuesday morning commute starts off around 4:00am to be in for early meetings. That got cut down to 38 minutes air time and another 30 minutes from KOWD into the customer site. Amazing to get into the meetings and not be exhausted from the drive and in a pretty lousy mood from the BOS traffic. The way out today was a bit more interesting since they were calling for heavy thunderstorms. I hit a wall of rain as soon as the gear was up in the wells and my strike finder earned it's keep most of the way home. The return trip was 58 minutes from KOWD to KRUT due to the dancing between the dots I was having to do. Not as cool as going someplace interesting but huge for me. Yea Mooney!
  12. #OSH17 It's a wrap

    Wow that was a very nice video. Well done to everyone!
  13. flight procedure

    I am not in the NYC airspace all that often but when I have gone through, over or around they have been very accommodating. I'm sure the locals will chime in but I think you will find it a non event. Just pay attention to the radios they are usually busy and the transmissions are fast and to the point.
  14. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    It's nice to see that oil threads are the same on every type of forum.
  15. I wish I had known how important speed control was when I bought my F. I came out of a baby beech where you could point it at the ground with the flaps out and actually slow down (maybe a bit of a stretch). My F does not suffer fools anywhere near as nicely. The other thing was the documentation like the Owners Manual. Mine may have started off looking like the OM in 1974 but a lot has changed with the airplane which has made much of the documentation more of a suggested starting place for research than something to be taken a fact. Blue skies and tailwinds for your return home.