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  1. When my son passed his PPL check ride my wife and I gifted him a Bose headset and a nice handheld radio. One was to save his ears and the other was to save his @ss. He was out with his instructor working on his IR this week in our C172 when the #1 radio stopped working. While diagnosing this small problem the #2 went dead followed by everything else in the airplane equalling a total loss of electric. They diverted to another airport and he reached back into his bag and pulled out his nifty new handheld only to find the battery was totally dead with no spares in the airplane. They made a uneventful nordo landing at a uncontrolled airport and sorted out the issue. What was the first thing he did after regaling us with his exploits of peril? Yup, you guessed it. Changed the batteries in his handheld and put some spares in his bag. I gave him the dad speech and let him know they don't help if they don't work and then I quietly went and changed the batteries in my handheld...
  2. My son works for the FBO on the field and has talked with the crew a few times and fueled them up for trips. Interesting facts: They don't leave the airplane when it is parked. Meaning if they are going to be there for a few days they have their own food and sleep in it as well. Fueling it is not much fun. It takes 4 trucks to fill it which is a lot of back and forth to the farm. They work in overalls and flip-flops which seems he though was pretty funny. They use SFB because it is a 10k' runway in Orlando and is cheap and easy compared to MCO. On one of their trips they were brining home appliances (ovens, washers, dryers and refrigerators) to Israel.
  3. Had a chance encounter with a Antonov on Saturday. Those things are huge when viewed from the Mooney. We went out and flew around for a bit and got to see it again while we were on final.
  4. As for the Apollo gear. I have a GX in my C172. The Apollo gear is EOL'd so plan on buying yellow tagged replacements if something ever goes wrong with them. They are prone to display delamination in the corners of the screen and replacements are not available. That said it does work fine for being decades old technology.
  5. That's what happens when you tie down in the bad section of the airport.
  6. Convention center is about a wash for KISM and KORL. Either place has a good FBO.
  7. My other ride is pretty pedestrian compared to some of the others.
  8. Where will you be located in the Orlando area? Downtown, Disney, UCF?
  9. I'm hoping that our next elected leader is from Ashley North Dakota or some other place that is off the beaten path.
  10. I always find it deeply satisfying to pass up the lines at the ferry when visiting the islands. I was talking with a carpenter on the ramp at MVY one day who had a Cherokee so packed with lumber that he could have built his own raft if he had to ditch. He was making the point that without the airplane his business wouldn’t have been possible. Our Mooney made it possible to make them a day trip from VT which isn’t exactly commuting but something that I wouldn’t have done very often if I had to make the drive.
  11. His height puts the tail at exactly the wrong place for most human males in his proximity.
  12. Eiger is our 185lb wrecking ball of a Great Dane. He does not get to ride in the airplane.
  13. There was an airplane up on one of the for sale sites a while back that was listed by one of the insurance companies. I wonder if this is the same one.
  14. It looks like you had a good day in Rutland. This is the same ramp November 27th on the morning I moved my Mooney down to Florida.
  15. I purchased two Critical folders based on a recommendation here on Mooneyspace. They are not the lightest or feature rich but the cost reflected their usefulness. We use them for the last mile and rolling around town when we travel. They could both fit in the back seat but for our general use one goes in the luggage area and one in the back seat of the F.