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  1. TonyK

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    I wonder how the people in the back of the Citation would have felt about their pilot catching a beat down on the ramp when they opened the door?
  2. TonyK

    Top Gun; Maverick

    Anyone else notice his rank? Who the hell would let that guy advance that much?
  3. TonyK

    Boston Airport

    KOWD (Norwood) is my choice for easy in and out. The FBO is nothing great but the fees are cheap which makes it easy for my commute. KBED (Hanscom) can be a PITA at times due to arrival and departure load.
  4. TonyK

    Oshkosh 2018 - Who's going?

    Quick question for the team. I've read the rules of OSH and they say no alcohol except in designated areas. Then I read posts in places where they are talking about camping out and having beers etc. Is this a wink and a nod kind of thing? I've never been to OSH but I was just curious. Sorry if this derails the thread.
  5. Nice work @Raptor05121!
  6. My son traded one of my ultralight hammocks for this painting. We both got something to hang out of the deal.
  7. TonyK

    CO2 cartridge life vest or raft

    From the FAA travel safe site Small compressed gas cylinders and cartridges in or with a device Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other nonflammable, nontoxic gases Quantity limit: Up to four cartridges/cylinders containing nonflammable gas may be carried. Each cylinder must not exceed 50 ml (equivalent to 28 g carbon dioxide cartridge). May be carried in checked baggage only.* Airline approval is required.
  8. TonyK

    Ovation down north of San Antonio

    The very best outcome to a bad situation.
  9. Sure but if you were going to sleep with a prostitute in Haiti would you believe her word or would you pay for some protection. sorry to drag it into the gutter.
  10. TonyK

    Quick Cross Country

    No FB livestream to go with the Flightaware track? What kind of cut rate programing is this? It looks like a great day for it. Enjoy!
  11. Yeah about showing up today...... Looks like I will be digging for the afternoon. Maybe next time.
  12. It will be a game time call depending on how quickly this front comes through and if I can get my hanger door open but I am going to try and make it down from VT today.
  13. TonyK


    WOW! Just, WOW!
  14. TonyK

    Denver Post Airport Article

    Rant on: We have a similar issue in Burlington, VT. People complaining about the noise. They didn't just put that airport up overnight. YOU BOUGHT OR BUILT A HOUSE NEXT TO AN AIRPORT! Did you think for one second that it wasn't going be loud? Rant off: I just think it's silly
  15. TonyK

    M20 F Fuel Selector Label

    Braille might be a better solution with as easily visible as it is.