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  1. I am suspect of anything providing additional value with a soothing nightlight.
  2. Hello Florida flyers. I am contemplating a move back into the Orlando area and I used to live in Winter Park and fly out of Sanford KSFB. Things have changed a ton since I was there and I am now wondering where would be a good drome to park my two airplanes. I would prefer to put both in the same hangar but if I can only find a couple of Ts that would work short term. Any ideas on a new home that is GA friendly?
  3. Not as large a problem here in Vermont but when I was living in Florida it went Flaps up, clean up, open the door, contact ground.
  4. Broader scope question. Has anyone on the board ever purchased an airplane on or heard of anyone purchasing an airplane on Ebay? If so how did it work out?
  5. @NJMac Careful with that wife thing. It has been noticed in the past that the practice often is more fun than the product! :-)
  6. I remember years ago getting on a Piedmont jet and watching a maintenance guy tape up a hole in the wing. I was a little nervous about him doing that but I was more nervous when the patch didn't even make it through takeoff.
  7. Argh! And I hid from social media all morning until I had a chance to watch the race...
  8. Thirsty little bugger isn't it.
  9. Opportunity Alert: Train highly skilled hunter killer drone pilots and have them stationed at every major airport. If a drone is spotted in the airport area a operations stop is ordered and the attack force is scrambled into action to locate, target and neutralize the offending interloper. Oh and charge millions each year for the service.
  10. As my grandfather was fond of saying. He started flying when the airplanes were made of wood and the men of steel. Not the other way around.
  11. I'm just going to build a sim and register it as EXPERIMENTAL HOMEBUILT and the requirements must be easier right?
  12. KEEN - The Flight Deck - Keen NH - Diner food. Good breakfast and lunch. KHFD - The Flying Monkey - Hartford, CT - Lunch and dinner. Good burgers, great bar (for passengers. Sometimes flying is a drag on my lifestyle) KBAF - Papp's bar and grill - Westfield, MA - Lunch and dinner. Good food but spotty service. Upstairs outside deck is nice during both weeks of summer. N07 - Sunset bar and grill - Lincoln Park, NJ - Lunch and dinner. Great food burgers etc. KRUT - The Hanger Cafe - Rutland, VT - Better for breakfast but a passible burger. Upstairs in the terminal
  13. Operating from a grass field in a Mooney? Is he crazy?
  14. From CBC site| RCMP did not reveal the location of the wreckage, identifying the area only as remote. I hope it brings some comfort and closure to the families.