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  1. The 172 will be on the SW ramp for now since that is where we could find a hangar. I'm still very fluid on the timing (recent announcement that I am going to be a grandpa may hold me in place a bit longer than expected) so I didn't want to bite on two hangars and let one sit empty. In a perfect world I would like to find a hangar that fit both of them.
  2. Very pretty. Congratulations on the new to you ride!
  3. I will be repositioning my C172 down to SFB from Rutland, VT at the end of this month and the Mooney will be following sometime after the first of the year depending on several factors. I am looking forward to more flyable days.
  4. TonyK has checked in SAFE from this hack. Chalk one up to steam gauges and ancient radio stacks!
  5. I have a friend who works for the company and did some of the engineering work on the new 400. We were just going back and forth earlier today about the benefits of systems like the inReach, Spot and the ACR 400. If you take away the two way comm angle the ACR is a very nice unit with no required subscription. Perfect for a leave it in the airplane safety device.
  6. My wife's response. "I do but I ended up with you anyway"
  7. TonyK

    Fly ins

    How about Triple Tree?
  8. I've never done the Fisk but I have done SnF a bunch of times. For me it isn't the arrival procedures that are spooky it is the departure. It's a total free for all and I've seen several near misses as folks try and sort themselves out.
  9. TonyK


    I moderate on a site focused on arboriculture. There are around 90,000 registered users on the site and the majority of the moderation effort is policing the political and religious section as well as all of the bleed over into other sections. IMHO Mooneyspace is just fine not having a forum section where politics are discussed.
  10. It was for Mike Pence. He was hanging for an extended weekend in Hubbardton at a friends camp at Lake Hortonia.
  11. I am suspect of anything providing additional value with a soothing nightlight.
  12. Hello Florida flyers. I am contemplating a move back into the Orlando area and I used to live in Winter Park and fly out of Sanford KSFB. Things have changed a ton since I was there and I am now wondering where would be a good drome to park my two airplanes. I would prefer to put both in the same hangar but if I can only find a couple of Ts that would work short term. Any ideas on a new home that is GA friendly?
  13. Not as large a problem here in Vermont but when I was living in Florida it went Flaps up, clean up, open the door, contact ground.
  14. Broader scope question. Has anyone on the board ever purchased an airplane on or heard of anyone purchasing an airplane on Ebay? If so how did it work out?