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  1. A couple of more. The landings for these two flights actually felt pretty good as far as flow and procedure. Of course the good ones didn't get on video. :-) I liked the Westfield Barnes airport. At 9000' you get to land forever. Rutland departure.
  2. The last two trips were under an hour each. It creates multiple files so I can string them together (or not) in Capture to piece the entire flight together from front to finish. I am guessing it creates a file, fills the file, closes the file, creates the next file. It does not have any rhyme nor reason to if it gets the entire flight or not. 201er had the most logical explanation saying it was overheating and shutting down. And from all of his videos (which are pretty darn good) he seems to have enough experience with them to speak from knowledge. I'm going to keep playing with it. I want to try a over the shoulder angle with the radio traffic. I think it will give me good insight on my flow through the different phases of flight.
  3. 7% of the purchase price here in VT. Yea for me a chance to support a socialist agenda and give some tree hugging dirt worshippers some more free stuff! This is not a political statement. It's just life in Vermont.
  4. Wait a second..... You guys don't close your eyes when you are landing?
  5. Could someone who knows the GoPro well answer me a question. Why can I start the video get the take off and all of the trip and then it shuts off before the landing? Then after landing and eating I can start it again and get the take off and the trip but again no landing. I have plenty of battery and memory space for both. It's just odd.
  6. My POH says gear then flaps but the max extension is 125 for the flaps and 120 on the gear. I did put the flaps down into the takeoff position before I lowered the gear so I can add that to my list. Good catch 201er.
  7. Sectional or old school IFR (I follow roads) :-) ;-) with a AAA map. Just goes to prove that when the zombie apocalypse happens all you glass panel guys are going to get eaten.
  8. When I had my Beechcraft I had a AP/IA, CFII friend who was just about the best hanger fairy a guy could ever wish for. He had the keys to several different hangers and would trade his services for aircraft time. It was a very convenient arrangement for me and I often had stuff fixed that I hadn't even figured out was broken.
  9. I would get dirty, go for speed and then slip into place on the glide path.
  10. Funny the Rutland ramp is full of displaced homeless airplanes from Middlebury right now. I've never seen it so busy on the weekends and they have one of the taxiways torn up to 19 which means it's single file taxi back from the ramp. Anyway not to thread hijack I just had not heard from anyone who was ground locked over at Middlebury yet.
  11. That one had plenty wrong with it. My ground track on takeoff was awful. On the landing I was at first asked to join the downwind and then when I got closer the tower had me change up and just come in on the base to final. That left me high and fast. I should have anticipated it and slowed down / got down farther out. I had a two part base to final turn. I overshot my landing zone by at least 300 feet and I lost the centerline on my rollout trying to find the taxi way the tower asked if I could make. It was smooth enough but still lots of room for improvement. I had one for the blooper reel a week or so ago but the GoPro didn't get it. Came in too fast with a pretty good cross wind. Float, float, float, gust, balloon, prang! I should have cut my losses and just gone around but thought I could salvage it. (Wrong thinking) I have to take my hat off to the guys who can make the videos of all of the different angles and have a talk track etc. I'm having a hard enough time getting the darn thing to stay turned on. I've only managed to actually make two videos in four attempts but I think it's going to be a good tool for hot washing my flights.
  12. A continuous thread for the good the bad and the ugly.
  13. The days of schlepping your Anvil case with your tools and Oscope are long dead. It's now more expedient to to component replacement and swap rather than in place field repair. It also brings more to the bottom line even if it means leaving something inop and down for a longer period of time.
  14. The AD I could understand. But how would you know on the engine? Or more directly. How did they know?
  15. 18,000' steep dive. I have a precisely calculated wing removal option which increases my airspeed significantly. Unfortunately I can only use this feature once and I'm saving it for a special occasion.