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  1. Opportunity Alert: Train highly skilled hunter killer drone pilots and have them stationed at every major airport. If a drone is spotted in the airport area a operations stop is ordered and the attack force is scrambled into action to locate, target and neutralize the offending interloper. Oh and charge millions each year for the service.
  2. As my grandfather was fond of saying. He started flying when the airplanes were made of wood and the men of steel. Not the other way around.
  3. I'm just going to build a sim and register it as EXPERIMENTAL HOMEBUILT and the requirements must be easier right?
  4. KEEN - The Flight Deck - Keen NH - Diner food. Good breakfast and lunch. KHFD - The Flying Monkey - Hartford, CT - Lunch and dinner. Good burgers, great bar (for passengers. Sometimes flying is a drag on my lifestyle) KBAF - Papp's bar and grill - Westfield, MA - Lunch and dinner. Good food but spotty service. Upstairs outside deck is nice during both weeks of summer. N07 - Sunset bar and grill - Lincoln Park, NJ - Lunch and dinner. Great food burgers etc. KRUT - The Hanger Cafe - Rutland, VT - Better for breakfast but a passible burger. Upstairs in the terminal
  5. Operating from a grass field in a Mooney? Is he crazy?
  6. From CBC site| RCMP did not reveal the location of the wreckage, identifying the area only as remote. I hope it brings some comfort and closure to the families.
  7. Finally made the trip over to Provincetown, MA today. I took along my favorite copilot. We brought the bikes along for ground transportation. We got to fly directly over Logan on the trip over. (That has never happened and was kind of neat) Ptown in the distance. It was a grey cool day in Ptown but we had a good time anyway.
  8. I tried this going into Key West my first time there. I was focused on the big airport in front of me and tried to set up for NAS Key West. Tower got me straightened out with no harm or foul called. Long before GPS but I did have a kickin Loran on board.
  9. KBTV Heritage have been awesome with with me when I have been there. Brought me a bag full of cookies and 4 waters out to the airplane when I dropped off a passenger. And I didn't even shut down. They just ran them out to the door while i was kicking the passenger out.
  10. My son got an email through CAP. They get notified of just about everything in the area that is airplane related.
  11. I went out to the hanger early this morning to swap out some Brittain servos in my wings. After everything I had read I was expecting it to be a painful experience. Turned out to be a pretty easy task once I started on it. Finished up the job and paperwork signed off I decided to head up to a local Fly in and car show at Franklin Co. VT. Taxied out to the run up area and what do you know there was another Mooney on the ramp. Neat we don't get many Mooneys in Rutland. Off into the wild blue clear sky to Franklin. Uneventful trip up enjoying the lake to the west and the spine of the Green Mountains on the east. Everything was going so well, until landing. I got it off the runway and onto the taxiway since there were other incoming aircraft. I asked the woman who was marshaling if she could see my front tire. She said "Yup it's very flat". She said just shutdown right there and someone would be over to see me. A minute later a few guys come up in a golf cart and say no problem you picked a good day for that to happen. One goes off to get a dolly and another heads to his hanger to grab a spare tire he had sitting around just in case. Turns out the mechanic on the field is Dan Marcotte (air show pilot) and he just happens to be there for the fly in. I spent some time talking to Dan while he swapped out the tire and he had one of these sitting in his hanger. 15 minutes later we are back out the door and putting the tire back on. Dan wouldn't take a dime for his time or tire and tube. What a great community pilots are! Everyone couldn't wait to pitch in and just be helpful. I enjoyed some vintage aircraft and decided that I had enough excitement for one day and headed back to Rutland. What started out as so well with the servos but ended up even better because what could have been a real PITA for me was a non event thanks to all of the kind souls. My faith in humanity is restored. (at least for the day or until I turn on the news)
  12. No love for the F? Harrumph! Go M20F... for Best value between "Yes it's still a Mooney" and back seat passengers who actually have legs! or Go M20F... You don't get J or K speed without a momentary pause here. or Go M20F...Is the extra $60,000 really worth buying a J? (Okay, maybe it is) or Go M20F...I've spent $30,000 in speed mods and should be going mach .7 but I still plan for 145kts. or Go M20F...I don't have a turbo or the speed of an E or the prestige of an Ovation or Acclaim but damn it I still own a Mooney and I love it!
  13. Just placard it and keep going. :-)
  14. I saw the trailered Icon coming through Woodstock, VT a couple of Saturdays ago. If I hadn't been dead on my feet from a red eye back to Boston and wanting to get home I might have chased it down to see where it was going.