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  1. and here i am stuck on buying a new couch for 3 months...
  2. if the gfc700 came with the blue lvl button, it would be perfect. but i guess people flying a gfc700 are competent and dont need lvl help.
  3. yep, not my first rodeo in negotiating. we've noticed the airplane market shifted suddenly. other brokers we have talked to locally have said the same thing, the supply just isnt there. which basicly says, the people without money have already sold and those with money, havent sold yet. all this is probably my fault. i got a bad luck of always entering markets when they hit the fan. turned 16 in 2008, excited to get to start driving. graduated college in 2015, construction market wasnt doin to hot at the time. now trying to buy an airplane during covid. sorry guys, my
  4. criticism noted. only way to learn about a mooney, is to talk to someone who likes mooneys. ...maybe the brokers are lurking here...
  5. i think i recall something similar with cessnas. they ended up putting a bendix king auto pilot in for about 2-3 years before getting the gfc700.
  6. https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/200006243/2005-mooney-m20m-gx-bravo-piston-single-aircraft so thats the listing for the bravo we were looking at. there was another bravo that was listed just before Christmas but sold the day after we found the listing (seller was asking $230k).
  7. S-tec 55x. And based on that tread you provided, looks like s-tec are SOL. Affirming, better to buy waas already installed.
  8. yea thats what im doing. currently reading up on stuff from 2013 dicussing this. given my position, I think its worth its weight to get a plane with waas already installed. i highly doubt the seller would come down on their price on a non-waas plane.
  9. I hadnt considered that. good information to know before going into the pre-buy. given thats its a 2005 model and they dont have WAAS spelled out on the listing. id guess not.
  10. i got the humor! I was pre occupied with something else at that moment awesome! if I cant find someone local, ill send you a DM i assume you mean upgrading to a g1000 nxi? it would be nice but isnt a deal breaker for me. who knows, i may end up as the family bus driver; flying the caravan before long (family of 8 currently).
  11. Good price with a g1000. Don’t snipe the one we are looking at.... Yeah I gathered that pretty quick.
  12. Howdy! My names Jay. My father and I are looking at putting an offer on a Bravo. We are looking for someone in the Houston, Tx area that is looking for an excuse to go fly, and wouldn't mind giving us a demo. We will be happy to compensate for the time. If all goes well, you guys might just have a new Mooney member! Thanks, Jay
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