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  1. Steve, email me at and i will try to get you some photos..also sedona airport website may have some



  2. We are in the process of updating our website video and need photos of your planes with the B-kool in use.Any photo we use ( with permission) will be rewarded with a highly coveted < grin> B-kool hat.Photos used shall be the exclusive decision of B-koolPlease submit your photos to Please call us if you need further information. 928-300-4045Thanks all for your consideration
  3. Bob Stephens

    Mooney M20F pre-buy

    Who would you recommend in Fla? thanks bob
  4. fs-450 for sale, harness and transducer NOT included. removed for EDM830 upgrade, was working fine when removed. ( i have the harness, but its disassembled, and will need some splicing) $250.00 plus shipping, or buy a new B-kool of any flavor and deduct $50.00 from the purchase price. Bob 928-300-4045
  5. I am calling on my Mooney friends to help the Sedona Airport.The Sedona Airport is owned by the County who has given the Airport a lease to manage the Airport until 2050. Recently they have contacted the Airport Authority and said they want to cancel their lease and take control of the Airport (maybe give it to the City to run). One of the City Council members ran on the platform to close the Sedona Airport. The County already manages two airports (Seligman, Bagdad AZ) which gives an indication of how they would run the Sedona Airport.If the County were to be successful we all can see where this is going - curfews, restricted flights, more noise complainer influence over shutting the Airport down.The County has no easy way to cancel the valid lease they gave to the Sedona Airport Authority so they are trying to stir things up with public opinion.Here is the link to the Red News poll. Please vote for the Sedona Airport Authority.Thanks, Bob ... rport.html
  6. Thanks, I did it, so now how do I take this one down? I apprecaiate the help
  7. As part if our ongoing effort to continue to provide innovative, competitive and effective products, we are proud to announce the New B-Kool. The new B-Kool continues our tradition of innovation by . Improved airflow efficiency (from an already industry best) . Modular construction allowing for economical upgrades in the future . Competitive pricing for the best value in the industry . Suggested retail price as low as $299.00 Pre season limited offer. Save an additional $20.00 on all B-Kool units Now you can have over 2 hours of cooling for as low as $279.00 For special pricing please contact 928-300-4045 Do NOT use the website or you will not receive the pre season savings We are limiting the quantity of these discounted units, so order as soon as you can.