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  1. Not to mention Comanches, Stinsons, Bellanca Vikings, Swifts, Navions, Commanders, etc., etc. To coin a phrase, “There Will Be Parts.”
  2. Yes and Yes. I just moved from Jepp to Garmin. Everything works fine.
  3. You should use at least a short checklist before every take off and every landing. My father owned the same airplane for 30 years, and there was never a time he did not use a checklist. It was short but covered the essentials. Same as the one printed on my Mooney. Follow it, and you eliminate many opportunities to ruin your whole day.
  4. I have found that carrying a spare part in your plane insures that you will never need to use it.
  5. I recently used Griot's Complete Compound on a foam polishing pad and a 6 inch random orbital polisher from Harbor Freight. The compound, pad and polisher cost about $100 altogether. This combo, or something similar, will improve your paint. The compound is fairly mild and is designed to use with a machine. There are good videos on Youtube demonstrating how to use a polisher. Here are some before and after pictures.
  6. They are now a rubber material. We bought some from Maxwell a few years ago. Part no. 610202-003
  7. If it were mine, I would fly it pending the repair.
  8. Your painter needs to re-do the lines on the side to make them properly curved. He knows darn sure they aren’t correct. I would bet if you had a civil discussion with him he will make it right. IMHO, you should not pick up the plane until it’s corrected.
  9. Early morning flight from Nashville to Memphis passing over the Tennessee River.
  10. I flew to Greensboro NC earlier this year. Later in the day after my arrival a very powerful thunderstorm hit the field with some pretty large hail. I was in the area, so I went back to the airport to find the plane safety placed in a group hangar. The line staff had seen the storm coming. Sometimes you have to give the FBO and their staff the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Looks like a sale by a bankruptcy trustee. Owned by a member here at one time.
  12. Not everyone raves about Mooney Service Centers. And, no, they are not all created equal in any event. The good ones have their rightful place. For next year, as well as general maintenance issues between annuals, find yourself an honest shop that won’t nickel and dime you.
  13. I have been using a RAM yoke mount with Ipad cradle. It puts the screen right in front of you.
  14. We have the Hartzell 3-blade on our C and actually took it to @Cody Stallings (in Arkansas, btw) for a dynamic balance. His testing indicated that it was already in balance. I have been flying it for over 6 years and haven't had a problem.