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  1. Rwsavory

    Replacement Capacitor?

    1965 C. Thanks.
  2. Rwsavory

    Replacement Capacitor?

    It appears to be a “Sangamo Type 500” if that helps narrow it down
  3. I’ve flown a couple different rental planes with the full G1000 set up, and quite a number of hours over the last 5 years in our C equipped with steam gauges, including a King slaved HSI driven by a Garmin 430W. The glass is lovely and very useful. But for me, the HSI is the most important instrument on the panel for IFR flying. If you don’t already have one, it makes sense to go ahead and get that capability with glass.
  4. Rwsavory

    Nose gear shimmy

    How old is your tire? We had the same issue, and it was solved by installing a new one.
  5. Rwsavory

    Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    The first annual at Jewell after we acquired the plane cost about $1176. This was after an extensive pre-buy at Maxwell where some repairs were done. So maybe about $300 or so for AD review.
  6. Because somewhere in this Great Land of ours a woefully forlorn bridge is missing its troll. And, unfortunately, he wandered our way. If you refrain from feeding him, he might, just might, find his way back home.
  7. Well I just logged in to see what the fuss was all about. Kind of reminds me of Al Capone’s Vault, without the exciting reveal at the end.
  8. Rwsavory

    Engine failure, what phase of flight?

    I suggest that you read this article: and others by Deakins. He dispels a lot of OWT's (old wives tales) about engines. The bottom line is that there is no good reason to reduce MP or rpms until reaching your cruising altitude. But if you want to reduce your rpms at full throttle, go ahead. You're just reducing power by other means. You will not damage your engine.
  9. If you're serious about getting your IR and actually using it for traveling, I would suggest that you spend your mad money on an autopilot.
  10. Rwsavory

    Out of circuit breaker spots

    I think it's better to have all the circuit breakers on one side of the panel. That way when you do your checks or flows, you're less likely to miss a popped breaker.
  11. Rwsavory

    Steel in filter

    Check out for an article about overhauling and other issues. Mike Busch has a lot of good information on how to safely keep your maintenance costs under control. Here's his webinar on the subject:
  12. Rwsavory

    Steel in filter

    Here's what I would do if I were your age: 1. Contact a good, reasonably priced engine shop. Not Penn Yan or any other "name brand." Think more like Jewell in Kennett, MO, ( and arrange for them to look at your engine with a view toward IRAN. 2. You might have to travel a good distance to the shop, so plan a trip/vacation around it to avoid traveling back and forth. 3. After you get the plane in good repair, hopefully without blowing through your entire 7K, find a partner to share expenses going forward. Good luck.
  13. Rwsavory

    Looking for a good KMA20 audio panel

    He's a member here. An Honest Purveyor of used parts and avionics. Known to dismember wayward Mooneys. aka The Grim Reaper.
  14. Rwsavory

    Something's not right

    Last annual was 2014.
  15. Rwsavory

    Best carburetor

    I understood that he was flying with an existing carb issue because he used the airplane to commute to work. I would be happy to be wrong about that.