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  1. That makes sense. Makes you wonder who did that “$6,000 annual.”
  2. Was the seller not willing to adjust the price for the cost of the repairs?
  3. Flying IFR, my priority would be an HSI, WAAS navigator, and an auto pilot. After that, everything else would be an optional extra. If I were in the market for engine monitors right now I would be looking for a smaller less expensive instrument than the EDM 900. You can get EGT and CHT monitoring on each cylinder for much less money than that. Our C was upgraded with top of the line avionics circa 1988-1990. King HSI, STEC 60-2, 430W, etc. It all still works perfectly (knock on wood) and makes our Mooney an excellent traveling machine. So you don’t need a $200,000 airplane to justify equipping it well.
  4. No problem. That duct tape has a PMA. It costs $100 per foot.
  5. You or your tech can fabricate a small aluminum mounting plate to go on top of the plastic. We had this done when the plastic started to crack around one of the jacks. If the rear headsets aren’t used very often you can probably get away with just mounting the jacks in the plastic.
  6. We had a similar issue arise after a cylinder was removed for an exhaust valve replacement. High oil consumption and ultimately so much oil in the cylinder that it interfered with ignition. Re-honing the cylinder and new piston rings solved the problem.
  7. I don't think it's totally out of line. What is the all-in cost per hour of operating the plane, including fuel, insurance, maintenance and engine overhaul reserve? You also have to make a profit as the owner. Here in Memphis, a 182RG can be rented for about the same price. A 182 with a G1000 goes for $220 per hour wet.
  8. Thanks for your report. This will help a lot of folks in the future. Versachem Prime Seal Type 3 Aviation also does the trick on these leaky screws. We replaced a sender gasket last year, and I had to use this to stop seepage. Re-torqueing alone was not sufficient.
  9. Having obtained my instrument rating in a 172, I can tell you that transitioning to the Mooney should not be a problem as long as you obtain some instrument instruction in it, even after you earn your IFR in the Cessna. The control movements are smaller than the 172, and of course you are going faster. You also have a retractable landing gear and controllable prop to manage. Budget about 10 hours of general instruction and at least a couple hours of instrument training in the Mooney. Welcome!
  10. I have been flying with a Stratus and Foreflight for a couple years now. When in IMC I push a button to have the split screen display the AI with synthetic vision. It works fine as a backup. Here’s an interesting video I found overlaying the SV.
  11. Hmmm. Ad has same name and phone number as in the OP. Similar sales pitch as well. So, It hasn’t sold. Looks like a nice plane for someone...
  12. Do you know who made the electric trim? It may be Century. If you post a picture of the trim switch there are probably folks here who can tell and give you some guidance.
  13. I would suggest you get a local, word-of-mouth referral. Find a local nonprofit, like a farmers market or charity, and ask who does their legal work. For general info on the basic steps, this is helpful: Good luck!
  14. I’ve never had a problem finding or getting someone to work on our Mooney, A&P’s and avionics techs alike. And after 7 years of ownership I’ve never been surprised by the cost of a repair. YMMV.