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  1. Rwsavory

    STEC-30 Altitude Hold

    This happened with our STEC a little while ago. The pitch servo probably needs to be repaired or overhauled. Your avionics tech will most likely need to send the servo to Genesys
  2. Rwsavory

    Changing Tires based on age

    Point taken, but in the manual there is no criteria for replacement based on time-in-service, only based on actual tire condition.
  3. Rwsavory

    Changing Tires based on age

    According to Goodyear: “Age is not an indicator of tire serviceability. Goodyear aircraft tires or tubes have no “expiration date” as long as all service criteria (Section 4 of this manual), visual criteria (Section 5), or individual customer-imposed restrictions are met.”
  4. Rwsavory

    Garmin GTX33ES STC

    I stand corrected, and thanks for the clarification. However, I would still be very concerned that Mike’s IA didn’t fully advise him about the legalities before the installation. If I were having it done, I would expect to have all the paperwork completed when I picked the plane up.
  5. Rwsavory

    Garmin GTX33ES STC

    Mike, At the risk of overstating the point, I would suggest that you delete this thread and go back to your IA for a serious discussion. Maybe get a second opinion. If you go and do anything with a “borrowed” STC, such as try to sell your plane or have it inspected by another IA, you might be in for a rude surprise. Good luck.
  6. Rwsavory

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    Air Parts of Lock Haven:
  7. Rwsavory

    A&P North East Arkansas

    Jewell Aviation in Kennett, MO has done the annual inspections on our Mooney for several years, and they have a good engine shop. They will know what to look for.
  8. Rwsavory

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    I have flown in those mountains many times but never landed at AVL. There is no special experience required. You may encounter some wave action when the wind is blowing, and turbulence, especially in the afternoons. If you look on the Sectional you will see a warning about turbulence in the vicinity of Mt. Mitchell. This would be mainly on the lee side, which should not be a factor for you going into AVL. Safe travels.
  9. Rwsavory

    Replacement Capacitor?

    1965 C. Thanks.
  10. Rwsavory

    Replacement Capacitor?

    It appears to be a “Sangamo Type 500” if that helps narrow it down
  11. I’ve flown a couple different rental planes with the full G1000 set up, and quite a number of hours over the last 5 years in our C equipped with steam gauges, including a King slaved HSI driven by a Garmin 430W. The glass is lovely and very useful. But for me, the HSI is the most important instrument on the panel for IFR flying. If you don’t already have one, it makes sense to go ahead and get that capability with glass.
  12. Rwsavory

    Nose gear shimmy

    How old is your tire? We had the same issue, and it was solved by installing a new one.
  13. Rwsavory

    Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    The first annual at Jewell after we acquired the plane cost about $1176. This was after an extensive pre-buy at Maxwell where some repairs were done. So maybe about $300 or so for AD review.
  14. Because somewhere in this Great Land of ours a woefully forlorn bridge is missing its troll. And, unfortunately, he wandered our way. If you refrain from feeding him, he might, just might, find his way back home.
  15. Well I just logged in to see what the fuss was all about. Kind of reminds me of Al Capone’s Vault, without the exciting reveal at the end.