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  1. Yes. His website is a hot mess. Cheap entertainment on a warm July day.
  2. He doesn’t want his content circulated on the Internet. If I had a webpage that looked his I would feel the same way.
  3. Neal Schwartz with Latitude Aviation gets rave reviews. He is mainly a Beech guy, but he also brokers Mooneys.
  4. Yes. We used Bevan for similar repair.
  5. The valve doesn’t look that bad, in my non-expert opinion. If it were me, I would run it another 25 hours and then scope it again.
  6. I don't know if this might work for you:
  7. We had the same problem after the hoses were changed. There was air in the system that needed to be bled out. It doesn’t take much air to make the brakes soft, and they are difficult to bleed. Keep on trying.
  8. We have had a PMA8000BT for several years, and it is excellent. It’s especially nice to be able to use a cell phone with a Bluetooth connection to get clearances on the ground.
  9. I transitioned from high wing Cessnas to the Mooney about eight years ago. Whatever you were comfortable with in a Cessna, you can probably add 5 to 10 knots to that. As you gain more experience, you can take it from there.
  10. There appears to be a patent that's still in effect: The product and packaging look identical. Maybe a licensing deal to expand sales. It's hard to sell anything online outside of Amazon these days.
  11. I will second Mike on the throttle connection. The old-style ball and socket should be replaced with the new one that uses a heim rod-end. Mooney makes a retrofit kit. I ordered mine through Don Maxwell.
  12. It looks to me like the title company is just covering themselves. Not an FAA issue. For better or for worse, the FAA does not determine title issues. And speaking of covering yourself, this is not legal advice. ; )
  13. Might be worthwhile contacting this MS member. Looks like he may have a boot.
  14. Someone really spent a lot of time and money to modify this airplane. Very impressive. You will probably want to upgrade the autopilot eventually, but with the rest of the improvements already done it would be worth it.