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  1. I'm glad to hear it's ferry-able. Best of luck finding "Anyone." I'm not aware of a member here with that user name.
  2. If it is leaking from one of the screws in a fuel sender, you can remove the screw, coat the threads with permatex no.3 or equivalent, and tighten. This procedure solved my fuel weeping problem, for now anyway.
  3. Another source is aerographics. They can produce the decals in just about any color you like.
  4. Brad, I have a C model based at West Memphis. I would be happy to show it to you. Send me a PM and we’ll find a convenient time. Russ Savory
  5. I am curious why the instructor would give you that advice. Anyway, no “solo” time for me. It’s all PIC.
  6. I used to rent an RG and took it on several extended cross country trips. It was a very nice flying airplane with lots of room. Passengers loved it. I think one of the factors driving the price on these models is the fact that they are well-suited to aerial photography. So, they are moneymakers for some folks.
  7. Thanksgiving morning flight over eastern Arkansas. Must be duckhunting season.
  8. It probably hasn’t flown in three years, so $30,000 might be overvalued. Anyone here willing to fly this thing with that kind of damage after it has been sitting out for 3 years? Come on, you know you want to try! LOL.
  9. Not to mention Comanches, Stinsons, Bellanca Vikings, Swifts, Navions, Commanders, etc., etc. To coin a phrase, “There Will Be Parts.”
  10. Yes and Yes. I just moved from Jepp to Garmin. Everything works fine.
  11. You should use at least a short checklist before every take off and every landing. My father owned the same airplane for 30 years, and there was never a time he did not use a checklist. It was short but covered the essentials. Same as the one printed on my Mooney. Follow it, and you eliminate many opportunities to ruin your whole day.
  12. I have found that carrying a spare part in your plane insures that you will never need to use it.
  13. I recently used Griot's Complete Compound on a foam polishing pad and a 6 inch random orbital polisher from Harbor Freight. The compound, pad and polisher cost about $100 altogether. This combo, or something similar, will improve your paint. The compound is fairly mild and is designed to use with a machine. There are good videos on Youtube demonstrating how to use a polisher. Here are some before and after pictures.