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  1. “Two more months” - seriously, that’s what they said. Not really believable at this point though.
  2. Yes, count us in. Rich & Kim Hill
  3. rahill

    Any KPAO pireps?

    We were based in Palo Alto for about 10 years - I don't think I ever saw the airport full. If transient fills, it seems like there should be other places available. There is a rebuild project that will affect (or already is affecting) the tie down areas. Best bet would be to call the airport and ask. Rich
  4. rahill

    Garmin 335 transponder deal

    What are you "not sure" about enhanced traffic awareness? Now, with ADS-B out, you'll get traffic from the GDL 39 all of the time, instead of some of the time - it's a huge enhancement.
  5. We use this occasionally:
  6. The mounts are different, so yes that's pretty much the summary. You likely have this installed: http://www.mypilotstore.com/mypilotstore/sep/7871 And the Aera uses this: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/51125
  7. The Garmin Aera 500 series has the same ability, and I would assume the other Aeras do too. You will need to change the wired connection to whatever portable you choose, but that's simple. You're looking for the Garmin Power/Data cable that works for the particular Garmin you want to use. Once you've done that, and set the data format correctly, the 430 will cross-feed flight plan info and, if you have it, weather and traffic data as well. I previously had our 430 cross-feeding a Garmin 196. Now I have the 430W cross-feeding an Aera 510. The 430W is getting ADS-B data from a GTX345 and it also passes all that data (weather + traffic) to the 510. FWIW, you can also set up the Aera to accept flight plan data from the 430 and traffic and weather from a GDL 39 at the same time. Rich
  8. The GTX 345 does send AHRS data (via bluetooth) to the iPad.
  9. I don't think that image is showing TargetTrend, rather that's the standard traffic picture that the 430 and 530 provide with a GTX 345 or any other device that can feed it traffic data. The 430 and 530 display the altitude difference, vertical trend (climbing or descending), and the velocity vector (relative to the ground) of the target. The velocity vector (i.e., ground path) of a target is useful but doesn't really tell you which way the target is headed relative to you, since you're moving as well. TargetTrend (on the GTN units, Pilot, 796, etc.) displays the _relative_ velocity vector, which is a much more meaningful and helpful piece of data. It's a simple calculation but apparently the vector math taking your velocity and the target velocity into account is a bit much for the older units. Rich
  10. A little surprising that TargetTrend doesn't work on the 696 -- it does work on the Aera 510! Rich
  11. rahill

    Magnetic Azimuth Transponder Thingy!

    It can also be in the tail-cone with the other electronics - it is on the KFC-200 installation in our M20J.
  12. rahill

    Flaps stuck up (won't go down)

    Yes, thanks I did look through your saga (and all other discussions that I could find). The J system is quite simple with just up and down limit switches and a simple three-position switch to activate the flaps. After reading your and other posts, I suspected the limit switch -- and the fact that cleaning that switch got things going again was a good sign. I'll look into additional electrical contacts in the area. I don't think it's a binding flap motor because there's no significant current draw when the flaps stick. It could, I suppose, be something like motor brushes sticking but it's suspicious that the flaps always stick in the up position, never down, never part way. Thanks
  13. We've had an intermittent issue with the flaps failing to extend in our 1977 M20J. I thought I had this fixed by tracing it to the down limit switch. Cleaning the switch got us a few months before the problem recurred. We recently replaced the down limit switch and, while that initially seemed to cure the problem, the flaps stuck up again this evening. Thumping on the baggage compartment floor (which is right above the flap motor and limit switches) got everything working again so it appears that the issue is in that area rather than an electrical issue somewhere else. What should we look into next? Sticking relay, bad replacement limit switch? Something else? Thanks, Rich Hill N201CD 1977 M20J
  14. rahill

    West Coast Mooney 2016 Get Together

    Put us down as a definite maybe...