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  1. Hi folks, Flying a 2007 M20TN G1000. Was out flying yesterday and all of a sudden my AHRS reset/rebooted in flight. During the time it was offline, I lost traffic data during this time, too. Would be offline for maybe 1-2 minutes then it came back and everything was fine. Would fly for 3-4 more minutes and then happen all over again. Noticed in the LRU system page that it was the GDL 90 that had a red x on during the time it was failing, though for a brief few seconds I saw the GMU1 and GRS1 have red X's as well. Pulled the SDCARDs out and they confirm the loss of data during the per
  2. Hi folks, I purchased a Mooney M20TN and (finally) got it ferried up to Seattle (Auburn/S50). Was curious if anyone knew any mechanics in the area who are skilled with Mooney aircraft that folks can recommend? Thanks
  3. Wow - thanks for all the helpful replies. I updated my profile to reflect I'm based out of the Seattle area. Will look into Delta & All American - thanks for the tips there.
  4. Hi folks, I've only got a few hours in a Mooney in the past ~8 or so years but I've always been a fan of them. I finally have saved up enough money to consider purchasing an aircraft and was looking towards a modern-ish Mooney - specifically aiming for a used aircraft with TKS and G1000 or G600 avionics. Based upon some research on here and other locations, a pre-purchase inspection is a big part of the buying process. I've seen lots of posts talking up the value of having the Mooney Service Centers doing some of that work but I had a question: Is it possible to have them travel out
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