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  1. For those 252-drivers who already removed the diverter valve: were you able to re-use the existing hose assembly that connected the diverter valve as the new bypass or do you really need the new hose for the TSIO-360 MB?
  2. Curious to hear what other M20K pilots do with this CSB... And what impact it had on priming etc.
  3. Any hints on a fast and cheap supplier for the 2 parts for TSIO360-MB1?: - 2024 Plug, 13-27 - 646644S4S24.00 Hose Assembly
  4. Is this just the cylinder? Part No 21507-04 ? I believe the assembly has following part number: Part Number: 895-08015 Description: Oxygen Cylinder Assembly THANKS
  5. Appear to be having the same problem. On my last IFR flight the KCS55A system just worked fine as it did over years. The slaving mechanisms has always worked for the last 7 years when I bought the 252. I also have a KR87 slaved ADF indicator, which turns perfectly aligned with the slaved HSI. On my last flight I noticed that both HSI and ADF indicators would not turn. Upon switching slave to free and back to slave both indicators turned as expected. However, at the next turn the same issue happened (no turning). I had to switch slave to free and back to slave to get them moving. On the ground same behavior. Switching the main switch off and on does the same trick, both indicators would correct. It seems that power needs to be interrupted to trigger movement. It seems that KG102A works well, however, the indicators are not fed with the signal to correct unless power is switched off and on again or from slave to free and back to slave. The small indicator next the slave switch does show the delta after turns but corrections only happen as described above (switching main power off/on or slave/free/slave). I was wondering if someone may have identified the root cause of the culprit?? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for the excellent hints. I have forwarded them and will let you know what they found.
  7. Thanks for the hints, I think they have replaced all spark plugs, the engine is mid-time. Maybe the valves need to get more attention. I'll let him know.
  8. Unfortunately, an old EDM 300, do not believe you can download data from that
  9. A friend of mine operates a DR500 (not a Mooney), however, as it is equipped with a Lycoming IO-360-A1B6 engine I thought that maybe some you M20J operators have an idea: - He has been experiencing a rough engine, especially when the engine is warm - The engine also runs rough after fuel stops or when going around. He notices vibration “in the feet” - Also, performance is reduced - When he runs the engine at idle there are irregular (ignition) interruptions associated with reduced RPM - When he quickly pulls back the throttle cylinder 1 cools more quickly than the others The fuel injection system, ignition system, governor and magnets have all been replaced. In addition, they have also checked cylinders and valves.
  10. Thanks, I agree that 15-18° is not a lot to capture the final approach on GPS approaches etc. I tend to slow down to ~120 KIAS on any IFR approach to help. So it seems I am seeing normal KAP150 behavior.