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  1. smccray


    lol- just received the new W&B via email. Gained 20 lbs vs. 50 lbs calculated, and CG move back 2" vs 1" via calculation. Useful load is 1,357 LBS, or 913 lbs with full main tanks (74 gallons of fuel).
  2. smccray


    If I were in your shoes I would weigh that airplane. A CG that far forward in a V Tail is a surprise unless there's something specific to that plane (e.g. TN system). My new bird is being weighed right now. I don't like the prospect of loosing useful load, but the useful load is already lost- it's the paperwork. My useful load didn't make any sense, but we'll see what the scales say. Reports are that Beech aircraft are very sensitive to the rear CG limits. I don't have any first hand knowledge, but it's cheap insurance.
  3. smccray


    I don't have any independent information but I've always taken the drag coefficients from this site: Parasite Drag Coefficients & Flat Plat Area Aircraft CDP Flat Plate Area (sq. ft.) Mooney 201 0.017 2.81 Beech Bonanza 0.019 3.47 Piper Arrow 0.027 4.64 Cessna 182 0.031 5.27 Beech Sierra 0.034 5.02 Piper Warrior 0.034 5.83 Cessna 172 0.036 6.25 Cessna 152 0.038 6.14 Beech Skipper 0.049 6.36 Piper Tomahawk 0.054 6.64 The article references a V35, the S is the same body but a little older and lighter. Nevertheless, the drag coefficients of the two planes are very close. I suspect the Mooney is a little more efficient, but in real world flying with antennas, dirt, etc. on the airframes I have always said that they're pretty close in the real world. It's certainly possible that there are planes that different from the numbers here, but they're both incredible airplanes. It's also notable that the 201 is using a 4 cylinder lycoming vs. the 6 cylinder continental. I believe that contributes to the lower overall cost per mile traveled for the 201. The 201 is also cheaper to buy, and likely cheaper to maintain over the ownership term.
  4. smccray


    Looks like an 830. You can make those adjustments yourself if you choose as it's not primary.
  5. I just put a PMA450B in my plane. With the exception of the storm scope, every other box is brand G.
  6. smccray

    1st Insurance Renewal

    Agree- that comment deserves a lot more explanation. I don't own more than one airplane, but I'm not following that warning Parker.
  7. smccray

    1st Insurance Renewal

    [cough] And he's a former Falcon broker...
  8. smccray

    A-36 with Tornado Alley Normalizer

    Which TN system does it have? If it’s a tornado alley- hopefully it’s at least a whirlwind II. If it’s the old flitecraft system or a Western Skyways turbo they sell at a significant discount to Tornado Alley. Tip tanks? Onboard oxygen? Air conditioning? If it’s a 4000 lb gross weight airplane (or if it’s eligible with a small cost of paperwork) I bet it’s a 1400+ useful load airplane. If anything needs to be fixed I just did a gut job on my panel- have parts including a complete KFC200.
  9. smccray

    A-36 with Tornado Alley Normalizer

    When it comes to Aviation there is a very short list of subjects where I know more than you do Byron- extremely short. You’re incorrect on this one. I know his fees, and I know the value he provides for that fee. I’m not saying Neal and Jimmy can get together on this deal, but saying it won’t work to have 2 brokers in a deal, because there are two brokers involved in a deal, Is wrong. If Neal is working with a client looking for a TN A36 there’s a 90% chance Neal will call on it anyway- and I don’t expect he’ll ask the listing broker for a cut of the action. He could have easily picked up a few on both sides of my purchase, but he didn’t. He plays it straight. Guess who gets my business when I sell?
  10. smccray

    A-36 with Tornado Alley Normalizer

    Where Neil is a buyers rep the buyer pays Neal's fee. He does business straight up- nothing hidden. He found my plane off market and brought it to me- he didn't try to buy the plane wholesale then mark it up to me.
  11. smccray

    A-36 with Tornado Alley Normalizer

    Call Neal Schwartz- he frequently is working with buyers looking for TN aircraft. Market on them has been very strong lately. 9I4 - six two five- 5776
  12. smccray

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    Bravo is in the air again this morning after 2 flights more flights yesterday.
  13. smccray

    O2 altitudes with little kids

    This post stuck with me a couple years ago: Written in response to a similar question on Beechtalk about flying a 4 year old at 14-15k feet for 30 min. to an hour. You won't damage her permanently. Would you worry about driving up to Pike's Peak with her? She might get a little goofy, might have a headache, but not gonna hurt her. And note that FAR's require pax be PROVIDED oxygen not that they use it. Regards, [removed] Board Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist
  14. smccray

    1st Insurance Renewal

    Paging @Parker_Woodruff