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  1. There are others that are more familiar than me, but I wouldn’t be too concerned with the airspace. Plan CEW, continue east, and be in your game changing frequencies. The controllers are great. East of the panhandle airspace, I would just stay near the coast line- pick your navaids. Should be an easy flight (even for an Aggie ) albeit a long flight with family. I would file, but I tend to file every flight.
  2. A J and a Debonair with an IO-470K engine are going to very close to the same economics as far as fuel cost. The 4 cylinder engine is likely a little cheaper than 6, but variances in airframes is likely going to be more significant than variances between models. Good luck with your search!
  3. Most speed comparisons I've seen lead me to believe the Bravo is 5-10 knots faster at similar altitudes. In the real world, that's close enough to the same block times that the difference doesn't matter much except for bragging rights on the ground (which let's face it- it matters ). Even if I'm wrong and the Bo is faster than the Bravo, it's not enough faster to matter. My bird does 195 ktas in the mid teens when light (full fuel, minimal bags). 12K ft I see ~180 ktas. I assume if I climb up to class A airspace she's even faster, but 17.5 has been adequate, and I'm sensitive to altit
  4. Paging @KSMooniac. Not sure if that's the same system Scott is familiar with, but I'd bet he can help with this. I can't help at all with the system, but I am familiar with fuel pump issues with a TN system. I had fuel vaporization issues last summer with my bird climbing out of Houston in the summer traced back to an old fuel boost pump that needed more pressure. Good engine monitoring made it a non issue, but the fuel system is a big deal here.
  5. I just looked- there are a couple late 60s debs on controller. That’s the era when they were sold with an IO-470K, 225hp engine. Many will have an IO-470N (260HP) conversion. Variants with these engines are more likely to be in your budget range.
  6. Budget as a driver makes sense. The bonanza variants have gone up in the last couple years. Said much better (and said directly) here. Cross shopping the Sierra and the E model doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. A Mooney is a traveling airplane built around efficiency. As a local flyer, the Sierra will be more comfortable. That’s not to say that you can’t sight see in an E model and travel in a Sierra, but these two airplanes excel in different areas. The BE33 with the small engine is the closest equivalent Beech to an E/F/J model Mooney. I agree with Blue Highway F
  7. Why a Sierra? Have you considered a BE33 with an IO470K engine?
  8. If your question is, "Is a Bravo a good airplane?" the answer is undoubtedly yes. That's the the question you're getting here. A Mooney is a pilot's airplane and not doubt it's a solid choice. If you're really asking why not buy a bravo, it's because there are other airframes that offer similar capability. If you want a turbo charged longbody Mooney, pick your price point. If you want a turbo charged single, expand and look at a TR182, turbo SR22, or even a Columbia400. Then expand a bit and look at a T210, TN Bonanza, perhaps even an early Piper Malibu. Early bravos are still capab
  9. And... does a PPI on the seller as much as the plane. You learn a lot about how the plane was cared for just talking to the owner.
  10. A Bravo is going to run what- $250 / hr to run? So over 5 years @ 100 hrs a year, you've spent $125K in operating cost. The hard part- at any given time you need to be ready to drop $50-75K on a new engine if something goes badly. Don't get me wrong- every dollar counts, but you can probably get within $10K of a reasonable price for a plane if you've been watching. If you've been looking at planes in person and have an idea what you see, you can probably get even closer. Let's say you overpay by $5K. Don't get me wrong- that's terrible- but if an unexpected $5K "loss" is a show stopper,
  11. Why do you want an appraisal? In my limited experience, VREF will not give you a complete picture. For example, installed equipment increases the value significantly. Significant deferred maintenance doesn't affect "value" much at all. Plane would appraise well but it would be a terrible plane to own. Dirty little secret is that a fair value is actually a range of values. A given Bravo is fairly priced and some number plus or minus 10%. If it's a bank, the appraisal will hit the high side. If you're a buyer, appraiser will figure out what you're looking for and price it accordi
  12. Different strokes I suppose :). I toyed with mounting my iPad mini where you have the ipad on the right mounted. I didn't care for that location. I stuck a 796 on the copilot side and an ipad mini on the yoke. I really liked that setup. My old 205 has been gone for 2 years... I do miss that plane.
  13. In a bag backing up the iPad mini. Normal size ipad is big for a cockpit. I have a big iPad pro, and I run Garmin Pilot on it, but I would have a hard time trying to use it in the plane.
  14. My TN A36 runs 180 at 12k ft all day long. I saw 195 TAS at 17.5 on a long flight last summer (4 hrs). Plane runs great and it’s a fantastic setup. I’m not sure the operating recommendations are quite right but that’s okay. I’ve been unable to push that much fuel through my engine without the temps running higher that I’m comfortable. CHTs stay nice and cool at all times I wouldn’t say the Beech is faster on less fuel carrying more. That said, the A36 is a great setup. 1350 lbs of useful load (on paper) including a turbo and air conditioning.
  15. I have a whole King HSI system (all pieces) that came out of a 28v A36. Just sitting on the shelf...working when removed.
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