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  1. “Low” end glass panel that works with a GFC500. Closed system architecture.
  2. JPI used to offer the 830 as an upgrade. They'll sell the display without the sensors. The other alternative is to buy a display that was pulled out of another airplane for upgrade. Shameless plug- I pulled a JPI700 out of my Bonanza. It's my understanding that the instrument is the same- 700-->800 is just more sensors. I don't know if it would need to go back to JPI for configuration.
  3. I agree. I put an engineer hat on and I agree with you. When I put a politician's hat on...
  4. It’s my understanding, from posts in web forums only (i.e. no real knowledge), that Garmin is able to work in house to develop new STCs without waiting on the FAA. From news reports, it sound like Boeing has a similar capability that Boeing used for the 737 Max. We’ll see if the investigations change these arrangements with the FAA and slow the progression of development. I can’t blame the FAA for making changes and slowing down progress in light of the accidents of the 737 Max, but I hope the loosening of regulations for GA don’t change based on what Boeing appears to have done with the Max.
  5. I'm shocked that it's 75 lbs heavier but you would know.
  6. My guess is that the G3X doesn't get certified, but there's something new coming down the path that will replace the G3X. My guess is that the new system will end up with a closed Garmin architecture that in effect ties the airplane to Garmin equipment. In other words Garmin PFD, G5 backup, GFC500 autopilot only, and the big one- it's only compatible with Garmin navigators- I believe using the MapMX data format would do the trick.
  7. for 2 people the G3 turbo FIKI is fantastic. If you want the useful load increase you have to step up to a G5. I needed the useful load, wanted turbo and useful load. The A36 was a better fit for me as the FIKI wasn't on my list. Better weather in TX than Michigan.
  8. I look forward to seeing pictures of your SR22...
  9. Good looking airplane. Upgrading? What are you looking at?
  10. I would buy that in a heartbeat in Dallas. If I were moving to Denver I would pull the trigger on an end unit immediately. I’m sure there are land lease, taxes, and possibly HOA on top of the purchase price.
  11. I just turned 40. That day is probably coming very soon!
  12. I wear an Apple Watch daily. I also have a few automatics that I love. The Apple Watch keeps me in the loop with everything happening so I don’t have to keep my phone on me. Let’s me focus on family and I don’t worry about whether a client is calling, or if something is blowing up. It’s also handy to have that level of connection, but at the same time be unable to pop open a browser right quick and see what’s happening in the news or on mooneyspace. Helps me keep my focus on the right things at times. A little crazy? absolutely. Sad to admit publicly? Yep- no question. But it works for me, so I’ll stick with it. Regarding the battery- my 2 year old watch rarely got below 50%. Just got a new one with cellular connectivity and it typically is about 60-70% when I charge it at the end of the day. The battery is no big deal.
  13. They probably don’t know anything more than you do. Most large companies treat wide distribution of news to employees the same way as press release. People with a need to know have seen the products and the details, but the existence of a new iPad mini probably isn’t known by the guy who works in the visitors center. He gets his news from MacRumors the same way I do
  14. What part number? I have a KS 272A p/n 065-0061-13 that I need to sell. Out of a 28 volt airplane so I suspect it won't work but...
  15. I'd call DMAX and ask him if he has anything hiding up in his loft.