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  1. smccray

    G500 TXi Upgrade

    only one minor issue: From the news release: "Aircraft owners can soon pair the economical GFC 500 autopilot with the G500 TXi or G500 flight displays, offering a fully-redundant, all-glass cockpit when paired with the G5. "
  2. smccray

    Will I need any Transition Training?

    When I was looking at a change from a J to an R I actually met the underwriter from Old Republic- he said all I would need is a checkout- nothing more. When I actually bought the A36 all I required was a checkout. I had ~450 hrs in the J. Biggest concern I would have is your ability to perform a manual gear extension with your shoulder injury. It’s a different motion than the J bar so perhaps it’s not a concern. It’s not my area of expertise so I’ll express the concern and promptly shut up if it had been considered and addressed.
  3. smccray


    Unloads the wing...
  4. smccray

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    So they're saying $30-40K of value for a $7K autopilot and a $2K attitude indicator? $20K install? I wouldn't say that $12-15K for 6 months on a $150K airplane is unreasonable by itself, but Garmin's number doesn't pass the sniff test. I'm sure there isn't a firm deadline at 6 months either. 35 hours on the engine is $1300 of engine value ($75K / 2000 hrs). Many circumstances where the arrangement would make sense such as a long over seas trip (or work assignment). If I were Garmin I would seek the same arrangement, but calling it $30-40K of value, IF we have the whole story, is insanity.
  5. smccray

    FS: 1987 M20J 205

    Post what you’re looking for here on mooneyspace. We’ll be happy to spend your money .
  6. smccray

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    Okay that sucks.... 4-6 months!!! Wait a minute... I can add up the cost of a GFC500 and a pair of G5s... Hmmm...
  7. My plan wouldn’t be to lower the gear VECUC. Depending on ground speeds I would just reduce manifold pressure and maintain attitude to descend. The profile certainly isn’t as easy to fly as a 5 mile level path between the initial and the final approach fix, but that doesn’t look that difficult. If you keep your ias below gear speed you always have the option to drop the gear. I usually targeted 100 kias. Gear down, intermediate flaps, 12” and 2500 rpm would give me a stable 1000 fpm descent for a non-precision approach. Gear up certainly isn’t going to bring 1000 fpm, but you have 4 miles to get down to 6800, then another 2 miles to get down to 6300 which isn’t that challenging. The profile shows a constant 3.4 degree approach angle all the way from the initial. If I were going to extend the gear at the initial I would just fly the glide slope all the way down rather than flying step downs to the FAF.
  8. smccray

    Oil temperature and EDM830

    I found your other post that we’re talking about an F- Savvy combines Js and Fs for data analysis. I don’t have it in front of me, but I believe 235 is crazy high for your engine. It is significantly above my old J- my normal oil temps were in the range of your factory sensor. I never noticed a wide spread between the factory and the JPI. I would call JPI. They can be a little cranky, but I’m betting on a probe issue- either you need a new probe, or there’s something wrong with the way the probe is wired into the computer.
  9. smccray

    Oil temperature and EDM830

    I assume you mean the high temp alarm is set at 235? I would set the oil temp alarm at 210 and make a change if oil temp exceeds 210- enrichen if flying ROP, lean if you’re setup LOP. Open cowl flaps if equipped, and lower the nose/increase air speed. Check the oil cooler and make sure it’s clean and unobstructed. Consider uploading your engine monitor data to savvy. They will run the data against other similar airframes so you can see where your engine compares to others. That may be part of the paid service but it’s worth it to me.
  10. smccray

    Vacuum Pump replacement

    Was a rumor posted on Beechtalk that the G5 certification was changing to permit use as a backup. I've seen a number of planes with the G5 as a backup- many have been successful pursuing a 337 rather than relying on the STC. I don't have a clue if that would be an option in Canada. Other than the G5 the ESI500 looks like a good option to me.
  11. Try an external battery pack. I've had a lot of luck using Anker batteries.
  12. smccray

    FS: 1987 M20J 205

    Yep- agree completely. Aviation is a small community. I disclosed everything I knew about my plane- none of them are squawk free, but I can look in the mirror and know I didn't keep anything from my buyer- full annual squawk lists for the last 5 years, all the outstanding squawks I knew about (most of which were addressed before closing- and before pre-buy). I also had the pleasure of joining him for lunch when he came to town to pick up the plane- I know he's here on Mooneyspace but I haven't seen him announce himself. For the sake of the Mooney community I hope he participates here as I believe he will have a lot to contribute. Then there's what I just experienced with my purchase (that closed before my Mooney sale closed FWIW). GNS430 non waas (#2 comm) locked up on the trip home. Started working again, then froze again 2 flights later. At this point it's a crap shoot and I can't trust it. Garmin won't touch it without a $4500 WAAS upgrade. It worked during our test flight- I sincerely hope that the seller wasn't aware of the problem. I could probably sell the 430 and cross my fingers that it works when the buyer of the radio tests it- but that's not how I do business. When it is eventually sold it will be as a core needing to go back to Garmin, or as a parts radio.
  13. smccray

    FS: 1987 M20J 205

    And I wouldn't disrespect my buyer by answering it. Someone who knows the market should know the number plus or minus $5K. Deal terms play a role too which can't be assessed with just a number. Want a deal where the seller absorbs your risk on the prebuy inspection, sends it to your desired shop, full contingencies for financing, and you want 60 days to do the inspection? Sure- I'll do that deal at $130K- with $20K in escrow and only with a buyer that has owned an airplane before. No financing contingencies, not asking a seller to absorb inspection if the buyer walks away? Send the inspector to me so I don't have to do anything? Different deal altogether. If you want to get a good price on an airplane you have to make it easy on the seller. Oh- and just a note to buyers out there- every deal where cash changes hands is a cash deal. I don't care if you're not financing the transaction- buyer's financing is the buyer's issue. Expect a deal because you're closing without financing? Good luck. Two offers, one has a financing contingency the other doesn't- that matters. Two offers, neither has a financing contingency, but one has a bank involved? Your cash purchase doesn't get you anything- most airplane loans are done on the borrowers income irrespective of the value of the airplane.
  14. I was waiting for a mini 5 a while back- 18 months ago? Got my tired of waiting and upgraded my mini 1 to the mini 4. Today I would look at the 9.7” assuming I could fit it on the yoke. I had the 796 wired into the navigator and used it as an MFD. I use the iPad for plates in flight- it’s fantastic for that.