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  1. smccray

    Mooney Bravo Valuation

    Congrats to @slowflin on the new bird! That airplane had a lot going for it, but it had some down sides to- just like every airplane that is sold. Fantastic that the cost/benefit worked out for the new owner!
  2. smccray

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    They’re certainly expensive but there aren’t many options for a light weight tug you can’t take with you. Manufacturing cost doesn’t drive pricing, but just a datapoint- the Milwaukee right angle drill that drives the tug is a $400 retail piece of equipment. There’s a lot of engineering that goes into each model. The price tag is really high, but I wouldn’t bet the owner is generating a bunch of profit as I would bet it’s a low volume product.
  3. smccray

    Mooney Bravo Valuation

    I talked to Jimmy about the plane. At least not that airplane. I hope the seller got his number and the buyer is thrilled with his/her new bird. It only takes one person to buy the plane.
  4. smccray

    Mooney Bravo Valuation

    I looked hard at that plane. Never made an offer but my conversation in the mid 120s was rejected immediately so I moved on. Add 70k for an engine- too much cash for that plane. No clue where it sold, but it was a big number.
  5. smccray

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    10% price increase reported to be coming in early June.
  6. smccray

    Sellers remorse

    I've been watching the J market, as well as the R and M markets over the last couple of years, and very closely over the last 6-9 months. Asking prices at least for those three are up 5-10% since the first of the year, and if my email traffic is any indication is any it seems to be driven by more buyer activity.
  7. smccray

    Sellers remorse

    I had a lot of mixed emotions on Monday morning when I dropped my plane off at a prebuy shop. I've owned her since 2011 and she's taken very good care of me and taught me a ton. I didn't understand the emotional attachment to an airplane before I had the privilege of being the temporary caretaker of my J. Despite my listing on Mooneyspace being listed as under contract I've received a few inquiries about the plane and whether it is available. I don't believe we're in a sellers market for aircraft, but I do believe it is becoming more balanced. When I have multiple people that want to know if the current deal falls through, particularly when the only place it's advertised is here on Mooneyspace (read: zero marketing effort) that says something about the state of the market today.
  8. smccray

    High FBO fees.

    It's likely to drive more traffic to Addison and Mckinney instead of driving traffic to RBD. The city is moving North. There was a story about a maintenance facility moving to RBD which would make sense, but I doubt that will be a significant driver to reduce traffic. Addison just tore down 40' T hangars for the development of a new FBO and more jet hangars. Addison wants to get rid of small props to make more room for aircraft that burn jet A. Addison is probably the biggest beneficiary of a new landing fee.
  9. smccray

    Sellers remorse

    Wait until you get one bought... A lot of other brands seem to have experienced a run up in pricing over the last 6+ months but I haven't seen that much with Mooneys. Over the last 2 weeks it looks like pricing on J models (which I've been watching) has gotten stronger.
  10. smccray

    Memphis Belle

    This always makes me think of my wife’s family. The Memphis Belle movie featured the B17 currently at the Boeing museum. See the history of that airplane here: From that link: “On November 5, 1945, it was withdrawn from service and shipped to Altus, Oklahoma, for disposal. There 42-29782 sat until 1946, when the War Assets Administration transferred the airplane to Stuttgart, Arkansas, for display as a War Memorial. Stripped of its turrets, guns, and other war-making items, it nested in a small park for the next five years. With only "Great White Bird" painted on the nose, the plane sat derelict until 1953 when the U.S. Government turned over title to a pair of brothers for $20,000. Now a civil aircraft, the Biegert brothers received the new serial number N17W. The plane was completely overhauled into flying condition and converted to an aerial sprayer. Among other things, the ex-bomber was used for spraying DDT.” The Biegert brothers that bought the plane were my wife’s great uncle and her grandfather. Her great uncle is still living and I love hearing him talk about his old airplanes. A couple good photos of the airplane from this old popular mechanics: Biegert b17&f=false
  11. smccray

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    Sidewinder won't sell me a non-Mooney sidewinder as part of the group buy. Hopefully there are still 5 guys looking for a Mooney setup that this will move forward.
  12. smccray

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    Just buy one- I bet the boss won't notice...
  13. smccray

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    Order Submitted
  14. smccray

    FS: 1987 M20J 205

    Under contract
  15. smccray

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    I said I was #3 but it looks like we may have 5- Paging @exM20K I see: @xcrmckenna @hypertech @Pirate @carusoam (still a CB- you don't have to post here) and me. Do I have that right?