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M20M TLS Bravo customized Foreflight checklist and Flight Briefing checklist for download

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Following the lead of @Jonás I figured out how to get my customized Foreflight checklist files posted here for download and customization. They're fairly detailed and may not be what you want to use every flight, but they can serve as an excellent tool for periodic review of the things you've decided are good ideas or best practices for your airplane and your normal flight operations.

The N1088F checklist is customized to reflect the settings and techniques I use in my airplane. Spoiler alert - I run LOP and at a much lower power setting than most. That being said I have spent a fair amount of time refining it to my cockpit flow and fully capturing abnormal and emergency procedures.

The Flight%20Briefing checklist is the one I use every flight to make sure I've considered everything I've learned I should consider before going flying. Really basic stuff but it reminds me not to get complacent.

To get these into Foreflight, open this post on your iPhone or iPad and open the files - they should automatically open Foreflight and load onto your device. If you download them please give me feedback on any ideas you have for improvement or correction and we'll all get better!


Flight%20Briefing.fmd N1088F.fmd

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