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  1. This is the reply I got from the listing: I have all books since new, no damage history, the only mods are avionics. I do not have digital copies as there are too many records. David R. Brien 818-903-6055
  2. Hey there Mooney Goer's, just like the title mentions. Looking for more information besides what the FAA, FlightAware etc. has in opensource. It's been said many of times you can tell how a Mooney is treated if you talk to the owner. Basic information is Mr. K. Lecker lives out west in AZ and possible owned an FBO and now selling 22HM at a reasonable price. I've done a few searches to include on here but he might be under a different name so I mean no harm and want to be respectful. If anyone is familiar with 22HM or Mr. Lecker I would greatly appreciate the information. Thanks, Future M20 Owner.
  3. Did this one sale already? Listing is no longer up, hmm.
  4. No issues or complaints there, it's a small investment on such a return. I am tracking the difference though, working with maintainers conducting regular to phase MX on larger birds. As mentioned the list initially looked simple but figured there was more to it. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. An interesting point that’s brought up in this thread just got a Pre-purchase evaluation sheet back from one of the Mooney service centers in FL and thought the list would be more than 25 items long. Don’t get me wrong; some of the items are probably more intense than others; just first glance at the list made me think. It is a flat rate of $860 and anything extra $115 an hour; they need the bird relocated obviously and for three days. This is a little different than the quote from a center in CO, $1,470, and $105 an hour plus parts. I will agree; seeing how one treats their toys will say a lot about how the MX is conducted.
  6. Greetings MS, After some time now, well 17 days, to be exact, I have decided to post my introduction to this thread. This is my first post, I am a CFII in RW with >3,500 hrs, a PPL (SEL) with <50 hrs and just took the test for UAS ticket today. All my RW time is military as I still serve, and the PPL was for the adventure; the UAS was just a target of opportunity. What has brought me to MS is the next chapter of adventure and travel. The MSN is to travel at my own pace and leisure, something with legs to allow traveling from central to the coast or vise versa. Maybe bring the lady friend along with a two day trip or park on the lawn of Oshkosh. The Mooney was the choice for fast and economical, I know I am a low time PPL but wanting a J/K model. I am in no rush but do have the fever for wanting my own if anyone would like to know more, just ask. Looking forward to learning and meeting new friends.
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