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  1. Thanks for all the ideas, I'll take a look at the Jack screw.
  2. The trim servo in my 78 J needs to be rebuilt again, just had it done and it lasted about 5 hours before it started slipping again.... My question is can I fly the plane without the servo installed? Placard the electric trim inop, and fly with the trim wheel? It took 4 weeks last time, and I have a flight review coming up soon
  3. Interesting video from AVweb. I noticed when they were taking about the curing ovens he mentioned that they could cure wing skins, maybe more changes coming to Mooney?
  4. It definitely took both arms to overcome it, but it wasn't too hard to keep it level or slightly climbing.
  5. Just a reminder to keep an eye on your electric trim. As I was taxiing to the runway I was setting the trim for take off with the wheel, which I always do to check for binding or what not. I could not move the wheel very easily. After a second I noticed that the left half of the split electric trim switch was stuck down, I centered the switch and could freely move the trim wheel now. I ran the trim full up and full down on the electric trim, everything performed nominal. I took off and did some local flying. When I returned I decided to a touch and go, not to start a debate about touch and goes, but on the roll out I set the trim for take off then set the flaps for take off, and applied full power. As I was watching the airspeed come up to 65 MPH I was launched into air by a big "irregular SFC" aka heave in the runway, "SGU RWY 01/19 BTN 2000FT S APCH END RWY 19 AND 3000FT N APCH END RWY 01 IRREGULAR SFC". I figured I would just accelerate in ground affect and climb out, only to my astonishment the plane tried to nose drive into the ground! I had to apply a good deal of back pressure to stay level, as I accelerated and began to climb out the airplane just wanted to nose dive. I glanced down and saw that the trim had run full nose down! The switch had stuck after I trimmed on the roll out. I got it back into trim, went around the pattern and decided to call it a day. I sprayed the switch with contact cleaner and that took away the stickiness.
  6. In the NTSB report they mention that the other side was also failing.
  7. I know the Mooney wing is a great wing, I just like knowing about these things. Like I am surprised at the Piper spar. Basically just a formed "T" shape. What does the Mooney spar look like? "I" beam shaped?
  8. After reading the preliminary report on the ERAU Arrow wing separating, it got me wondering what the Mooney spar and wing look like. I'm not worried about my wing falling off, just curious. Does anyone have any pictures of a wing without skins, or a drawing?
  9. Google drive has a scan feature that uses your phones camera to make pdf's of documents. It's how I upload all my invoices to send to customers and get paid. Works great.
  10. I wouldn't think the wing tips would work because of wing tip Vortices.
  11. My point is just because more people choose it, doesn't make it the best. In fact I find the opposite true. McDonald's has the best selling hamburger in the world, is it the best hamburger?
  12. Yeah and transformers movies are the #1 movies when they come out, doesn't mean they are the best....
  13. "Bonanzas have long been called “Doctor Killers” (as were Lake amphibians), but did you know that less-expensive Mooneys are “Dentist Killers”?" Hey!