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  1. marky_24

    Mooney spar design

    In the NTSB report they mention that the other side was also failing.
  2. marky_24

    Mooney spar design

    Found this one
  3. marky_24

    Mooney spar design

    I know the Mooney wing is a great wing, I just like knowing about these things. Like I am surprised at the Piper spar. Basically just a formed "T" shape. What does the Mooney spar look like? "I" beam shaped?
  4. marky_24

    Mooney spar design

    After reading the preliminary report on the ERAU Arrow wing separating, it got me wondering what the Mooney spar and wing look like. I'm not worried about my wing falling off, just curious. Does anyone have any pictures of a wing without skins, or a drawing?
  5. marky_24

    Scanning Logbooks

    Google drive has a scan feature that uses your phones camera to make pdf's of documents. It's how I upload all my invoices to send to customers and get paid. Works great.
  6. marky_24

    Idea for portable AOA device

    I wouldn't think the wing tips would work because of wing tip Vortices.
  7. My point is just because more people choose it, doesn't make it the best. In fact I find the opposite true. McDonald's has the best selling hamburger in the world, is it the best hamburger?
  8. Yeah and transformers movies are the #1 movies when they come out, doesn't mean they are the best....
  9. marky_24

    Airplane nicknames

    "Bonanzas have long been called “Doctor Killers” (as were Lake amphibians), but did you know that less-expensive Mooneys are “Dentist Killers”?" Hey!
  10. marky_24

    LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Try this, Before shut down bring the rpm's to 1200, tighten the friction lock so you dont bump it getting out. Next pull mixture to cut off. Then when you restart, DONT TOUCH ANYTHING, just crank the engine. 5 blades or less the engine will fire, briskly move the mixture to rich and bring rpm's to 1000. This has never let me down and i live where it gets to 110+ in the summers.
  11. marky_24

    Thoughts on compression

    Hot vs cold engine when the compression check was done?
  12. marky_24


    On my J I was taught to bring the rpms to 1200 on shutdown, lock the throttle so you dont bump it and shut it down with the mixture. On start up touch nothing, just turn on the master and crank. 4 blades or less and it cranks up. This has never failed me.
  13. marky_24

    Teach em young

    It was right around freezing and My heater doesn't work very well on the ground and that picture wasn't very long after lift off.
  14. marky_24

    Teach em young

    Thanks, they love it especially going up and down. Mom on the other hand gets sick after a few times
  15. marky_24

    Teach em young

    I just had my girls up Christmas day