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  1. Avionics Upgrade Opinions

    Looks like I'm going to need to replace both antennae on the Mooney. Does anyone know the correct replacement shark fin, not reverse 7 that will fit into the offset mounting holes as a direct fit replacement? Looks like the Comant CI196 matches the hole and mounting configuration but wanted to confirm this if possible. Thanks
  2. Continental TSIO-360-MB1 Cam corrosion

    Semi off topic question. Would you guys assume that corrosion in the original post pictures would eventually cause failure of the cam with some certainty? A lot of owners have planes that have sat for periods of time and probably have some level of corrosion. Does all cam corrosion at a pitted level eventually cause failure of the cam or do they quite often still make TBO? Definitely a tricky topic but it's obvious that you should run your engine a lot. Before I bought my Mooney I looked at one from an older gentleman who would stuff a towel tightly into the exhaust pipe after flight. He said that when the engine cools it will pull drier air through the towel into the engine and help prevent corrosion. The hot air is expanded and when the engine cools It must draw air in. I've never seen it before or since but kinda makes sense.
  3. WingX

    I use ForeFlight now but used Wing X three years ago. I found the simulator function pretty neat on wingx. Wing x seems to pull up frequencies and useful information a little quicker too. Split screen was nice as well where you could have low IFR chart on one side, vfr or syn vis on the other. The problem I had was that it would crash periodically. I'm overall satisfied with foreflight and seems like CFIs know it better too which helps to integrate training.
  4. Average useful load of a Mooney

    1978J 980 lbs bladders with 55 gallon fuel capacity 650 lbs full fuel capacity
  5. New pannel

    Dang, yours is a clean mess.
  6. New pannel

    We have ours in surgery as well. Keeping the six pack for now too. Garmin center stack ADSB/audio/750/JPI 900. Good luck on your upgrade.
  7. KSPA to KBZN 1500miles

    Thanks for the pireps. Definitely going to be Leary of icing and the wind.
  8. My wife and I enjoy snow skiing out west but haven't tried flying this long of a voyage in the Mooney. I wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts or apprehension on making these types of journeys and what reservations you guys may have? I have no experience flying in the higher elevations like Montana. What would be some things to consider and plan for regarding the plane itself and the mountains? I'm very conservative and would likely try it with light winds. The flight plan I quickly came up with gives 1800 ft clearance over the highest terrain and follows victor routes into KBZN. I will be instrument rated prior to this winter as well. Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  9. Autopilots Central for Century 31? had them rebuild my entire Century 2b system.
  10. WTB project

    This one looks pretty decent. Looks like the mixture control may have rust from one picture which would be scary. It may just be the photo.
  11. Mooney tatoo

    I do not have any tattoos however I do have a tattoo story and it doesn't have anything to do with "Fantasy Island." Anyway, I ran to the grocery store near my house to grab a few things. When pulling out of my parking space a car swooped in from of my blind spot(or the didn't see her spot). I put a little dent in her front bumper. In dealing with the situation we were exchanging information etc. I said my name is "Scott ...?...?." She said "don't worry I won't forget your name." True story and pic lol.
  12. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    If the plane were free it will cost a lot of money to restore, maintain, insure, and fly. Run the numbers! Write the numbers down and look at them. Most folks here and on this current thread will be able to help you make a decision. It looks like a potentially good opportunity especially if you like working on it and or the numbers work for you. If the numbers don't add up you could always create an LLC, bring in some partners etc. etc. When there is a will there is a way. This passion exceeds the finances of many a pilot. Good luck! A lot of fun!
  13. Avionics Upgrade Opinions

    Oops, editor missed that! Foot could use an upgrade too.
  14. Avionics Upgrade Opinions

    Definitely surgery. A lot of stuff crammed in this plane over the last 40 years. Wires with connectors hooked to nothing, old adf cable, loran stuff, mystery cable running to the back, and my cigarette lighter was tied into my RPM, ammeter, and JPI700. I'm kinda wondering how my UL is 980. Kinda nervous about putting it on a scale.