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  1. Looks like good weather for Sunday morning! Try to make it to KSPA if you can. We will be serving breakfast around 9ish. Breakfast is on me for the Mooneyspacer pilot that comes from the furthest out.
  2. Good morning! KSPA(Spartanburg SC) is hosting the SC breakfast club this Sunday morning. Would like to meet some of you. I will be one of the guys cooking food. Scott-
  3. I vote ammeter is off based on your experience. Battery would eventually run down if it were accurate. My voltage is usually showing 13.7 to 13.8. Amperage is higher right after startup as it is recharging the battery after starting the engine then goes down as the battery gets back up to full charge. Turn on the pitot heat and your landing light and watch the needle, it should deflect to the right as more amperage is being used while the voltage should stay close to the same as long as the engine is running.
  4. Useful on my 1978J is 980. I can carry 40 gallons of fuel and 740lbs of people and stuff 400+ miles with easily an hour of flight time left.
  5. This poll may give some insight. I've owned a 1978J for a little over a year and will be finishing IR in a month or two.
  6. Anyone have ideas for a good borescope camera for IOS? Looks like some folks have bought the one below. Can you articulate the head around with these or should you go a little higher end?
  7. Seems like jewel is low to me. What's the catch?
  8. I was in a 4 owner partnership for 6 years in a Piper Archer. For all practical purposes it was very enjoyable. The hourly flying costs were lower, nice plane, almost no time conflicts, and flew to a lot of beautiful places in the plane. I've now owned a 1978 J as sole owner for over a year. I can say that the intangible benefits far far outweigh the financial benefits of the partnership. The plane in a partnership is just not treated quite as well as if it is your own. We seemed to have a lot of unnecessary mx issues and would often buy new vs overhauled this or that etc.. We spent a lot of time keeping track of billing issues, mx decisions, upgrade decisions, scheduling, and other issues that may crop up. If this were just one of my hobbies rather than my primary hobby then a partnership might be a great long term option. Another phenomenon is that the overall cost to run the Mooney has been just a little over double than the 25% ownership in the Archer while the plane is being maintained with a higher level of scrutiny. My vote is stay single owner. I'm interested to see others thoughts.
  9. In a plane trip the vacation begins during preflight. For a work trip the work starts when you land. In a car your vacation begins when you make it to your destination. For a work trip your work begins when you get into the car. So simple algebra tells us that V=vacation overall experience/work productivity, T=value of your time, S=stress level/relaxation quotient, and O=overall value all on a 1-10 scale. So let's say we are going on a nice 2 day trip to Megaland. Megaland is a 3 hour flight or 8 hour drive and will be awesome! Let's plug the numbers for both. Driving V3+T10+S4=O17 Flying V10+T10+S9.5=O29.5 Overall experience in this particular case is 12.5 units better than driving. Does anyone have the AMU conversion table handy? Kidding aside there is an unquantifiable joy associated with a trip by air even though it can and does cost a large amount of AMUs to participate.
  10. This is not a negative per se but nonetheless typically reduces value a certain amount.
  11. Price
  12. Thanks for asking Clarence. The threaded piece on the back broke off. Looked like some kind of epoxy held it on. I was getting my DG replaced when it came off otherwise it was functional. Is there an acceptable repair method?
  13. Howdy, anyone have a vacuum pressure switch for a 1978 J they wanna sell? Pic below. Thanks
  14. Any updates on the IFD100 app and 10.2 release? Anyone compare the 650/750 to Avidyne yet? Still on the fence but leaning towards Avidyne.
  15. EAA's Ford Trimotor is currently at KSPA and I'm told will be here for a few days. Pretty cool to see in person. The pic with the car was on Spartanburg Downtown Airport Facebook page and the second one I snapped last night in the hangar. Check first to be sure it's still here and come on by for a look.