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  1. Engine Monitors

    Thanks for all the feedback! Looks like %HP is the trick to make accurate. I didn't have fuel flow before so I'm guessing using fuel flow whether LOP or ROP combined with MP and RPM will yield a better %HP than the JPI900??
  2. Engine Monitors

    I'm in the process of upgrading from a JPI700 without fuel flow to a JPI900 with all the goodies. While reading the manual I became curious about k-factor, fuel flow accuracy, fuel used, MPG, and percent power. Are you guys who have a modern engine monitor pleased with the accuracy of the parameters above? Any tips? Thanks
  3. What if...

    I agree. It would be nice to have a Mooney pipeline where there is a solid used market for planes post 1982ish era. Mooney needs to sell more planes. Does anyone really know how many they are currently delivering?
  4. Ski tube additional info request

    I also hallucinated the same. Look at it closely its 13lbs and the L looks like a 1. You may could put beach umbrellas or possible golf clubs back there. I saw in Flying Magazine where folks were getting their surfboards in a Mooney.
  5. LED intterior light dimmer

    Has anyone replaced their glareshield lights and overhead lights with LED bulbs using the old rheostat? Seems to be the easiest option. Also, I currently have nu lights, do they ever burn out?
  6. Is the Aero LED a big improvement over the Whelen? Good price on the Whelen looks like.
  7. A displaced threshold allows for taxi and takeoff but this looks like a no use zone. I'll defer to someone smarter than me however.

    I'm 6'3", 205, and I fit comfortably. My wife is 5'4" and has a ton of room. I moved up to the 201 from a Piper Archer and there is no chance of going back! The Mooney is more comfortable for me on long distance flights as well, at least for my height. You'll go faster than an SR20, 182, DA40, and close to a Bonanza for less costs. The 182 may carry a little more, comparable room, SLOWER and be similar in overall costs.
  9. Had a problem starting today

    I do the throttle full open and mixture off approach and when it fires I quickly switch the throttle back and mixture open. D Max's approach may be worth a go.
  10. Im going to wait on this. My lights are currently working so hopefully a burnout when this thing is available.
  11. Engine issue

    I had a similar problem. Take a look at this thread. It ended up being the fuel spider on top of the engine. While moving through the diagnosing of the problem we found Champion plugs with extremely high OHM resistance and replaced all with Tempest plugs, replaced all injector nozzles, and retimed the engine. There was also another thread that was similar ending up with it being the spider(also called flowdivider). Be careful in diagnosing before just flying around to test fly. After it was all said and done my engine has run great since. Neilpilot also had a scary issue.
  12. Available for wet wings and bladders or just wet wings?
  13. You guys that have had problems with properly service mags, what are the specific problems? One side bugging out, loose bolts?
  14. Opinions on This M20R

    Call Don Maxwell since he did the last annual.
  15. AGL wide open!!

    I'm down the hill at KSPA. I have heard good things from you guys. keep up the good work. This kind of information is always good to post here. Thanks