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  1. +1 for the switch from Champion to Tempest massives. What are the merits of fine wire Tempests vs massive? Thanks
  2. Man, both the Aerocomfort and Rmag's look great. I've got the plastic repair stuff to fix cracks/holes/paint and may try that route first to see how it turns out first. $600 for Aerocomfort certainly produces an excellent result. Rmag, did you do anything to smooth out wavyness and ripples in the plastic or just clean it up and paint it?
  3. Howdy, I pulled the glareshield out of the J today because it was rubbing on the windshield(molding came off). I'm up for annual in a week so I was thinking of a way to try and improve its looks. It has some wavyness in the plastic and a couple of extra holes in it. Any ideas from what some of you guys may have done? Thank you guys in advance for your thoughts and ideas.
  4. Here it is! Call today!
  5. Huskys can land and takeoff in less than 500 feet. Assuming Mr. Ford can maximize the capabilities of the Husky then this is absolutely a nonevent in the practical sense. In the legal sense and in our sensationalized world it may be a different story. Heck the controllers may have just let it play out but won't say that in an interview or on camera. We've got a Husky here(untowered) and he just taxies far enough from the hangers and is up in a couple hundred feet.
  6. How long do you guys hit the boost pump prior to cold starting? Sometimes I fire off on first blade and sometimes it takes a few rotations. I think I've always boosted too long but just curious.
  7. This works for me as well. Just a caveat to this approach, if the plane has been sitting for say three hours. I crack the throttle with mixture all in(no boost) and usually fires up. We call that a warm start.
  8. Thanks Bob, I'll give him a call and we can see how it turns out.
  9. Has anyone thought their plane was well rigged and had it checked to find that it wasn't? Mine flies great and seems that everything lines up well but there is always that looming knot out there seeing how my J is around 154 knots.
  10. We drained the tanks to do it and had no issues. It's a pain to get the valve up in there as it is.
  11. Hopefully not thread drift here. If I don't fly for a couple of weeks it takes a few prop rotations to kick off but not battery related. If I fly at least once a week the engine will start up very quickly(couple of compression strokes) Seems very similar to an older car. Go figure, I just thought this was normal.
  12. Take a look here.
  13. I was in an Archer partnership prior to owning the J and we looked into a batteryminder for the sealed Concorde. I spoke with a knowledgable representative at Concorde and they recommended a specific batteryminder charger for the type of battery that we had. As I recall the reasoning was that if you overcharge a sealed battery and some of the electrolyte is leaked off it cannot be replaced hence capacity will be reduced. On the flip side a sealed battery can be run down to an almost depleted state but needs recharging quickly or capacity will also be reduced if left in this condition. My J came with a Gill but I will buy a sealed Concorde when this one gives it up. This webinar from EAA pretty much covers it.
  14. Looks like good weather for Sunday morning! Try to make it to KSPA if you can. We will be serving breakfast around 9ish. Breakfast is on me for the Mooneyspacer pilot that comes from the furthest out.