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  1. INA201

    Average useful load of a Mooney

    1978J O&N bladders 985 useful not weighed just calculated over the years. Might weigh it this year to see.
  2. INA201

    Gross weight for a 1989 J MSE

    I am seeing real progress here on this thread! Has to be the case! “It’s my 200lbs and I want it now.” Get outta the way SR22, 182, and A36. Not to mention this would seriously improve the value of the aircraft. There is probably a track record showing virtually no airframe failures on middle conversions but I wouldn’t know. Nice thread and it breeds optimism.
  3. INA201

    Gross weight for a 1989 J MSE

    Is that tube really the reason that 200lbs wasn’t allocated to early Mooney gross weights? I’m retro frustrated.
  4. INA201

    Got into ice today

    I was skiing in Montana in January and ran into icing on the slopes. One day while we were skiing at approximately 18F our goggles and clothing were picking up a significant amount of rime ice. It was fairly dense fog with what I am assuming was super cooled water in the clouds. We were also at 8500 msl + not that the altitude was significant. I’ve never flown in ice in the Mooney but it is truly amazing how much ice is picked up at 30mph. Certainly knocked out all visibility through the goggles. I’m afraid of the stuff personally and will only fly with a 100% “out,” solution with even the lowest chance of running into it.
  5. INA201

    Gross weight for a 1989 J MSE

    Dang, if I had the 2900lb gross this old J would be at 1145 useful. People really like the separate mags, folding seats etc. etc. I’m wondering if an 1145 useful load J would be more attractive than all the extras. Nowadays an extra 32 lb backup battery would suffice over an extra alternator or backup vacuum pump(give you a solid 1 hour+). The ANR headsets cover the extra DB of noise. It’s a tough call when the marketing department tells you that your competition has XYZ. Your engineering department adds XYZ.
  6. INA201

    Gross weight for a 1989 J MSE

    The later Js were a little heavier I believe. My 1978 weighs 1755 FWIW. I have a 985 useful. What are some of the empty weights of you guys with later Js with the 2900 gross.
  7. INA201

    Gross weight for a 1989 J MSE

    Anyone try to push for 2900 on the older Js? Is it doable by Mooney?
  8. INA201

    N187CT - Building Our Dream 201

    Do you guys know the costs prior to install of the AVEO wingtips? Also, approximate install time excluding paint?
  9. INA201

    Windshield and landing lights lense

    Took my lens to a glass shop and they cut one out of plexi for me and put the holes in for under $20. It fit perfect and has held up well. I meant to say the hangar elves somehow made it happen, my mistake.
  10. INA201

    Propeller Vortelator

    Not this I guess? Up to 16% more efficiency.
  11. INA201

    Realistic Maximum Value for 1976 M20F

    Haha, Hopefully no thread drift here, but I’m keeping my eye on the whole autopilot shakedown!
  12. INA201

    Realistic Maximum Value for 1976 M20F

    I bought a 1978J. I had the same dilemma knowing that the return on investment didn’t exist from a business perspective. I do feel that with a solid J airframe you can make the economics work a little better. If your heart is attached to the F then that’s where I would stay for sure. This is a hobby and we need to feel good about our decisions. I spent close to 50k on this panel and will probably only see 30k in improved value. I pulled all of the plastic and redid it myself as well. Who knows though, value is very subjective and it takes a lot of time to get these projects done. Some folks would pay for not having the inconvenience and down time if they really like what you’ve done. I love flying, working on the plane, and learning everything I can about it. It’s all a ton of fun!! Almost illegal how much fun aviation is. If there is a knot in your stomach about upgrading the F then you might need to make a change. Jimmy Garrison may could help too like another MS member mentioned above.
  13. INA201


  14. INA201

    Recommissioning - Airplane and Myself

    Congratulations on getting back in the game!
  15. INA201

    Removal of annunciator panel

    Here’s the Bonanza pic for those who couldn’t see it.