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  1. I had a leak/seep where the fuel sender on the right wing attach. One of the front access covers about 40% out from the fuselage. It was an easy and cheap fix.
  2. Once I switched to Cole Aviation I never looked back. I feel from the folks here that AGL would be a similar choice and quality. There are 95% Mooney’s in the shop whenever I’m there. It has cost me a lot in dollars but has saved me an enormous amount of time since making the switch. I use the extra time to make the dollars. I sleep great and am much more confident about the safety and the quality of work on my aircraft.
  3. What’s truly amazing is that the prior owners totally neglected the “good will,” of all of us Mooney owners, Mooney watchers, Mooney fans, Mooneyspace members, and frankly it seems like Mooney employees too. I’m optimistic mostly because of what I feel is an about face from the prior owner. There is an insane amount of passion amongst the Mooney community. Passion is an almost free resource produced from the respect and passion(energy)that is created when things are done “right.” We all know the Mooney story and it feels like the new owners do to. It’s the whole point of all of this. Good
  4. Signed up! Sounds like addressing useful load and manufacturing efficiency will indeed make for a more competitive aircraft. I’m certainly more optimistic based on what I’m seeing.
  5. Biggest slow down for me is not so much a fear of Covid but I really can't afford to be knocked out of work for two weeks or so. I think with the right precautions its an excellent time to fly. For me, I have enjoyed staying local while work has kept me more or less tied down. Local in the Mooney(preaching to the choir here)is under 200 miles which can be the coast to the Appalachian mountains in and near South Carolina. All in all it has been ok just need to get out to the airport more.
  6. I haven’t really made any trips or long voyages since March or so. I’ve made lot of local flights which had been fun but not exactly the same. Have you guys changed your habits? I do run a restaurant which has kept me “tied down,” pun intended. Anyway, just curious as there is always an interesting story, thought, and insight in our group here.
  7. There are certain operational issues that can affect the longevity of the sealed batteries. One of the big ones is to leave them fully charged as best possible. Overcharging will also cause issues. Take a look at Mike Busch’s Battery webinar. A lot of folks use battery maintainers. I’ve had great luck with my Concorde in a 1978J.
  8. KSPA my 201 231 252 2 ovations may be others that I’m unaware of I’m the little guy on campus haha!
  9. My plane will auto taxi and park next to Mooneys that are on the ramp. Just one of the great features of our fine aircraft.
  10. The tail dragger versions are not bad looking imop.
  11. A friend of mine went from a glassair to a Taylorcraft and loves it. Don’t know if that helps. He did comment that it flies a lot better than a J-3. I’ve heard that before from others as well. That’s all I’ve got!
  12. Another look is to add TFRs and the red shaded areas are primarily firefighting operations unfortunately.
  13. Useful load is claimed to be 1232 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_DA50
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