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  1. Combination of idle, full flaps, gear out, speed reduction etc. I'll slip if absolutely necessary to get it all to come together but have only done it once. I've only done a couple of go arounds and I don't force landings. One of the go arounds was a landing soon after transition training where I thought I would do the porpoise Shamu bouncy thing.
  2. Just a quick pirep. I asked Dan at Lasar about the wheel well liner mod and any speed improvements a while back. Dan said that there are no noticeable speed improvements and frankly he talked me out of purchasing them. At the time I was buying inner gear doors that were missing from my J.
  3. Are these Dupli color paints any better than Krylon or Rustoleum types? I wanna do this once if possible. I've seen these at the auto parts store. They certainly cost more which must mean they are better right?
  4. I've got paint flaking off in the wheel wells on the J. My paint looks great except for the wheel well area. Seems like it would prevent corrosion to have it cleaned up and sprayed. Have any of you guys taken on this project? Any ideas for a reasonably low AMU solution? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just did mine. The tail went up by three to four inches. Ride is better overall. More noticeable than the ride is that the plane just rattles less and feels more stable and solid. My old ones on the mains had no date but the nose was 1991.
  6. My fault, I forgot to say that I'm putting the Garmin remote audio in as well. I went over on my original budget by doing the 900 but I'm strongly considering a bottom nav/com to replace the old BK units. Seems like the Garmin Nav/com is $3800 or so. I'm guessing I could get 1.2 to 1.5 for the old units. What do y'all think, just eat at and finish off the center? Would it be a big expense trying to upgrade those radios later on? New placards will be done as well. I want to come up with a vinyl or some type of placard to go over the annunciator but not sure how to get that done exactly.
  7. Put a deposit down on GTN750, JPI 900, GTX 345, and GPSS for the century 2b. Also going with the Garmin remote audio/voice control tied into the 750. We are going to mount a vertical card and remove the old compass. Thinking of putting a USB port where the compass is now. We are going to recut a panel for the 6 pack area and the smaller panel where the transponder is. Any other panel work starts to add up it seems. It'll be a couple of months before we get her in the shop and completed at this point. Please let me know of any suggestions you guys have. I really appreciate everyone's input and opinions on this project it's been a great help and a lot of fun. Here are a couple of "before," pics.
  8. I'm hooked! ....Wait, Ive got it all completely under control.
  9. In my quest to figure out a plan going forward I flew with a buddy in his newly updated Cherokee Six. He put in all of the bells and whistles and is an amazingly easy way to fly compared to my "Old everything" panel. I really liked the audio panel control, visual flow chart so to speak of the audio, and the 3D sound was also very impressive. We played some Buffet in the back ground while having AWOS on the 2nd comm(GTN650) radio while calling clearance for a radio check on comm 1. Set it so the music would play even with radio transmissions and the 3D audio makes it all quite easily decipherable, very impressive. He had the voice command too which has a separate little red button on the right side of the yoke. Push the red button and ask it to "set tower frequency," and it throws it into the box. Almost seems like cheating. The panel mounted GTX345 can be set in the panel or through the 750 which is nice as well. I'm thinking of going this route with the 750, remote audio, with the GTX being installed in the panel. The G500 just ain't gonna happen at this point but is unreal in it's presentation of data. This could be talked about at length. Coupling a GPSS to the Century 2b should also keep me going strong for a while. At this point I'm inclined to do the 750, 345, remote audio, GPSS, and JPI 900. That's already more AMUs than originally planned but will definitely bring her up to the modern era. I really appreciate everyone's insight into the panel work and especially the strong opinions towards going bigger screen and a primary engine monitor. I may have gone too "cheap," if it weren't for everyone's positive opinions on going this route. I doubt there will be any regrets and "no more crackling noise in my ears!"Now it's time to put the funding plan together. Photo of the Cherokee Six below.
  10. Sounds like the cool clean looking 750 panel isn't the most practical based on what I'm hearing. It probably is easier to allow your copilot to help with transponder settings and audio without going through the GTN. The idea of redundancy is also nice. The 900 will free up a ton of space too.
  11. Nice panels! Bob, did you replace the rocker switches with your current pitot, lights, etc. or was that standard style with your plane? If I'm recutting panels is there some merit to looking into the switches too? Anyone change out the annunciator with something more modern? I hope to only do the panel foundation one time. The compass while in a nice location doesn't function well at all so I'm going to need to remove it and probably put a vertical card.
  12. Anyone have a DAC GPSS converter to work in a 1978 J that they want to part with?
  13. After first meeting with a shop I've come up with a few options. I am quoting with a Garmin dealer for round one. We are looking at both GTNs(750 is about 5 amu more all in). Also, like some of you mentioned I'm leaning toward JPI 900 now after looking at what all we can remove and he said that only 15 hours labor would be added vs 35-40 if we did it by itself. I'm really impressed with the 900. Seems like the 900 would simplify your engine scan quit a bit and would fit right where the 700 is now. Looking at GMA 35 remote mounted if getting the 750 or panel mounted GMA 350 with the 650. He said that he sells a lot more PS audio panels but in his opinion these newer model Garmin units are very comparable to the PS and not like the older Garmin stuff. Anyone have experience with either? GTX-345 for ADSB. I'm going to try and find a used DAC GPSS converter that will go in as well. I know nothing about GPSS stuff. Also, pull the old panels and cut out new and powder coat. Is there anything we should think through for the future when they are cutting out the panel? I know if we go with a G5 etc and a Tru Trak kind of set up it in the future it would be nice to flush mount them but wondering how you plan it that way now? Planning to clean up all of the wiring. I've got plugs and wires all over the place that seem to have no home. You guys didn't warn me about the "while we are at it," disorder. Thanks again for all the input from you guys! This forum is great.
  14. My only reason for doing the 700 to 730 upgrade was for the USB port and better visual interpretation of the info. I think it is really just a display change out and around $1200 without much install costs. Maybe I should just table that idea and save the money for the left panel a year or so down the road. I'm in the lobby of one of the avionics shops I'm looking at using as we speak. What about the Garmin nav/coms that speak with the 650 etc in lieu of the 700-730 and just concentrate on center stack for now as a plan? Right now I'm seeing what these guys say and the pricing to make a final decision. If you look at the photo I've got an ammeter/voltmeter, intercom, oil pressure gauge etc on the right panel. Any thoughts on tying that in with the 700? Just leave em? Thanks guys for your input there certainly are a lot of ways and options out there.