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  1. INA201

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    I have a 1978J and this is what I ordered. I researched out the parts but not 100% sure they are correct as I haven’t installed them yet. The type of pressure regulator I have is the long one as opposed to short one(confusing I know)that sits on the top rear of the engine and is safety wired in place. Mine allows for washers to be placed in it to help with raising the pressure. Adding washers alone will help but I wanted to start with a fresh spring and ball then go from there.
  2. INA201

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    I was planning to try and raise the normal operating pressure to 75 or so by making these changes. This would be separate from the low oil pressure with low oil capacity anomaly.
  3. INA201

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    I had this same exact issue. The oil pressure would drop when I was 5 1/2 quarts or below. I went as far as thinking that carbon may have built up around the screen so I had it pulled and inspected. The screen was clear. 60 PSI is the minimum for the J and I typically see between 65-70 PSI under normal conditions. The pressure would run as low as 59 with less than 5 1/2 quarts. I bought a new spring and ball for the relief valve but haven't installed them yet.
  4. INA201

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    You do. I recall them saying that they really improved the ram air over the original design.
  5. INA201

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    Would it make a difference round or square? Ultimately it would be the design that is the most streamlined and produces the highest pressure in the top of the cowl. Just my two cents but I’m not an aeronautical engineeer.
  6. INA201

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    Will the gen2 fit all models J and below or are modifications in order? My thinking is if it is somewhat economical to produce it could revolutionize and modernize a lot of the fleet. That Lopresti cowl is very cost prohibitive.
  7. INA201

    When should I change the oil?

    Seems like most folks including me change it around 30. Others will go up to 50 which is the POH recommendation I believe. Most people also recommend 4 months in between changes if the 30 or 50 hours is not met by then. It’s kind of fun to me to change my own oil you just will need someone to help with the cowling. I use this to drain the filter oil to avoid dripping everywhere. Good luck!
  8. INA201

    Oil Consumption Pirep

    I’ll determine total usage for 30 hours which used to be around 5 quarts +- a little and see where I am. I do wait for a few days before relying on an accurate reading. The blow by I get now on the front gear door is very fine of virtually no significance whereas before I may have had a little more and a streak or two. The blow by was never really significant but a noticeable difference right now in my opinion. I better wait for a couple of oil changes, 50 to 60hours or so, to make a more accurate determination on usage. I do agree with the spurious correlation because from what I know it doesn’t seem to be a correlation that I have seen or read about with just these changes to the engine. How far forward can timing be set. Could it have been set to 30tdc for example? Gimme a couple of months and I’ll update the data as well.
  9. INA201

    Oil Consumption Pirep

    No separator installed. Please feel free to call me crazy. I had the same consumption for three years. I'm expecting to burn a little more as the oil ages but even so it is a very noticeable change. I always keep a close tally on how much oil I have used. I did have a small induction leak fixed and the exhaust tightened up at the same time. The biggest thing was almost no mag drop prior to the mag being rebuilt.
  10. INA201

    Oil Consumption Pirep

    No leaks other than a few drops from the pushrod seal.
  11. INA201

    Panel overlay?

    That's a nice panel! I think our older planes have more inherent appeal specifically because of the original Mooney Logo. I won't say FBC out loud, someone else can.
  12. I was always a little concerned that my oil consumption was a little high at 5-6 hours a quart. I checked the exhaust pipe for burning oil. We checked the plugs. Compressions were always good. Did not have an abnormal amount of blowby. Everything checked out. Weird thing is, I didn't have much of an RPM drop when doing the mag check. I get my D mag rebuilt(500 hour) and poof oil consumption has dropped. I've put about 1 1/2 quarts in about the last 18 hours. Consequently, I get a 70 RPM+- drop during my mag check. The oil is also staying more honey looking. Go figure. I thought I would throw this out there because I haven't heard of this scenario before.
  13. INA201


    I get emails when new planes are listed. I don’t know anything about this plane other than this ad. Looks like a possible good deal.(Even though we all know the potential pitfalls of this way of thinking)
  14. INA201

    Mooney J Performance Info

    Went up today. I made sure to be level and stable before taking any numbers. The average speed running close to 83 ROP 11.4 GPH 6500 feet 2600 ROM 11deg OAT WOT NSEW 23.7MP with 35 pounds of weight in the baggage compartment was 162.5 knots. Same altitude 13 LOP 9.2GPH 23.6MP everything else the same yielded 155.75knots. This is roughly the same as my original post with 10GPH fuel flow. My conclusion is that the rear weight contributed to a couple of knots. Interestingly, using 2600 RPM also added to the numbers for sure. I attached some pics of the LOP and ROP settings. Any advice or comments would be really appreciated. I’m new to the engine management game.
  15. INA201

    GTN 750 vs current upgrades

    I love these threads! We CB Pilots are really good at spending other people’s money. I was going to do a new audio panel and slide in a 440 to replace a 430w along with a GTX345. You might as well this that and the other! I ended up dropping 45k. Did I double my budget? Yes. Do I have one single regret? No. Will you have any regrets? I can’t remember who gave this advice here. “Opening up your panel is like major surgery and the more you accomplish while it’s opened up the better.” I agreed and went for it. Keep us posted.