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  1. Let’s see.... 1. Airlines don’t seem to make much money and go bankrupt here and there. Ask me how I know. Invested in Continental and watched the stock go all the way up to zero. 2. Bigger charter services seem to do ok but the smaller ones usually don’t. 3. CFIs spouses usually make money or the CFIs have another job too. 4. Mechanics don’t make a ton. Car mechanics have less regs, worse quality, and still make more typically. 5. I make good money, then spend it all on flying so realistically I don’t make money. 6. The drug runners make a ton of money but somehow end up in jail. I’ve heard that the most fun while flying is being chased while 2x over gross while low on fuel loaded full of some illicit substance while flying(sarcasm). In conclusion to all of our threads on these subjects is obviously FLYING is worth more than money. It has to be doesn’t it?
  2. You could advertise this to select groups and possibly write off a lot of expenses. You still won’t make money but may get close to free flying for these trips unless you could charge a lot.
  3. How’s the sightseeing flight work as a business model?
  4. Looking at Trade a Plane and Controller I noticed that only ten Js on TAP and twelve for sale on C. I haven't followed other models. When I bought my J a couple of years ago there were as many as 27-30 for sale. Definitely becoming a sellers market. I'm glad I bought when I did. Good models are probably hard to find I bet.
  5. INA201

    When do engines fail on takeoff?

    Good article and makes sense. I’ve seen where other Mooney gurus and MS members take the same approach. This approach certainly eliminates this discussion on power reduction.
  6. Anyone have any more data or updates from this old thread?
  7. INA201

    When do engines fail on takeoff?

    I always try to reduce or increase power in any situation very smooth and slowly. I’ve flown with pilots who make quick power adjustments and some who make smooth slow power transitions. My first flight instructor who had some 26,000+ hours would jam the power in on touch and goes in the 172. In her career she has had one engine failure due to an improperly installed helicoil for one of the spark plugs. Personally, without imperial data, we should adjust power smoothly if at all on takeoff. The crankshaft, cams, cylinders, prop, and all other moving parts have a ton of inertia that is affected highly with adjustments of power. I like to get everything up to operating temperature as well before takeoff. Having an engine that is cold being asked to pull my 2740 pound aircraft up into the sky is putting a lot of strain as those parts warm up and are pounded on. I don’t know the stats on this but just seems to make sense to me. Also, MX, engine monitor, and if something just “ain’t right,” don’t go.
  8. INA201

    LLC or Personal?

    I was in a Piper Archer partnership a few years ago and we decided to form an LLC for some liability protection but mostly to simplify ownership changes. When everyone in a group is listed on the aircraft registration and a partner wants to sell his/her share you have to go through the registration process every time. The LLC makes it easy to add partners and repurchase the ownership percentage of partners without too much difficulty. We never had this problem but for a partner that was abusing the plane, not paying his/her share, or just breaking the rules of the “corporation,” it’s a lot easier to buy them out and have rules in place to do so quickly. The bank account and adresses(P.O. box) can all remain in the LLC name which also keeps things simpler. In many ways the LLC makes a partnership situation much more professional. That’s all I’ve got.
  9. INA201

    Places to stay in Bahamas for a CB?

    I found a condo owned by a pilot on VRBO at Treasure Cay with a pilot discount. I wanna say it was under $150 per night. It was very adequate for our stay but not super fancy like a lot of places are now. It’s in a great location and not too touristy. Ask for the pilot discount if they still offer it.
  10. INA201

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    David, where did you go? The unwritten rule is that you can't throw a Bo or Cirri grenade and run. Actually, im kidding, we love this conversation.
  11. INA201

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    My 1978J has 980 UL with 740 left while holding 40 gallons of fuel. Buy the J, rent the Bo or Cirrus when needed and you’ll be way ahead financially. You’ll get to fly at least two different aircraft as well.
  12. INA201

    Performance issue M20J

    I have a 1978J and am off the ground on pavement almost always before 2,000 feet. However, a 2200 foot “grass” strip would not fit my comfort zone but would most likely work with ZERO safety margin built in. A 172, 182, and 206 would have better safety margins for that length of runway and being grass. I’ll defer to others who have more grass runway experience and their more qualified advice.
  13. INA201

    What do you think of this crazy J??

    If it has virtually zero squawks I could see $155K. The problem is that there is almost always an issue somewhere. It could be brake lines, hoses, etc. who knows.
  14. From my experience the Cirrus represents excellent sales and service for a concierge price tag even after the sale. A brand new Mooney will leave you fending for yourself to a certain extent but quite possibly cost 30% less in ongoing costs. I have no data to back this up other than just being on the different forums and seeing insurance/chute repack etc. I could afford a used older 20 or 22 but for me the Mooney J just works all around. If I made another 50k a year the extra service level and support might be worth the extra costs but then again we are talking Ovation level too by golly...