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  1. I did it... bought me a Mooney!

    Congratulations! Beautiful plane.
  2. Yes. He was ok with the wing tip but wanted the stabilizer one removed. He wanted a logbook entry for the wingtip and a emailed photo of the logbook entry. They or rather he didn't like it being on a control surface.
  3. Go pro mount on stabilizer caught the eye of FAA inspector. Had to be removed. Kept the one on the wing with a logbook entry.
  4. Fuel Tank Reseal - Expensive...

    This may seem dumb but why can't you just sand down the old crusty sealant a bit and just slather new sealant on?
  5. Why did they pull it? Just curious. Thanks
  6. My 1978J 900smoh uses 5 an hour with pattern work and 6-7 on longer trips. Has been that way for two years with no signs of blow by or burning oil. Good oil analysis etc. I use 100W plus without camguard but considering trying the Phillips/camguard combination. This seems to be a quite common usage level.
  7. This article sums it up pretty well. I personally believe the higher end noise cancelling headsets are going to be your best bet. Wonder what the Navy flight deck guys use?
  8. Aviation humor

  9. Electronic Ignition=STC

    Just saw this update for electroair ignition and dual magneto installation.
  10. 78J no beacon. Navs and strobes only and no step. Came standard for mine.
  11. Tried ordering the DVD from the website but wouldn't work. Any idea how to go about purchasing the DVD.
  12. Baffling

    I was just perusing the Vansairforce site and looking at how they baffle their engines. Seems there may be some merit to baffling around the front of the engine as well. My thoughts are that you may gain a little more pressure in the engine compartment thus you could pull your cowl flaps in tight to gain a couple of those elusive knots in speed while being cooler. The first photo is the Vans, while the last two are my J. Anyone have any experience or thoughts?
  13. We went through mine for rocking back and forth and basically ended up sending all the components off to Bevan Rabell and having it all rebuilt. As I understand it is that the rocking part was caused by the motor having too much resistance. I don't remember the voltage that was required but just for an example let's say normally it should require like 1.3 volts but mine was taking let's say 2.5 volts or more. We sent the motor off and that fixed it. A pro can at least test the resistance for the proper voltage and at least eliminate that issue. They just hooked the motor up and slowly dialed up the voltage until the servo actuated to determine what it took. Anyway, I hope yours is that simple.
  14. Diamond in the rough or money pit?

    Can't hurt to make a nice prebuy checklist starting with the most expensive items and just see if it makes the cut. If the OP is available give him a call. He may be upfront and honest and go over where the weaknesses are in the aircraft,.
  15. Anyone take off on one mag? Not me of course, just asking. I bet if you did though you would wonder why the plane won't climb. You might also do a nice and easy 180 back to the airport to figure out why it feels like DA is 15,000 feet.