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  1. INA201

    What do Brokers Charge?

    Not a bad cost at 5-7%. I was thinking 10% or more considering all of the factors that come into play.
  2. INA201

    1973 M20E Just listed

    I think your plane is one people should jump on. I hope it goes well and quick.
  3. For those of us that have used All American, Airmart, or other well respected brokerages how does it work? I’ve typically just advertised through TAP or Controller and gotten all the calls etc. Seems like a good buyer will find a good plane if you just list it but you have to coordinate everything yourself. Is there any advantage, like liability protection to using a broker? How much do they charge? Just curious and thought it might be some good experience and knowledge sharing.
  4. INA201

    1973 M20E Just listed

    Nice plane! Looks like a good value. I’m wondering why they don’t ask more for the J model listed on their site based on what other brokers are asking now.
  5. INA201

    Frugal Mooney Owners Rejoice!

    There is a scale of relativity to the CB club. You can be a CB and drive a brand new Acclaim Ultra, it’s rare, but quite possible. I don’t want to go into specifics but everything from wealth, income, assets, liabilities, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, other toys, mental accumen, character, possessing mechanical skills, down to earth quotient, Meyers Briggs personality tests, all play a part in the dynamic formula that qualify one as a CB. Only members of MENSA can truly have the mental capacity to understand the formula that concludes an accurate judgement as to whether or not someone qualifies as a true CB or not. I’ve seen the formula by the way and wow. You think multi variable calculus or quantum physics/mechanics are difficult. Try the CB formula. I gave up on the formula! Maybe that in and of itself makes me a CB.
  6. INA201


    whats the difference with A1A and the A3B6D on my 201?
  7. INA201

    Cheap IFR GPS

    This may be a little thread creep here. One good thing about upgrading from a 430w to a 750 is having all new wiring installed including antenna. In your case going ahead with putting a good “foundation” with new wiring etc and going with a used 430w then subsequently a 440 or other slide in is that you’ve already created modern wiring for comms and the gps.
  8. INA201

    Cheap IFR GPS

    I agree but would eat the costs and do WAAS so that you already have an antennae for the 440 upgrade. I bet you can get a used unit for $5000 if you post that you are looking and talk to some avionics shops.
  9. I started out in RC because I hadn't fully realized that I needed to be "in" the plane.
  10. INA201

    A couple of questions from a newbie

    I started at 39 when I became an adult kid! Good luck to you. BTW the 6 will carry it all from my understanding.
  11. Oh, have you posted pics of your new plane. Always nice to see a new purchase! Throw up a new thread if you haven’t already. Thanks and congratulations!
  12. I took mine out and cleaned it with Goo gone, or maybe the go jo hand cleaner. One or the other and it looks much better.
  13. Looking for updates. Anyone with some info?
  14. something like this may be a better option. Also, you could post that you are looking. Mooneys are a rare commodity nowadays. I chose the spend a ton option on doing my own upgrades which is very time and money consuming but very rewarding.