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  1. Failed to mention. I bought that same Griots polisher and use it on my vehicles but haven't tried it on the plane just yet.
  2. I was planning on painting my plane and a pilot ,who also restores cars, gave me some advice. He said to give buffing a try. My paint was not quite as chalky as yours but is mostly white so it is possible. I borrowed a Flex rotary polisher with some 3m pads and started with the 3M Perfect it Rubbing Compound #1. It worked great but you could tell it was removing some paint, which might be a good thing. Nonetheless it looks great. Instead of using the #2, and #3 3m products I used the Mcguiers Ultimate to fix some small faded areas after the 3M #1. After all of this I waxed the plane with Rejex which is what many of the turbine guys and boat folks use on Imron paint. I have just been following up with Rejex when it stops beading the past couple of years and more often on the leading edges. Bottom line is start with the mildest compound like the Mcguires and move up to more extreme if needed. Be patient as it is time consuming but I having had to buff in three years now so I’m pleased.
  3. I have a G5 HSI with IIB and the GAD29B. I find my autopilot wanders back and forth slightly. Is the G5 sensitivity the first course of action to fix this?
  4. My opinion is that a reference with very “recent,” experience is the way to go. A shop like Triad is based on recent experience and has done great work and currently does. Also, I have heard a lot of really good reviews from Jewel that are current. When I say current I also mean the same staff, ownership, and management. For example, I’m pretty sure Bulduc had an excellent reputation years ago brought on by the original owner. I don’t know their work now but I’m pretty sure there was an ownership change. I had some historical cylinder work done by them with the prior owner of my plane so I looked them up. At the time it was the original owner with a really good reputation and frankly a good story behind their business. Now it would be wise to get current information on how they are doing. I can’t speak to Penn Yann, Poplar Grove, Gann, or the others because I have no information about them. Engine work is an art, science, and a passion in my opinion.
  5. One thing that I didn’t see mentioned was that many FBOs including my home airport are run by their respective host city. Our FBO employees are city employees and frankly do not have to make a “profit.” The FBO situation is a tricky one for sure.
  6. Just an update. We isolated the issue as the wire that powers the clutch is defective. I still haven’t had time to meet up with the avionics guy to get a new wire run to fully make the repair.
  7. I might would buy a Lancair if I were building one. 1. You will learn how to fly it safely 2. Owning a completed plane would save many hours in the build process. 3. You will find areas that you may want to construct differently. 4. The scary part is that you may end up not liking the Lancair in the first place. Possibly a reason to get a Mooney so that you will not discover this until after building the L. 5. If economics is a concern the C model is pretty much depreciated out and can conceivably only go up. The Js were selling in the 80s just a few years ago but now are in the 100s quite often.
  8. Took a few photos of Mooney’s and such. 714809B8-7B73-431F-B2BC-A58012B11198.MOV CDC8EC8F-38FA-4E5B-978B-D18C8FFC8327.MOV 074F326F-7C6B-40A4-BC69-81F97FDEF060.MOV
  9. That doesn’t sound exactly accurate in my opinion. My guess is touch and goes with a lot of power changes along with climbing at a steep angle may cause a higher burn rate. I would have a hard time believing you would go from 2.5 hours a quart to 9.5/10 or rather a 400% increase in consumption unless there is something really unique going on. I might consider a third opinion from possibly a highly reputable engine shop before jumping into a conclusion based on the information presented here.
  10. Heck I did the Mooney back clutch spring SB this past annual to boot. As Bear Bryant would say, “that’s the dumbest Mooney pilot I have ever seen, but he sure is fast.”
  11. 1. Im concerned that all your cylinders are glazed. What is your standard operating technique? 2. Was timing somehow integral to your situation? 3. Are you comfortable with 1qt per 2.5 hours? I’m personally not but some folks are.
  12. bushings for inner gear doors. These suckers were $50 each so $300 total.
  13. Hey guys. I plan on going and am local to the area. For those that haven't been it is well worth a visit. I cannot emphasize this enough. I describe it as the Augusta National of aviation. My grandmother used to volunteer at Augusta when I was a kid and it has the same feel as the early years of the Masters before all of the hype. You will have no problems flying and landing in the Mooney. I even leave my inner gear doors on and have always taxied slowly. We will be camping all week and will make it a point to keep a Mooney shirt on. The extended forecast is looking like highs in the mid 80s and lows in the mid 60s. Hope to see you.
  14. Take a look. Best information I could find. Looks pretty well organized.