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  1. INA201

    Considering Mooney purchase NE Oklahoma

    Long term purchase or short? Went from an Archer to a Mooney 3 years ago and won’t ever look back. Archer is a great all around plane but no match for the Mooney. Just finished my instrument a month ago. If your gonna fly a Mooney long term I would finish the rating in the plane you’ll be flying in.
  2. INA201


    Hmmm, how much all in including install ya think on a 10 gallon add on with say 5 orders?
  3. INA201

    I swear I'm cursed.

    Wow, glad you guys are safe! Any idea if it was the hex plug coming loose from a heat shrunk gasket? Sputtering engine was the effect of the hex plug coming loose. of Precision Airmotive Mandatory Service Bulletin Nos. PRS-107%2C Rev. 4...pdf
  4. INA201

    Exhaust and Intake Leaks

    Just got the JPI 900 about 2 months and 20 flight hours ago. I'm getting the plane looked at by an MSC for some minor issues and my distrust of the mechanic who did the last annual. I haven't downloaded data off the JPI so I'm guessing all the before and after info will be stored on it. We are doing Dual mag rebuild, new ignition harness, in addition to tightening up the intake and exhaust. Apparently there is an AD on the Bendix fuel servo that we are complying with as well. It'll be interesting to see with all this being done at once. So if the RSA-5 adjusts the fuel flow then any induction leaks after it will effect the mixture going to the cylinders?
  5. INA201

    Exhaust and Intake Leaks

    It all makes sense. I'm flying a 1978J with an IO-360. The engine runs really well imop but does exhibit symptoms of slight popping at low RPM after a hot restart and on the power decrease close to landing. I just got a JPI w fuel flow installed so I can figure out the FF on takeoff and see where it is before and after the repairs. I think i'm less than 18gph on takeoff but I need to download the data to be sure.
  6. INA201

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    you mean your cam would agree? Alright, lets get to 100 votes then it will be a somewhat accurate poll just maybe possibly.
  7. INA201

    Exhaust and Intake Leaks

    The intake seal was a little off and a new gasket put in and sealed up with the intake pipes sanded and repainted. The exhaust was sent out for repair as it didn’t fit together tightly. I have noticed a little bit of rough idle sort of popping and light backfire but was very mild and at really low RPM. I didn’t worry about the low RPM popping sound because it was very mild and usually only occurs after a hot start when taxiing. Weird, the light rough idle that I thought was normal only happens after refueling or restarting after sitting a few minutes but I bet that is the small induction leak. I don’t get why it matters where the engine gets its air from? Doesn’t the engine/cylinder just suck in the air it needs no matter where it comes from? BTW thanks for the responses above, makes sense.
  8. Hopefully this will help others with this question. I keep a decent inspection of my engine, change the oil, and am mechanically above average but I don’t get the issues with exhaust and induction leaks. I’m told by a highly reputable mechanic that I have some small exhaust leaks where the pipes fit together and an induction leak where the seals are not particularly tight. I’m just wondering how having some minor leaks is an issue. What are the advantages of having everything perfectly tight. I did request to have everything looked at closely. I could see the exhaust pipes not fitting perfectly tight but never thought it was an issue. The induction leaks they tested for with some type of fluid I believe. Can someone explain how this effects performance and the importance of a tight system. It seems to me that an induction leak would just mean the engine was getting air but not 100% through the pipe leading to the engine. Exhaust leak just seems like a tiny bit might leak around the edges of the pipe while most of the gas goes on out. I don’t fully get it or is it overkill to have it perfect. Thanks
  9. INA201

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    Hmmm, maybe we are on to something with the zinc. Take a look. Anyone smarter than me have any idea if this is a possible additive that would work? Heck, maybe camguard has zinc and that’s the secret. This next sentence is an edit from the original post. I read camguard’s website and they call some of their additives a “zinc synthetic,” to basically replace the zinc that was mandated to be reduced in oil. Look at this link. Zinc reduction may be the issue. I’m now concerned with lead being removed from fuel.
  10. INA201

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    Let’s dont thread drift but I think Champion developed a bad reputation for spark plugs from a certain period in their history too. It is quite possible that most cam problems were due to a particular supplier or metallurgy that was from a distinct time period. I’ve seen some posts though where folks have recently had a factory reman to only have cam problems soon after. It really is hard to get statistically significant data on a poll like this but does give a decent picture of overall issues or not.
  11. INA201

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    I guess I should rephrase the “pretty good,” comment from my part. It’s “pretty bad” but better than I thought considering how it is such a bad design element in our engines. I’m assuming that we have a lot of years of Mooney ownership represented here. In my case I have a decade behind Lycomings with no issues “I think,” but I bet others on MS and who voted have twenty years or more. Should’ve put that question in too.
  12. INA201

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    See if we can get a few more votes. Based on comments 65% of folks with no problems is pretty good.
  13. INA201

    Oil change frequency poll.

    I do the change it and let the case run out deal. Ends up around 25-30 hours. I just switched to the Phillips 20w50/cam guard plan from 100w plus. I just wanna see how consumption, iron analysis etc. go using Phillips.
  14. INA201

    Looking to rotate a short flying video

    Looked at the title “Rotate” and was thinking hmmm 65knots rotation speed equals 50 FPS but then I read the post and was disappointed. Oh well.....I don’t know how to rotate the video but can, however, rotate the Mooney. So ladies and gentleman if you only know how to rotate the Mooney it’s ok.