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  1. I think they could use their creative and volunteer energy to at least create entries into the various categories of aircraft. They could also put together a really memorable event that could be digitized so that every EAA member could be involved. I’ve always looked at challenges as opportunities if the possibility to do so presents itself. The Flight to Oshkosh is cancelled but the spirit can be harnessed with some creative leadership. Who knows.....let’s see.
  2. Rejex is what a lot of turbine guys use to make it easy to get the black off. Gotta get everything off first with a clay bar or similar and then Rejex. You can wax on top of the Rejex after 24 hours if you want a better shine. It’s not the best shine but bonds to the paint. I do it once a year to protect it.
  3. You won't get an accurate evaluation right now until the economy stabilizes. There will be a fire sale or two for sure in the coming months unfortunately.
  4. We visited Mount Washington in August about ten years ago. It was 85F at the base and 45F at the summit and very windy. The elevation is not really all that high as well. It’s really a phenomenon.
  5. I have read, contributed, and do believe that the multiple posts comparing Ferrari's hand made cars to our beloved Mooney's do have serious merit. On the other hand, I have never seen a Mooney video anywhere close to this one, and frankly, wasn't looking for it. We have all talked about Mooney not competing with Carbon Fiber Technology along with parachutes and all of that. Am I crazy or are we just not marketing these planes correctly. New Mooney Factory owner please take note. I picked the best produced Mooney marketing video I could find(maybe there is a better one)to illustrate a contrast. I guess the point of this post is that the Mooney I fly compares more to the Ferrari video than to the Mooney's marketing over the past few years. Lets discuss this.......
  6. All I know is this one is not a Mooney IMOP. Throw a retract on and the M10 might be a good start towards modern composites for Mooney.
  7. Is this Fake news? Really though, Congratulations and I hope the positive story continues for you!!
  8. I kinda like this approach but would expand on it some. How about the crazy idea of build to order with engine choices and airframe choices. You could also pick your paint scheme etc. etc. Realistically I think the only way Mooney can compete with our excellent used fleet is to have a kit build to get the price point waaaay down.
  9. I still haven’t done a three way and four way speed run after all of the door issues. So for my part in this thread I will get up soon and fill in the final data for my end of this thread. Thanks for the thread revival guys!! I’m looking at my last post on this one and thinking where the four years went.
  10. Id like to see the dual mag at some point too! It is sounding like a worthy purchase so far.
  11. These are the takeoffs you get away with one time only haha! Nice video and story. We forget about the drug running component of our pilot community.
  12. I’m hoping the G5’s will integrate with my century 2b at some point to since I already purchased one of them. Here’s a link to the 275s integrations.
  13. I really liked the performance of the Diamond DA40 on only 180hp. The accident rate is almost nonexistent in these as well. I couldn’t get past the looks and then the price point. Overall I think it fits extremely well for practical, efficient, ergonomic, and safe flying. I’m very curious to see and find out why and what they gain out of putting the retract on the DA50. They may already have most of the 50 certified as they have been working on it for a while absent the introduction of the diesel. Cirrus set the bar high and to break into the current market there has to be some significant reason for people to go Diamond or even Mooney for that matter vs just grabbing a now proven Cirrus with its deep support network. I’m only speaking of buying new of course. We all know that Mooney is really the best bang for the buck in the used market.