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  1. jrwilson

    Typical M20C speeds (TAS)

    Lol. I hope you’re enjoying the plane. She treated us well for 12 years.
  2. jrwilson

    Typical M20C speeds (TAS)

    Whoever got that thing painted before you got it, wow! They did a great job!!! Look, the tow bar even matches. Amazing attention to detail
  3. jrwilson

    Do hubcaps offer any advantages?

    I don't have any mechanically inclined hangar elves...I'm stuck with dirty tires. I should get some better elves.
  4. jrwilson

    Do hubcaps offer any advantages?

    Could your elf provide a link for the hubcaps it found?
  5. Do you not have a primer? Why boost pump? Is it the same system?
  6. This seems to work for me: Cold throttle/mixture full forward prime 5 seconds throttle 1” starts pretty quick hot start throttle/mixture full forward prime 3 seconds or no primer if I just shut down within 5 minutes or so throttle half way in starts every time have been using the Hot start method above a lot in the last few days because trying to do fuel flow set up and it’s worked every time
  7. jrwilson

    231 cowl flaps

    One of mine likes to drop below 250 degrees too in cruise with flaps partially open. Do you have a reference source for it being ok to go below 250? It would certainly make me more comfortable...
  8. jrwilson

    Cabin door hard to close

    Sorry, should be “cabin” door...I’ll fix that
  9. Hi all, Just recently, the cabin door has been a bit hard to close during part of its travel. All the way open to about three quarters open it travels freely. From 3/4 open to 1/4 open, its pretty stiff, then 1/4 open to closed it moves pretty freely again. I don't see anything obviously wrong with the door arm track (I don't know what it's called). I lubed it with LPS-1 and it looks clean. Any ideas?
  10. jrwilson


    I was thinking that too, but maybe that is just a really big dude in front, causing an optical illusion...
  11. jrwilson

    AmSafe news

    Well, the news article is about a product in development. I'm really talking apples and oranges. The one they have certified and available is 6,000. Who knows when or if the developmental product will be available and what it will actually cost. I'm just reporting the price of their current product. I maybe should have been more clear.
  12. jrwilson

    AmSafe news

    I called Amsafe and for a 231, they estimated $6,300, not including install for pilot and copilot.
  13. Nope. There was Placerville Aviation, but he is mostly doing owner assist stuff and renting out hangar space. The only actual maintenance shop there is Hangtown now.
  14. jrwilson

    M20J Speed Improvement?

    Mine has an inter cooler so temps aren’t a problem, especially at 6000. In fact, in the winter (even in California) I have to keep the cowl flaps closed at 6,000 to keep the cylinder temps (#5 and 6 in the front) up in the green arc. The idea of temperature issues is really related to the GB engine. Most are LB engines now, which run much cooler, and many 231's have intercoolers, which improve temperatures even further. So that is a pretty old criticism of 231's, being hot running. Yes, I do cruise settings 28/25 at 6,000 and that gets close to 160, which is certainly prudent, as my cylinder temps are about 350 or less and TIT is well under 1500... So you can add that to your anecdotal data set.