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  1. Paul, we aren't that far apart! I've been telling you this! We see each other's posts and pretty much agree on everything to include Pete's posts and feelings! Haha!!!!
  2. You most likely need to do a CF and reinstall the SW for the unit. Did this happen when you were doing a DB update by chance? Were you on battery power or external power, if you were doing a DB update? There is an actual Service Advisory to get this done to the unit and Avidyne is very very helpful in getting this done for customers. If I can help, please let me know. Also, did you register the IFD? If you did, they will take care of it and it usually is a 1 day turn around once they receive it if the Avionics Shop communicates with Tech Support clearly and concisely.
  3. Do you have the "Database Sync" Databases or just the one for the GTN? That may be the issue. You have to have all of your unit's System ID Numbers and select the download on Fly Garmin for "Database Sync" for the databases. If you do not, the reason why is you cannot only purchase one DB for the GTN and share it with the other units in the aircraft unless it is in that specific format. If I can help, let me know
  4. Agree with you more, I couldn't. The points you brought out are valid and real. That is why I opened my shop because I worked and plenty of companies and this was their mantra. If it is not approved, it doesn't get worked. If we do something and the customer didn't approved it, we give it to them for no charge. The real issue is that IF the unit was installed per the Installation manual and STC, which points the Installation Manual, does it state to do the 91.411 and 91.413? I understand the customer's frustration and he needs to stick up for himself to ensure the shop doesn't do it to others. Paying the bill and talking to them, even if the customer doesn't go back is doing nothing but empowering that shop, in my opinion. We are a small community and we need to help each other out in this way. After all, isn't that why we are on these forums, to help each other out?
  5. Well, what was the resolve? And do not mind Peter too much, he has stock in Garmin apparently. LOL He gets upset when people purchase real equipment. I believe he also gets his tools from Harbor Freight versus Snap-On because not everyone shops with longevity in mind. Haha
  6. First, what Transponder was installed? Most of the installation manuals require, as a part of the installation prior to return to service, a 91.411/413 to be performed. It SHOULD have been a art of the installation. That is the ethical part of this business that gets overlooked at times.
  7. BTW, your attitude indicator is displaying incorrectly in this pic.
  8. Usually when this happens, it is after a DB update that is corrupt or if during the DB update, the aircraft voltage dropped too much and would not allow the DB to be written correctly. It does happen and usually it is because of those reasons. You could possibly fix it in the field by doing the latest upgrade and doing a "CF Update" and then reload the SW if need be. Let us know if we can help out.
  9. Garmin is a little weird about new dealers. We are on the airfield with a Garmin Dealer and they are struggling to get anything out and they treat customers horrible because if you want Garmin, you HAVE to go to them. There are 2 other dealers in the area and they too are just difficult to work with, from what I hear from customers and the local FBO's (Which fly here to us for virtually everything). We are killing it without Garmin and they tell us that they want us on their team but noone complains about the dealers they have now and they do not like the competition as they feel it would lower their sales. Either way, fine with me because I have my hangars all full and if I did get Garmin right now, I have no place to put the aircraft and do not have enough quality techs to work on them. I am already booked out until October and it is filling up quickly. I am sure @Jesse Saint is in the same boat. @Jesse Saint please shoot me an email if you don't mind as I would love to collaborate on having a great place for customer to go on the East Coast as well when they are there please.
  10. Unfortunately/Fortunately I am speaking about the TruTrak and not the Dynon. I cannot WAIT for the Dynon to be approved for the Mooney! Dynon is so wonderful as is TruTrak!!!!
  11. This is about the TruTrak/Bendix King Autopilot update. Andrew is with TruTrak/Bendix King
  12. BTW, just literally got an email back from Andrew....see below: We are trying to get the Mooney finished and after that we are planning to get the .................................................... product line. .............. is probably after that. Just got this info today. Thought I would share!!!!