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  1. The TT is a GREAT Autopilot and is NOT subject to "Closed Loop": systems. Thank goodness! We have installed a bunch of them and the customers are just LOVING them!!!!!! Also, we try to post here as much as we can barring workload. If you want to, send your email to and we will add you to the mailing list, no spam, about the newest tech on the market and about the latest developments as we get the info. Just a thought! Also follow us on Facebook if you want. Not trying to plug the company, per se, just trying to help. I am on here enough, I hope everyone knows this is not my motive!!!!
  2. Send me your old Mooney panels that have been removed for an upgrade and I can have them drawn up and then will post or email in DXF, DWG or PDF
  3. Skip, the GFC500 HAS to have a G5 per the STC and because of the CAN network that ties into it.
  4. That issue is your magnetometer is failing via too much vibration or too much interference. Where is the GMU located and if it is near the strobe power supply, the ground for the power supply needs to be run directly to the battery negative terminal and you need to isolate the case of it from the airframe via nylon washers, most likely. That is my opinion without knowing the layout of the system in your aircraft.
  5. Shoot me an email and tell me what length you need. We are the largest seller of Aspen in the Western States and will take care of you.
  6. We have sent 13 back there and have had them all back within 5-7 business days easily! At one point, we sent 9 of those at one time and had them back in that time frame. Don't be fooled!!!!
  7. We would not be happy with that. It should cost not more than 4k for that installation with a magnetometer.
  8. To be honest, I haven't installed one yet and currently, after discussing these with my customers, they are like us, amazed at the cost and they are way too busy. Here we educate our customers as to what may be their best options, give them panel renditions along with "Pro's and Con's" of what they are getting for their money to the tune of functionality bells and whistles and future proofing. I see that most of the quotes they get from other shops are strictly folks that are Garmin Minions that really do not know the other options out there and that is how we get a lot of our customers and they stick with us for a long time and are very grateful for the process we go through. If we were to estimate the costs for installing it in a garden variety installation, I would venture to go with a range of 20-25 hours per unit and if you are doing more then one, 30-35 hours depending on what is being interfaced. As far as the cost of the units, we would charge 20% above our cost....MAX! Generally we do not charge that as it gets quite expensive for the end user and we concentrate more on the long term relationship versus the one time sell. I think Garmin missed the mark on these, personally. They tend to try and keep up with EVERYONE out there and their best inexpensive solution lately is the G5 units but they have limited it so badly that they have in essence cut their own throat on them. Think about it, once you install them, that's it! nothing more! They do not have plans to make it much better for some reason. The installation isn't rocket science on these 275's. It is a simple case of Avionics Shops making people believe that there is some type of "Magic behind the black curtain" when really, it is pretty basic stuff. To all of my "Mooniacs" out there, beware of those shops and try to forgive them, because as ignorance is truly rampant in this world of Avionics shops because most of them, "Know not what they do!" Gouging folks like you all is not smart and it gives the rest of us a bad name! Here we have a motto that we live by and have created the culture of "Bring back that Mayberry Fell to the world of Aviation". "Because Experience Matters"
  9. The Avidyne gets it's altitude from a variety of sources, all depending on what you have in the aircraft. It can be Gillham, 232 or 429 from an array of choices. The Aspen does send Baro corrected via 429 for sure as well as several other units that have the same outputs.
  10. I agree, it would just be a way to display what EI already has. Basically it is changing the software so it can display what the EDC puts out on 232 data similar to what they do with the navigators currently.
  11. Nope!!!! Nothing too major, believe me. Pete will not be happy, let's just say that.
  12. Exdactly and honestly, you do not need it when there is an Aspen available
  13. That's just Pete, don't take him seriously. He is harmless. Just understand he believes another product line is the best of the best. All products and Manufacturers have their pros and cons. Some are a closed loop system and some pay well with others, kind of like us on here.... Andy, welcome to Mooneyspace! I was talking with James Buck the other day and we am excited to hear some of the improvements there! Can't wait for April/May timeframe as well!!!!
  14. Looking at the Installation Manual, the ONLY GPS sources that can be used is the Apple....I mean Garmin. No other units have been certified to be used with any of them. What a game changer!!! LOL
  15. I have been discussing things with Aspen and we are trying to help persuade them to stop production of their MFD500 and change it into an Engine Monitor. The MFD500 isn't a big seller for them and the addition of an Engine Monitor with those screens would be phenomenal, In My Opinion. Thoughts?