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  1. Thank you everyone for the emails! Keep them coming and you can add to the AP the need for the new version of the D10A
  2. YES!!!!!!! I just spoke to my Dynon guy and he wants all of that! Even to see if it can work with other standby instruments as well.
  3. Also cold solder joints on the jacks can cause this as well. Good info to all @PeteMc! Kudos
  4. Thank you Anthony! You as well! Look at my post for Dynon AP as well and send me an email please according to that. I am trying to get Dynon off of their hands and am working with one of their guys to get this hammered out.
  5. Good Day Mooneyspacers! So I have been working hand in hand with Dynon Sales and we are trying to develop a plethora of support to push the AP for the Mooney Airframes and try to get them off of their hands. What I need, if possible, is for as many MSers to send me an email about as it pertains to the interest and need for the Dynon AP for our Airframes, even if yo already have another manufacturer's installed and will not get one, it's about choices. Please have it include how important it would be a the positives you, personally, you see with it and what the implications COULD be, for you
  6. Paul you are the winner today!!!!! That is pretty much the long and the short of it. It may work, but will be degraded to a non-useable level.
  7. We install them usually close to the GAD29B for ease of installation and wiring purposes. If that isn't as easily accessible, then where you are thinking should be fine.
  8. By chance have you looked at your headset and mic jacks to be certain they are isolated from the panel and/or ground? That can induce issues as well as if you have a "music jack" to plug and iPad or phone into. If they are not isolated via insulation washers, it is most likely a culprit. Other than that, the shielding for the audio panel could have came loose and be certain to check the JPI you have as well as I believe that there is an audio line going from there to the Audio Panel. You said you "checked the mags"? In what manner? Be certain that the P Lead going to the actual mags has a
  9. Well, compare to STec and then you will understand. We have to be realistic in what we compare and decide as affordable is. TT is $5100 for a basic AP, GFC is $7500-ish, STec is $20k. The TT is limited if you read the specs and what you get as well as the quality. There is nothing wrong with it, it is what some folks, as well as me, think of as a cheap AP. The GFC500 you have plenty of features that will last you for a long time, read the specs and compare what you can do compared to the TT, head and shoulders more! The cost of that, to me and others, is affordable. The STec Digital AP has a l
  10. TT does not need the "extra box" aside from a G5 or Aspen for GPSS.
  11. Bryan, call me Monday so we can talk about this and I need to get you here in January too. I have an opening for you. I got your message just been busy like you couldn't believe.
  12. Lol, it's all good brother! Hope all is well with you and you have a great season!
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