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  1. Arthur

    Prop Srike question

    Thanks all for your input. I think I will still continue to let these planes pass until I find the one I want.
  2. Arthur

    Prop Srike question

    I am aware of TC SB 96-11A and I have decided not to purchase 3 planes that had strikes and the engines were not torn down. I am also aware of a company that sells planes after a prop strike that clocks the prop and dye tests the parts of the engine that they can see with a scope. I am not trying to make this about who does what. The SB says, " This damage can result in catastrophic engine failure.". The question I have is this is anyone aware of a case where the result of a prop strike and non tear down procedure was used to return the aircraft resulted in this failure? Or is this the type of statement that was generated due to liability concerns. Secondly has anyone had their engine torn down and replaced in service without any changes to the engine caused by the Prop Strike or is some hidden damage discovered and parts replaced? Prop Strike - Copy.pdf
  3. Arthur

    Mooney with TSIO 360 GB

    Thanks for your input. Appreciate all your opinions. Happy flying.
  4. I am a past owner (850 hours then sold in97) of a 1979 M20K with a GB engine with intercooler. I am trying to get back into flying and have been looking at the M20K. I would like to hear the opinions of pilots that owned and fly the K with a GB engine. All the talk I hear is negative about the GB engine. The Mooney I am presently looking at has a GB engine and none of the add-ons.
  5. Arthur

    updating KT73 Mode S

    Anyone out there that has updated a KT 73 to ADSB or replaced with a KT 74. Cost, difficulty in M20J
  6. Arthur

    looking for M20K

    Interested in purchasing a 231. Have searched trader plane etc. If you know of someone who is interested in selling or if you are yourself Please contact me at
  7. Arthur

    Prop Strike and SB96-11A TSIO 360 GB

    Thanks for all your advice. I made a mistake as the engine is an LB. I dont own the plane but was looking at a purchase. Insurance would not be involved as tha plane has changed hands twice since the prop strike. I believe that since the engine is around 1500 hours it should be regarded as run out. It was put back in service with just a dialing? Of the crank shaft an zygote ?the rest.
  8. Anyone have any idea of the cost of complying with Continental SB after Prop Strike? Prop Strike.pdf. Does this change the TBO in anyway? Prop Strike.pdf
  9. Arthur

    Mooney with TSIO 360 GB

    Thanks J Appreciate the info
  10. Arthur

    Mooney with TSIO 360 GB

    Thanks for your reply. The basis of my question, is the plane I am looking at has had two major overhauls at 1400 give or take a few. Presently it is about 300 from that now. If I went in that direction I was curious as to how much if any of an overhaul could be recouped if it was necessary to sell the plane. I read an article, TEST Pilot from MAPA which basically said if your looking for a M20K walk past any with the GB engine and of course this plane has a GB engine. I understand it costs money to fly, but I'd rather not waste any along the way. I didn't notice Gami injectors on your list, have you had any experience with them?
  11. I previously owned a 231 with a GB engine that was intercooled, fixed waste gate. Unfortunately I had to sell the plane after I had the engine to a level where I was happy with it. I am now looking for another 231. The question is for people who have owned GB engine, not intercooled, but with Gami injectors and the Merlyn waste gate. Did this increase you time towards Major overhaul or was 1400 to 1500 still the number. Secondly for anyone What percentage of the cost of a major overhaul can be added to the true value of the plane for resale?