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  1. Sent for something like this I will let everyone who responded if it works. Thanks
  2. Does. Anyone Know if there is an accessory for iPad mini to update the gnx375 by the sd card or must it be done on a computer with an sd card slot which my surface does not have.
  3. How do I PM you

    1. CaptRJM


      You just did.  Just click on my name and find the envelope icon.  click on it and a window will appear.


      or you can email me at captnrj@mindspring.com

  4. Thanks for all your help. I also found an interesting more complex discussion on this site from 2017
  5. I appreciate the answers, but is there anyone out there that flies a Mooney K with both a Merlyn and a turbo plus intercooler? Will the Merlyn prevent an overboost that would be casused by greater MP than called for with the intercooler.
  6. My previous M20K was turbo cooled had a 2 bladed prop and it leapt off the ground on take off. I would advance the throttle slowly, feel the turbo kick in and adjust the MP to the proper setting. I now have an M 20 K with a turbo plus intercooler and a Merlyn Waste gate and a three bladed composite prop. I have not been able to find the groove on this one. The waste gate must be working just at the time I am trying to set the MP and I find myself hunting for the proper position on the throttle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the info everyone. Found a shop in Florida with a good rep for autopilots. shipping it there.
  8. Thanks for the info. I have been told by my local shop that only one of the few selected shops can work on Bendix King equipment. In Florida that is Duncan Aviation and Prrecise Aero. Is this not true?
  9. I removed my KC 295 flight computer to send to Bendix King for Bench Check. Can anyone tell me what the hose attachment to the unit is? Vacuum? Air cooling? Can the plane be flown with this unattached or does it need a plug to prevent a problem with the vacuum system?
  10. Thanks to your prodding I just got off the phone with Garmin. They now tell me there are no back orders on the GNX 375 and it is shipping the day it is ordered.
  11. I am in South Florida. I have asked four shops for prices and quotes on the GNX375. I have had no response in a week from any of them. I called Garmin support to find out if they had any ideas and I asked the supporter what the in stock supply was as I suspected that might be the problem. He said it wasn't his area of expertise but he would try to find out. After a few minutes he said their in stock number was 0.
  12. When you think you are ready. Call Jimmy at All American aircraft in Spring Branch Tx. He always seems to have a few in stock and he (or Dave) will fly with you to acquaint you with the a/c. Bonus is just a short hop to the Mooney factory in Kerville'
  13. Thanks for all the excellent responses, but in particular the one from that feller in Texas that just won't leave! Getting it taken care of with PJ
  14. After 22 years of not flying I got back to it. Bought a Mooney 231 in Spring Branch. 400 hours in M20E 845 in M20K.Took my CfII along for the trip to Fort Lauderdale. Thankfully I did. Small squawk issues on the way. IFR half of the way with ATC sliding us through a hole near Lakeland. Headed for a night landing in the light rain at KHWO. My CFII had been working on trying to get my landings set up a little better by extending the downwind and getting the speeds right. We both decide on a go around for a better set up Power in trim down, but no movement on the trim. Nose up and near a stal
  15. Thanks all for your input. I think I will still continue to let these planes pass until I find the one I want.
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