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  1. I tried texting him and he prob had his no. changed. Yea last time I heard his Mooney is in Oshawa and had some minor problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Anyone near Toronto flying into Oshkosh? is Cyril still around? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Landing Gears down seems like a no brainer for me on final. Knowing myself pretty well I don't think I would forget this checklist, Thanks for all the responds.
  4. Buttonville, but they recently moved their training to Oshawa.
  5. I am still working on my GA license. And had a chat with a retired Air Canada pilot and I told him that I plane to buy a Mooney. His first word was "they are fast":) and he said being a new pilot I might have trouble getting it insured. He also mentioned that majority of the time pilots tend to forget to drop the landing gears and insurance company knows that it's very common. He also ask me why a Mooney and why not buy a Cessna with fix gears. I told him the beauty of plane to me is retractble. Just wondering if this has happened or even came to close happening to anyone here. I am in Toront
  6. Is the body/airframe the same for all O1/2/3?
  7. Jet, I assumed $80K for both? 1000 and 700 display.
  8. Thanks Jeff, let's see if anyone contacts me from Toronto., but if you want to take a trip to Toronto let me know. Gas and Hotel is on me. And can show around the City and discuss some Aviations, perhaps catch a Jays game.
  9. Caru, it's the G1000 and the GFC 700 that interests me most. How easily can this be upgraded on mooney that don't have the GFC 700 that have the G1000. Also Speed is a factor and the Acclaim is just over budget.
  10. Anyone here own an OV3 GX. Looking to buy one and would love to go up with an owner and hang out with him/her to get use to the bird. I would pay for all fuel or any associated cost etc of course. I am based in Toronto. Thx
  11. RR probably made some during WWII for the British army. BMW and Mutsibushi? I think Mitsubishi just makes everything on earth. Paper, elevators..... Let's see if we can get Trump to talk about getting Mooney manufacturers in USA. He keeps on talking about Carrier going to Mexico.
  12. Totally agreed., I think Tesla should get into the aviation business. How many companies out there that makes automobiles and birds? Honda , RR?
  13. Trump: please shipped the Mexicans to Canada. We are really short of labour here especially in the construction sector. Mexicans are welcome in Canada. Maybe they can help out Bombardier.
  14. Carq- Maybe I should just go straight to the Honda Jet It's a single pilot jet:) I am going for a tour of the Jet with Skyservice. Trump should bring Mooney production back to USA.
  15. I was pretty disappointed that Mooney didn't go with RR., that having said has anyone swapped out for a RR's engine in their bird?
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