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  1. I had an AME taking his sweet time finishing (well, STARTING and finishing) my first Annual. I started looking elsewhere. And I asked for options. I ended up finding an option, and ran it by the AME who did the prebuy on the aircraft. His exact worlds were: ”get the contract price for the annual in writing, then write in the contract ‘any additional work performed beyond this contract will not be performed, unless approved in writing’ “ I ended up not using that AME, however I’ve used this writing in several other situations with my truck, trailer etc. The lesson has certainly saved a few bucks along the way, as all you need to do is “show me where I approved this”, and you’re done.
  2. If I had a dollar for every time I had someone... nevermind. .... Yeah, three weeks to the day
  3. For those keeping score at home: The Yankees are through to the next round. Everyone else is battling it out in game 5! Oh, and this came back from Transport Canada: Attached is a copy of the Staff Instruction related to your inquiry. At the bottom of page 13 is information note (b). Per this note your FAA STC is exempt from type design examination because the aircraft is a US state of design with a CAR 3 basis of certification which is equivalent to FAR 23. SI 513-003 - Acceptance and Approval of Foreign Design Changes.pdf
  4. AME that didn’t install it says it won’t matter. Only reasoning they are installed forward (typically not on Mooney’s), is in tail draggers. That way, you don’t take an eye out with one while doing a walk around. Either way, it’s an easy swap if there are any issues. For now, I’ve got more important things to do, like prep and paint the tail.
  5. Don't think the radio waves will affect the rudder at any angle ????? Are you thinking the VOR actually rotates? If that's the case, how do the towel rack ones on the 201 and up operate?
  6. Was wondering how long it would take someone to notice. Guy that did the repair was having a bad day. Had issues rethreading a couple of bolts, and fitting the top skin. I was looking through photos and mentioned that he put the antenna on backwards. Told him not to worry about it as the rudder travel isn’t affected
  7. Finished product, with etching primer on. Now to prep the rest of the tail.
  8. Cut out to the rivets, then fit in the bottom portion of the skin.
  9. Have a read, and decide for yourself.
  10. The price of what Cyril? The mod? It’s on the LASAR website. And looking at your profile photo, it appears you already have it installed.
  11. Which would be the "familiarization" portion, but there's nothing in writing. Just trying to find an answer before I have a guy do me a favor, install it, and then have his license on the hook for doing it. Just trying to CYA at this point. If it's another week of requesting the answer from TC, so be it.
  12. 45 MINUTE UPDATE.... Just got off the phone with LASAR. Response was "WOW. That's a great question. I should know the answer. Let me get back to you on that". So, part 2 of the question is, has anyone installed this Mod IN Canada, ON a Canadian Registered Aircraft? If so, can you shoot me a copy of the Log book entry to see WTF is says?
  13. Does anyone know if the LASAR Cowl mod STC is familiarized with Transport Canada, or does it require/have its' own Transport STC? @M20Doc, I know you're 2 hours ahead of me and probably have the answer