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  1. GLJA

    When should I change the oil?

    That is slick! And dirt cheap, if you know a guy in the PVC business (aka Me)
  2. GLJA

    Intro and Hello

    Welcome! I’ve been a member for almost a year, and an F owner for about 4 months. The group here is great (I think the odd bad apple has since departed.... you’ll find who they are if you read A few articles). Like yourself, I learned on a C172, and was scared to death about everything I heard about a Mooney! Looking for a plane, I just couldn’t get away with buying anything else. Turns out, I find it easier to land my F than a 172. It just feels right in the pattern.
  3. GLJA

    Check Gear!

    Makes you want to put the gear down, just to avoid that nagging wife voice.
  4. GLJA

    ISO simulator pieces.

    Throttle, prop, mixture controls and a switch panel, with gear up/down, fuel, lights, ignition on it
  5. GLJA

    ISO simulator pieces.

    Damn. Missed the opportunity to sell my lightly used yoke, pedals, etc....
  6. GLJA

    Check Gear!

    I"m with you on this one. 120 and is goes down. Primarily so I can slow it to 100 on downwind. I also like what my CFI taught me to add more flaps flaps on Downwind, Base and final. I use this to also check that the Gear is down on each leg.
  7. GLJA

    Check Gear!

    Pretty sure I saw the Modified GUMPS check on here before: G - Is the gear down U- U sure the gear is down M- Make sure the gear is down P- Positive the gear is down? S- Surely you put the gear down.
  8. GLJA

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    I've got a 900 I"m putting in at my next annual. I"ll be moving gauges around, and having it to the immediate left of the radio stack. Thanks for the reassuarnce that putting it "right in front of my face" is the right thing to do. That, and I hate looking over to the right hand side currently, checking RPM and MP.
  9. It’s painful at times. I’m 5 months into ownership, and am based at a small “one man show” airport as well. One AME, who doubles as the Airport Manager. Sinilar situstion. Nice guy, does good work, just does it on his schedule. I’ve had to have a fuel servo replaced, and now my starter bit the dust. Servo took almost a month, As he doddled taking if off and sending it away. I took the reins on the starter. The instant it didn’t start, I came on here, and researched what I needed. Bought a 149NL Skytec, and had it shipped next day. By the time he was able to look at the plane, and definitely decide the starter needed replacing, I got the “well, guess I’ll order one and put it in next week”. He was a little surprised when I pulled a box out of the truck and said it’s here, and I need it installed by Tuesday. Plane is supposed to be in his hangar today. We will see how it goes.
  10. Tested it this morning when I put the preheater on the engine.... it does spring in and out. Not sure why it stuck when it did.
  11. Had an alternator belt issue last week. Got it all fixed up, and started the engine for a test run. My annunciations lit up like an a Christmas tree. Like EVERY SINGLE ONE! Shut down and spoke with my AME. Figuered it was a low voltage, low battery, or maybe the belt was too loose and creating charging surges/ not charging. Still didn’t make sense to me. So, went back and tried again. Same thing. Managed to get AME over to the plane today to check it all out again. Belt was fine, no other issues. Tells me to crawl in and flip the Master. “You should see EXACTLY what you would when flying when you switch it on.” (CLICK)- Merry Christmas. Lights everywhere. As he crawls in, I decide to check one more thing.... that’s the moment I realize that the “Push To Test” button isn’t like a ball point pen. You don’t push in to test, then push again to have it turn off. You have to PULL it off. Well, at least I know all the bulbs work! (Facepalm)
  12. GLJA

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    I've started thinking about turning around and grabbing my ankles when my AME hands me an invoice.
  13. GLJA

    Wedding news

    Isn't it Andrew x Andrew = Andrew2 ???
  14. GLJA

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    Looking sweet!
  15. They also really cut into the aircraft's UL.