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  1. It’s not. I’ll send you a message. Retired dentist who lost his medical has it for sale privately.
  2. There’s a Turbo Normalized J in Red Deer with a newer engine in it if you’re looking for a CDN reg plane
  3. I was wondering about that. Mine is the same way. Usually shows around 95%
  4. My D2 Delta shows it. But takes a measurement every minute or so.
  5. You should be able to fly from Seattle to the lower leg of Alaska without any issues. Not much Canadian coastline due to the lower leg of AK. Seattle to Ketchikan is only 591 nm
  6. I bought a wingtip SkyBeacon, as I was planning on going south a lot more (F-U Covid). Also under the thought that UAvionix was working on a SkyLight for the starboard wingtip (due Spring 2020.... F-U... avionix). Figured this was my way to get strobes on my aircraft and make it look symmetrical..... And I wait. Now thinking I’ll switch to a tail Beacom when they release the TSO’d X and go another route for the wingtips.
  7. Didn’t know you could get credit cards larger than 3-1/2” x 2-1/2”. Are they like those large checks you see at golf tournaments???
  8. I bought 4 different grits of NuShine and did the entire plane. Took a few days, but the difference was noticeable
  9. Mine needs a refresh as well. The airport I’m at is having the runway resurfaced in June, so I’m scheduled for annual and plan on stripping and paint at the same time.
  10. I bought my F in September of 2018.... First 6 months I was getting 135-ish Kts max out of the plane (21-22 MP 2400 RPM) The plane had spent a considerable amount of time outside prior to my purchase, and the paint was rough to the touch. So I polished and waxed the plane.... gained 6 kts. Last year, I went on a mod frenzy and added: - LASAR cowl enclosure - Flap Gap Seals -Aileron Gap seals - Rudder Hinge covers - Dorsal Fin Vertical Seal - Tail Root Horizontal Fairing All of these "MAYBE" got me 2 kts.... (Yes I was PI$$ED).... A good friend, AME and J owner heard be chirping about my slow Mooney. We spent half a day rerigging the flaps and ailerons, along with a couple other minor items (rotated the exhaust aftward, turned the LASAR tie downs 90 degrees). I now have a consistent TAS of 147 KTS.
  11. One buddy of mine who has the nicest J I’ve ever seen has the fast stack in. He says he wouldn’t be able to do all the wiring and installation himself without it, and it’s damn near plug and play. Caveat here is that he’s completed his AME courses, just never took the exams. So, he knows what he’s doing, and then has a certified AME sign off.
  12. Flap gap seals go on the underside of the flap. Not between the aileron and flap
  13. I do know that the guy made copies of these before and sold them. I could see if he has the CAD
  14. We did. He didn’t have Jacks available, so I did a low and over when I flew up there. Then he flew under my plane when we test flew after. Said they looked good
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