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  1. One buddy of mine who has the nicest J I’ve ever seen has the fast stack in. He says he wouldn’t be able to do all the wiring and installation himself without it, and it’s damn near plug and play. Caveat here is that he’s completed his AME courses, just never took the exams. So, he knows what he’s doing, and then has a certified AME sign off.
  2. Flap gap seals go on the underside of the flap. Not between the aileron and flap
  3. I do know that the guy made copies of these before and sold them. I could see if he has the CAD
  4. We did. He didn’t have Jacks available, so I did a low and over when I flew up there. Then he flew under my plane when we test flew after. Said they looked good
  5. He has a set. Handy to have for sure.
  6. Had a J owner friend volunteer to help with the rigging of my 74F. Prior to checking it out, I was getting no more that 130 KTS IAS on the speedometer. I flew up to his heated hangar today (we are in Canada. Heat is important in February) and using his travel boards, did the following: - set both ailerons to 0 degrees (one was +2, other was -.5) - set flaps to -1 degrees (from 2 degrees on one to 0 on the other) - rotated the exhaust towards the rear (it was almost pointing straight down) - rotated the Lasar tie down rings 90 degrees (I had them pointed to the back)
  7. I put the .250” in the front and pilot/ passenger windows, then the .187” in the rear ones in my F. Few things of note: 1- you’ll need longer screws than the current ones for the thicker windows. 2- the forming to the hull aluminum takes a little massaging as it is a different outside radius. 3- give yourself lots of time to clean, seal and have your book of swear words ready to use them all.
  8. I used an old carbon archery arrow and a white paint pen. It’s small, light and sits in the groove on my hat rack taking up no space.
  9. Maybe he was in a steep right turn when he took the photo???
  10. Dog and wife will be happy to hear this, when it comes time to replace the donuts on my F
  11. Small ceramic heater. I place one in the foot well, and let it heat the cabin as well as the instruments.
  12. This does the trick, and I’m in Canada. -20 C and it’ll heat the engine and cylinders to room temperature. I have it on a wifi timer and set it for 2-3 hours before I fly.
  13. Looks like it's made from metal. Mine was fiberglass that I installed this year
  14. I think you’re missing a zero there. sorry to ruin your night..... or what you told your wife it costs per hour.
  15. okay. He’s not a real Dr. He’s a dentist.
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