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  1. I’m in Red Deer. So, 1:15 drive north of Calgary. Hour south of Edmonton. Literally have everything I could possibly hunt within a 3 hour drive.... or 45 minute Mooney flight
  2. As much as I’d love to say that was me.... it’s not. That’s Cabelas Ambassador, and host of The Edge, Steve Ecklund. He’s a buddy of mine up here. You think that’s something, you should check his Facebook page and see what he’s taking down right now in Africa with his bow.
  3. God has his place for his creatures.... right next to the mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables
  4. Senior Men’s Team up here. He’s an OL
  5. Just as long as it isn’t the Sheriffs sheep
  6. Within 15 minutes any which way. Except for the sheep. You could land on a mountain side, but probably won’t take off again.
  7. I have moose, whitetail, mule deer walking in my back yard. Elk hunting within 3. I’m 45 minutes from a great pheasant site, an hour from Sage grouse and Grey partridge, and smack dab in the middle of snow and Canada goose flyways. Black bear hunting is 2 hours drive. Bighorns are 3-4. Yes, this is God’s country!!!
  8. This falls under the same ideology of your suitcase weighing too much, and moving 10 lbs to your carry on, and that’s okay.
  9. Yep. With Velcro gloves and a big smile. Bighorn Sheep, Dall Sheep, Mountain Goats....
  10. I'm headed to Montana in July for TAC (Total Archery Challenge). A few of the "group" (about 30 of us), decided we needed to do a meet and greet. Since the acreage we were setting the archery course up at was a 3 hour drive, I chose to fly two buddies instead. 35 Minute trip one way. Here's the interesting part. Vince is 6'5" 320 lbs. Jason is 5'11" 226 lbs. Watching these two (no offense to any other Mooniacs on here of this stature) fat bastards get into my F was almost comical. Really wish I had a camera rolling. Just got me to thinking, what's the largest person any of you have put in your plane, and do you have any other suggestions to make this easier? Good news is, the three guys I"m taking with me in July are typically mistaken for fenceposts. All under 170, and lanky. My takeaways from my first transport flight experience: 1- Ask for weights of passengers WELL before flying. I ended up draining 22 Gallons of fuel out, into J-Cans on Friday night just to get within limits of UL. 2- Hand out headsets AFTER passengers have boarded / settled in. Vince managed to sit on my set of Bose QC25 / uFlyMike set in the back seat. Ripped the mic off, and one of the ear cushions. I"ll PIREP the uFlyMike and headset and tell you that they're durable, but a little tedious in getting the foam back into place. 3- As seen by the photo, I chose to bring "Light beer" for the passengers. You can never be too safe when it comes to weight. 4- As I've typically done solo flights, and maybe with an instructor/ one passenger, I learned that you need to watch what you say. The Phrases of "oh $hit!", or "F%%K!", were quickly responded by "OMG WHAT???" from partially inexperienced Mooney individuals. In reality, it was me not setting a timer, or plugging in my ipad, and that was my way AHA! moment, and my response. (Note: In Jason's defense, he did survive a float plane flipping over on its' wings last fall, while on a sheep hunt in Northern BC, so I have to understand a slight bit of "long tail cat in a rocking chair store" mentality).
  11. I had the same issue with my 8. Emailed uAvionix. They said put your phone in "Airplane Mode" (OHHHH The Irony). Went back to the airport, did that and BAM!
  12. This. My 74F had the same issue. Night flights would cause the switches (NAV, Landing and the odd time belly strobe) from time to time. They would be able to be reset after a short cooling period. I switched out the landing, belly strobe and NAV to LED at last annual. They haven’t tripped since.
  13. Since I was the one that brought up the comparison, I’ll explain my point: In Canada (sorry, can’t state what the US has), we have to take a mandatory course, apply for a PAL (Possession and Acquisition License), wait countless months after applying, then may or may not be rejected due to previous history or answers on the application. I completely understand that the aviation industry is already highly regulated. We see it all the time. My point was to the fact that, whether it be in this situation, or Roy Hallidays, etc., that there is going to be an investigation, which may or may not turn up mental issues, a reckless personality, or something else that would potentially have a certain individual to “have a high potential” to perform these types of manoeuvres. The “negative” I referred to was: - increased insurance premiums - risk of losing licensing/ not being able to obtain licensing, due to having a “preconceived condition - maybe even a “waiting period” before someone gets into an aircraft. (I know RIDICULOUS!) Apologies if my comment made this post go sideways. But, I see it every day. One side is offended, the other side caves and makes new rules, which in turn offends the other side. I get regulation. I get the fact that there’s a risk. But, where does it stop? A law was just passed in Canada where the police are now able to go into your home, and give you a breathalyzer 2 hours after you were driving. Explain to me how this is: 1- fair 2- going to even be admissible in court 3- ever going to stand up to the “beyond a reasonable doubt” that one was intoxicated 2 hours previous ? I enjoy flying. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was four. Finally got off my ass, finished my PPL and bought a plane last year. Any time I see something that might potentially affect my potential freedom to continue to enjoy this, it bothers me.