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  1. GLJA

    Average useful load of a Mooney

    '74 F Currently sitting at 1017 Useful. Annual next month, and doing some avionics removal / install. Planning on gaining 20-30 lbs UL
  2. GLJA


    It's been good. I have nothing to compare it to, as it's the prop that was on the plane when I bought it.
  3. GLJA

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Well, here’s hoping mine is not the first. Prop going in for the decade overhaul in March
  4. GLJA

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Canada is mandated to have prop overhauls every 10 years. My prop will have MAYBE 120 hours on it when it goes in for annual in March, and 10 years on the prop.
  5. Only issue mine has is the old style cowl. He’d prefer it if I bucked up, and bought a 201 cowl to save time removing the oil cooler, hoses etc. When working on the engine.
  6. GLJA

    ELT going off

    Alone in the hangar? Someone else have to move it by chance? AME here had one go off on him while towing one out of his shop.
  7. $720 vs. $900.... but not splitting hairs on it. No regrets spending the extra for a sleek look. One of many to come.
  8. Wasn’t cheap. But neither is the airplane. May as well get what I want for a couple hundred more.
  9. I couldn’t get away from the size and sleek look of these: so, I bought one to replace the coffee grinder at annual next month. I’ll let you know how that goes. More than expecting to have to manufacture a mounting plate.
  10. GLJA

    Sky beacon order

    Just to refresh this... Anyone else had shipping issues. I sent in my order Jan 18. Spoke with them early last week, and go the "we're expecting to ship within the next week or two" reply. My annual is coming up in 2 weeks, and I"d like to have everything here. Anyone else have shipping insight?
  11. GLJA

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    I believe the J has enclosed wingtips, with a bubble lens around the light. Would that not make it difficult to install the SkyBeacon?
  12. GLJA

    Polar Vortex Flying

    I think that's my plan next time for sure. As far as performance, I was on Enroute climb speed, and still getting 1300 fpm.
  13. GLJA


  14. GLJA

    Polar Vortex Flying

    Cabin vent fully closed. I opened the knee vents halfway through the flight to see if that would increase heat. Not so much! I am at the point that, if I ever have to go back out in weather that cold, I’ll be putting the winter survival gear on PRIOR to cranking the prop.
  15. GLJA

    Polar Vortex Flying

    Aside from the 16 hour Mooney commute to work, I don't see any other reason why not.