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  1. Just to refresh this, I replaced mine yesterday, 74 M20F Steps (now that I know what’s involved) would be: 1- remove access panel to the flaps under the rear cargo 2- remove screws to face plate of indicator in cabin. There’s no need to remove the entire console where the indicators sit. 3- remove indicator marker. 4- insert new wire. It was easier to install from the belly, upwards to cabin. First attempt wasn’t able to push cable through end point at flap connection. Total time, including removing belly panel: 25 minutes.
  2. I’ll talk with my AME and root around locally. If I’m able to find someone to make this, I’ll get a few made.
  3. It’s intact, with a lot of cracking. I was considering doing the fibreglass tape backing, and epoxy/ sand and paint. I will contact Plane Plastics and see what they can do. Plane has been sitting for 6 weeks now with a prop overhaul/annual. Wish I knew that option before and I would have sent it south. Grabbed a new door and pilot side panel from them 2 weeks ago.
  4. If you find one, let me know.... I"m in the same boat with my 74 F. Can't seem to locate one anywhere. Taking it out next week to fix the flap indicator. Might try and patch it up a bit and repaint.
  5. Always room for improvement. This was first run. Already a couple of ideas I have for round 2. Still well below the price of a plastic cover from PP, will last longer, and looks nicer IMHO.
  6. Next run! good call on qty.
  7. Initial fit of the plate. Plan is to add a cylinder that will extend to the base of the fuel selector. This will allow for the plate to be centred, as well as have a 2mm radius for my fuel selector to insert, and seat properly. Stay tuned.
  9. REALLY? Did you also know "Gullible" is not listed in the Webster's Dictionary? Aware of that when I went looking to see the photos on Controller, and another plane came up. Not that I'm in the market, but this was a good one to pull off on here.
  10. LOL. I've been had..... @201er..... there will be retribution. LMAO
  11. Should know by end of week. All depending on Wife's travel schedule for work.
  12. Well, crap! I’m 75% certain I’ll be down there for a Buddy’s wedding at the end of April. You have a place a guy could tie down a F for a weekend?
  13. Not sure if this will pertain to your situation or not, but we used the “fat finger rule” when I was completing my PPL. Airport was at 3000 ASL, and the flight school rule was to lean it just a touch to prevent fouling. 6500’ would lead me to believe you’re VERY rich on the mixture.
  14. Well, new servo went in back in October/November. I am however, having the same “three toed mechanic” type stories i am on here. I sometimes wonder how these guys actually make a living, only working 2-3 billable hours a day it seems
  15. I bought the plane in September. Flew it more from September til now than it’s flown in the last 8 years combined.