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  1. CJpilot316

    Looking for a KI206

    I’ve got a GI-106 I’d consider selling
  2. CJpilot316

    Selling my baby. 1967 M20C, low time, IFR.

    Oh trust me, I will. My goal is to spend some time at the regionals and get my application into Jetblue/Southwest/Other. Once I start making better pay I plan to buy another Mooney.
  3. Heading to the airlines, need to part with my Mooney for now. Great plane, needs nothing. Garmin 430W, shoots LPVs like a champ. PC system. Very extensive annual completed February, 2017. Plane has flown 200 hours since March. See ad on Barnstormers: https://www.barnstormers.com/classified_1294682_1967+Mooney+M20C+Low+Time%2C+IFR.html All new in 2017: Skytec Lightweight Starter Altimeter and Encoder Planepower Alternator and RegulatorFuel Boost Pump and Vacuum PumpConcord BatteryStarter and Master SolenoidsCarpetMcFarlane Mixture control Lycoming Cylinder (replaced due to low compression). (All Sparks Plugs new)Fuel level senders Damage history: One gear up landing about 10 years ago, properly repaired and documented. Gonna miss her, but it's for the best. Need to sell fast, starting training Sept 30! $48,500. Feel free to call with any questions. (207)2992494
  4. Okay Mooney friends, got some troubleshooting to do. On a long (2hr) cross country a couple days ago my '67 M20C, she began to develop an occasional stutter while flying through rain. Thinking it was carb ice, I applied it, but that didn't seem to be the case. I got to clear air, tried leaning, enrichening, and she still held a slight hesitation and occasional RPM flicker for the remainder of the flight. Over the airfield at 3,000, a mag check produced a MAJOR loss of power on the left mag, accompanied by backfiring. Ground run up produced the same result, barely staying running. A mechanic friend on the field looked things over and found that the plugs (with 500 hours) to be worn, with three of them showing signs of shorting "two completely dead, one on its way out" according to the mechanic. He replaced all 8 plugs with brand new Champion plugs, runup checked okay. I just flew the plane, all checked perfect on the run up. I did a long taxi out to look things over, and leaned thoroughly while taxiing out. (OATs around 90F) Takeoff, climb, and cruise to the next airport over were perfect. On takeoff for the return, all appeared normal. Climbing through 1,500ft, I experienced a significant loss of power lasting about 5-10seconds. Mixture was full rich, All temps and pressures looked good. Thinking it was fuel related, I made a turn towards the airfield and switched fuel tanks, checking all normal emergency items. The issue cleared completely, and I spiraled up above the field. An airborne mag check above the field produced an extremely rough running mag, similar to before. I pulled power and decsended down to the field. After rollout, I did a mag check and 1,700 and 2,000, both of which were clear. After taxiing in, I did a full power run to try to replicate the symptoms. With the left mag selected, she slowly began to run rougher, eventually developing the same backfiring, which disappeared after switching back to both, but kept a hesitation while on both or left. Thoughts? Mag, plug? Running too rich, fouling plugs repeatedly while operating at the higher temps? I've never run it in temps this warm before. I'm thinking that's the case.
  5. CJpilot316

    TruTrak Autopilot

    I spoke with the Trutrak guys at Sun N Fun, and they said they anticipated having Mooneys approved next year. Too long to wait, let's make sure they hear us!
  6. How much do you want for the JPI-700?
  7. CJpilot316

    Sky Ox SK 12-15

    Did you sell the system?
  8. CJpilot316

    Mooney M20C questions

    To my knowledge, the system is working properly. What is required for parts to put the accutrak in?
  9. CJpilot316

    Mooney M20C questions

    Don't worry brother, I'm gonna post a nice aircraft intro/story when I actually fly mine next week. Very few know the tail number and have seen the pics yet.
  10. CJpilot316

    Mooney M20C questions

    They had it! Thank you!
  11. Hey all! i just came out of a very extensive annual with my new-to-me '67 M20C. The last squawk that needs to be addressed is a leak in the fuel pressure gauge line, in front of the firewall. It appears a clamp has chafed it. Does anybody have a part number or a place to get the hose, or is it just a generic cut part? Also, the plane has the positive control system, which I am not familiar with. How exactly does the system work, and how do I disable it? I do have the button on the yoke that I though was the disconnect. Anybody have some insight here? -Cody
  12. CJpilot316

    Sky Ox SK 12-15

    Hey Russ, I'm new to unpressurized high(er) altitude flying. Any idea how much time you have on this tank when used by two people?
  13. CJpilot316

    parts parts

    Got a new style prop control and cable?
  14. CJpilot316

    Retractable Step wanted

    There are some on eBay. Figured I'd kick the around here first and see if someone had one for cheap.