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  1. Well, I'm officially no longer a Mooney owner. Sold the plane yesterday. It was a great plane, but time to get something bigger. I'll definitely recommend Mooneys to people in the future. You can't beat 140 knots at 8gph.
  2. Congrats on the Cirrus! Nice airplanes.
  3. I have a somewhat tempting trade offer on the plane, but I'd really prefer to sell it outright. I need to get it sold quickly, though, otherwise the trade might be off the table in a few weeks. With that in mind, I'm willing to accept $45k in order to get a quick sale. If interested, please contact me. Otherwise the plane will probably be off the market at the end of the month so I can accept the trade offer. Thanks!
  4. Sorry, I know some guys get into that, but I'm not one of them. I know it runs great, has compressions in the 70s on all cylinders, and doesn't burn oil. But I'm more than happy to send scanned copies of the engine and aircraft logs to anyone interested.
  5. I'm a pilot, not a mechanic, so I don't understand half of that. Sorry. Here's what I do know, though: 1. No speed mods. The only significant mod is the O&N fuel bladders 5. Fixed step, no cowl flaps 6. Single CHT
  6. Love the plane, but I'm moving up to a cabin class twin Cessna, and can't justify keeping a second bird. She's impeccably maintained. In the past few years, she's been through two $10k annuals at MSCs to get everything in mint condition. The last annual was in December, and even with a few minor squawks, only cost $3k thanks to the excellent condition the MSC annuals put her in. I am pretty firm on the price, though. This is one of the cleanest C models you'll find around. AFTT: 3,794 TSTOH: 400 hours TSMOH: 1,700 hours Annual completed in December 2015 (compressions in the 70s) All ADs complied with, and detailed compliance log maintained Prop almost brand new; not even any paint peeling yet Bran new alternator, engine mounts, vacuum pump; tach refurbished last year MSC did a complete overhaul of the landing gear a few years ago Panel and interior redone a few years ago Garmin 430 (not WAAS) STEC 30 with altitude hold & GPS couple Shadin fuel totalizer (you'll love this if you're used to inaccurate fuel gauges!) EGT & cylinder head temps I'll throw in an Optical Tach and a Garmin GPS MAP 396 Logbooks missing for a few years in the 70s, but complete records before and after Price: $49,900 If interested, email me at
  7. Sadly, no shoulder belts or WAAS. Prop is almost brand new, engine has 1400 hours on it, but only 400 since top overhaul and crankcase inspection. Compressions all in the 70s. After the top, it probably has a good 1000 hours left in the engine, I figure. The plane did two high dollar annuals at MSCs in the last three years to get everything tip top shape. But you would need to put money into it in a few years for ADS-B.
  8. Burn less gas and get there faster with a Mooney. Seriously, it's a great plane. I'd keep it even after buying a 421 if I could justify owning two airplanes. If you're down this way and want to take a look, let me know. I haven't actually gotten it listed anywhere yet, but it will be soon.
  9. Good god, I haven't flown without GPS in over fifteen years. I'm sure I could still BS my way through an NDB approach or a DME arc, but it wouldn't be pretty! I wouldn't even consider buying a plane without IFR GPS nowadays.
  10. That's a new rumor on me. Not true, though. They're available from all over the place. They ain't cheap, though. Generally expect about $60k for an overhaul.
  11. Old wive's tale. Talk to the people who have actually operated them. No scarier than any other very high horsepower piston engine. You do have to baby them, but that's true of the non-geared variety, also. The geared engines is actually a big reason why I'm looking for one. They're quieter than most turboprops and some older jets.