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  1. So my previous Malibu was in it's hanger at John Tune in March when the Tornado hit. It took the whole hanger and all the planes inside and deposited it about 300 yards away in the parking lot. Just to clarify, the 530W is from my new Jet Prop not from my previous aircraft.
  2. I am located in Nashville TN. I am also on beechtalk, member of MMOPA, AOPA, etc.... If someone needs to.verify who I am I good with that. Appreciate the question. Here is a pic of the aircraft it came out of and a pic of the reason why I recently needed a new aircraft. KJWN
  3. I have a nice 530W that came out of my jet prop for a GTN 750 650 Combo. This unit was fully working and was just pulled. This was the more expensive upgraded TAWS unit. Asking $7300. Will include shipping with this. This does include the connectors, rack, cards, and manuals that I can find.
  4. Are you and jdevonal the same person? You can look out your window and see him according to the ZIP codes. If you are, I'd like to send one package, not two. Let me know before I send the Jepp readers.

  5. I am looking from a Brackett universal tow bar to hook onto my golf cart. If you have one or a lead on one please let me know. http://www.brackettaircraft.com/universal%20towbars.htm
  6. Tray , Connectors and GPS antenna included. It is a 14/28 voltage unit. It was removed for GTN upgrade. I am also including all the manuals as well. This is really a very nice unit. I am asking $7500.00
  7. It does not come with an 8130. I do not have the CDI for it, but have seen them several places. It is really a great radio.
  8. GARMIN APOLLO SL-30 VHF NAV/COMM, PART NO. 430-6040-300. Also included is the mounting tray, wiring harness and connectors. The face is very clean. $2900
  9. The R.C. Allen RCA2600 Next Generation Digital Attitude Indicators are designed to be a direct replacement for any Electric horizon. This light weight instrument is ideal for light sport and home built applications, but their precision and stability qualities also make them suitable for larger aviation applications such as business aircraft and rotorcraft. These combined with a battery unit and and aspen or G500 can make it so you can remove your vacuum system completely from the aircraft. (Check with your local avionics dealer) This is a great unit, light weight and only a 2 1/2 years old.
  10. I am doing some updates on my aircraft and have removed 2 of the indicators. They were both working great when removed, I just installed an aspen and a 750 with the garmin indicator. KI209- $850 KI208- $400
  11. If you have not sold these items, did you also have the Gi106A indicator as well. If so I would be interested in it.
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