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  1. Anybody done a vernier conversion to their cowl flaps cable? I've been thing about doing my J.
  2. Another improvement could easily be implemented into ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot. I know ForeFlight has all the information needed to flash a warning on the screen for the pilot to verify the landing gear is down. I'm not familiar with Garmin Pilot, but I suspect it also has all information required. I get a message with the weather frequency that I have to acknowledge for my destination airport when I'm about 30 miles out. There is no reason these Apps couldn't flash a "Gear Down" message for the pilot to acknowledge at 500 Ft AGL or some other programmable data point that the pilot could
  3. This is a pretty old post, just wanted to see if you still had the flaps. I am interested in a right one. Thanks Mike Cahill 513-293-5748
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