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  1. @mizer2167, I’ve read through this thread and @carusoam summed it up concisely! And it seems you’ve settled on the short body...there’s an a decent C that was just posted on fb Mooney group (and in TAP). It’s a ‘68 with newer paint (from pics, very nice); interior and a decent panel. Had a gear-up 400 hours ago with tear-down plus cylinders and new prop. (Those might detract you...maybe not) above mid-time engine but still lottsa life remaining if the tear down was thorough. Nice looking C for mid-50’s I believe. the market is interesting right now. Real nice airplanes (equipment, paint and interior with no damage) are at a premium, but worth it IMO.
  2. @Indy, what model are you looking for? what price range? are you looking for an airplane that needs a few things or one that is closer to turn-key.....?
  3. @jgarrison, if you have need for pilot or ride I can help in MN/Wi/Illinois/Iowa or Michigan. have C will travel! F, C, J, numerous variation of K’s (not to mention pipers from warrior up through Malibu)
  4. Just received shipment of my sensorcon unit. I had one sent to my son in Georgia also! first use will be this weekend.
  5. Hello @Hank i saw your post above and was going to ask what mixture setting, but the I noticed you include 50* ROP. What fuel gph burn do you typically see: - WOT - 50ROP - 7500’ (or 8500’) i Have Power Flo so I expect mine to be different (since PF claim is I’m probably using more horsepower) but curious what you’re seeing on yours.
  6. I’m with KLRMD. I’ve flown > 1000 hours in an M20F; 400 hours in a J; likely 300 in various other Mooneys and 1500 hours in a bonanza F33. And although I do not recall my typical fuel consumption in the bonanza, it was good all day every day for 170 kts. Fuel consumption will definitely be higher in the bonanza (regardless which engine it has). And maint. will likely be higher in the bonanza assuming you find a well-maintained Mooney; but there is something about the feel of those 6 cylinders; and sitting up a bit higher; I didn’t mind the big yoke; And by the way, 147 kts from the M20C is pretty decent. I have a number of mods on my C and I’m ~149 wot and 2500 at 7/8000’ (10gph) I’d love a Debonair. But a similar vintage Deb with similar TT and engine time as my C would have cost $30k more up front. (I’d get that back when I sold....just didn’t have the resources at the time to jump that high). In the end, they’re all expensive! But fun!
  7. @Marauder and @Oscar Avalle Regarding the 2nd issue: you likely already have your answer since this thread is nearly 5 years old; but I’ll share some thoughts. The “phantom storm” at your 6:00 is very likely electronic noise from a strobe or some other source on the airplane...especially because it remains at 6 position when you turn. Could be a servo, could be a noisy strobe or some other transmitting device (I believe you said it is periodic). That can be telltale sign of failing strobe or service. I've flown a couple thousand hours with various stormscope one time I had 3 models in my airplane; a Wx11, Wx1000+ and a Wx900. wish I had one now! i am somewhat less familiar with the more current models, although the technology used in actual storm detection in the 500 and 950 series remains the same as the 1000 and 900 series.
  8. Thanks for this commentary. Though unrelated to the aspen discussion, it relates to the post above (Barron accident). While reading I recalled two times (approx early 1990’s) I experienced runaway trim in my Bonanza, N29999. Once while climbing vfr out of KFCM (aircraft and autopilot checked and nothing found); and the second time climbing into IMC on a flight plan from KLSE to KPWK. First time was trim down, second event was trim up. Perhaps the only thing that saved me was the subtle extra g-effect of the up-trim momentum. I was able to disengage, then descend below the deck and fly VMC along the river back into KLSE. The first event garnered some attention from my Avionics shop and BK. After this second event, BK sent their “super-sleuths” to evaluate; don’t recall the gents name but he was a real autopilot geek! Many days of eval and conference calls between him, my Avionics shop and BK. In the end, no more board replacement, no servo check or was remove and replace the full questions, no charge! I was working in the aviation industry at the time...we all knew each other. And although I am grateful for the good fortune and good service, I wonder if I’d been an occasional, unknown IFR pilot, if I would have received the benefit of that level of concern. I even wonder about my own reaction if they would have said “everything seems to check out” what might my reaction have been? Today I am glad for that concern....the training I received to acknowledge the minor sweat beads on my hands — those little, nagging clues that help to keep me alert!
  9. Ok I’ll bite! Love the various Porsche pics...some day! and of course Nothing beats a Triumph! Here’s my favorite ride along with my favorite airplane(s):
  10. @Hank... about 6 months late but we’ve made 1trip to KFFC (last July) and will be back for a weekend in January (delta airlines)...will likely fly the Mooney down again March/April 2020 timeframe. Will try to remember and give you a call!
  11. @Hank, curious about your comment MP needle wiggle: I generally run ~70% power in my C. After a while, I've pretty much settled on these: --3500 and below: 23"/2300 --3500-6500/7000: 22"/2400 7000/7500 & up: WOT- /2500 For WOT-, I reduce throttle just enough to make the MP needle wiggle, set RPM and lean. Airspeed is generally 140-145 mph. Up high that good for ~147 KTAS. I’ve read similar comments before and don’t recall what the basis for reducing until needle wiggle...please share, thank you!
  12. Brian, the responses I’ve read to your request for input mostly suggest walk away. I agree. I had spent more than a year looking. And for much of that time I admit, I was kicking tires. But the more tires I kicked the more frequently I came across good, viable options. In the end I was very close to choosing between a C in upstate NY, an E in Idaho, a project F in my back yard (Mn) and a nice but more expensive C in KC. Suddenly I fell into a very nice C also in my back yard! This aircraft wasn’t even on the market yet and it was mine to win (or lose). I paid the asking price (only & a bit more than what they're asking for your example) but this one was 8 years since complete resurrection; ndh; low aftt; 750 SMOH; paint and interior; many mods! The right airplane will come to you so keep looking! in the meantime, keep flying so when you find your Mooney, you’ll only need transition training.
  13. Thanks all. Getting to know my C... have lots of time in an F (years ago) but even then we did not run engine LOP. More recent time in a sweet RV4 with IO320 and much of my flying was LOP but it was simpler with injected engine. @Hank, thanks for the detail. I was told (presumably by administrator) that you had written on this topic. so far my flights have all been $100 hamburger type...within an hour +\- of my base but the plan includes some regular trips to ATL and South Georgia (from Wi)
  14. I’ve never seen or read what the actual horsepower gain results from adding Power Flo exhaust. 1) any specifics from users 2) my aircraft has higher fuel consumption than most C’s (from what I am reading) but I am typically flying 75% settings....and seeing higher TAS numbers 3) (not necessarily related) Your thoughts about LOP operation in carbureted engine