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  1. Stratus and GTX 335 still available. Reasonable offers considered.
  2. So a little update, shop pulled the computer, tested the voltage on the trim servo which was good, put the computer back in and it's running like a champ. I've flown the last 2 days, tested great, and no issues thus far. 1 hour yesterday, two 2-hour cross countries today and no issues. Will update if there is any change, but thus far working well.
  3. Agreed....I'm going to have my shop look at it. For issues like this they are generally fairly quick and they are here on the field.
  4. This will be my first time pulling out the KC 192. Is the card obvious in the back of the unit, and it just pulls out? I have seen a photo somewhere on MS before of what that looks like but unfortunately I can't find it anymore. I just want to make sure that I don't make things worse!
  5. boy do I wish that was it! I learned that lesson on my 2nd flight. I no longer turn off the trim CB on shutdown. Appreciate it.
  6. I've been searching here and other forums and not having any luck in finding a resolution to a similar issue. The KFC 150 in my Ovation isn't working at startup. I get a solid TRIM light, but nothing happens when I try the test procedure, it does absolutely nothing, no beeps/flashes, etc. On multiple occasions, it has started working after about 10 mins in to the flight, after repeated attempts at pressing the test button. When it works, it works great, but the issue is getting progressively worse, and is now repeatable every time. In one instance, pressing the red AP disconnect button o
  7. I get it. Unfortunately, I don't have a working photo. I purchased the aircraft sight unseen due to Covid but had @LASAR do an extensive pre-buy, fresh annual, and while there I had them pull the GTX 335 and KLN94 and replace with a GNX375. Feedback during the pre-buy was that it worked very well, but I don't have pictures unfortunately. At the end of the day, if someone purchases it and is not pleased, I'm happy to refund their money once it's returned to me.
  8. New to me, low time Ovation that I upgraded to GNX375 as the first step, so i have for sale: GTX 335 WAAS (no WAAS antenna included) $2200 installed in 2019 and works well King KLN94 Color GPS $650 Was told at LASAR Prebuy that it worked well. see pics, looks practically unused Stratus 2S with Accessories and recent battery refresh $450 works great and in great shape, just converting to Garmin Pilot Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or are interested. Eric
  9. That's great info Harry! I'll keep an eye out for the pin when I work on it this weekend. Thank you!
  10. I’ll answer my own question there, looks like it should just be through the armrest. Thanks again for the assistance.
  11. That’s helpful, should I be able to tighten from the armrest side or will I need to go into the seat back?
  12. I’m really hopeful this is an easy fix. New owner of 98 Ovation. Something that we didn’t catch in the pre-buy was that the armrest stop doesn’t seem to work, so the armrest just freewheels/falls down. I don’t yet have a maintenance manual and sorry, forgot to take pictures while at the hangar yesterday. If needed, I will take pics next weekend. Hopefully others are familiar with the issue and can make a recommendation to try.
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