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  1. Hello Lee, I’m sorry to tell you that I just sold it. About a year ago my unit also became erratic at times. The problem in my case was with the fuel flow transducer. After it was replaced it worked perfectly. Absolutely no problems after replacing the transducer. Dennis
  2. Hello Lee, Yes, I still have the Shadin Miniflow with the fuel flow transducer. Dennis
  3. Hello Mike, yes it’s been awhile. You’re right about the value of working Moritz gauges.
  4. I have been asked if I would sell the Flightstream 210 alone. Not yet, maybe later, I just posted everything an hour ago. Dennis
  5. Panel is currently being painted. Will post when it is completed.
  6. Selling the following items removed from my Ovation (28v). Shipping is included. See photos below. Last photo shows original panel. Thanks for looking! Dennis 1. Jeppesen Skybound. $25.00 2. Mid-Continent DC-AC Inverter Model MD 26-28. $50.00
  7. Just donated, looking forward to no adds and the ability to list some Avonics removed from my Ovation. Thanks! Dennis
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