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Broken Images?

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I'm seeing a lot of broken image icons.  Images that users have included in their posts, but don't seem to work.  As an example, I am looking for Mooney tug ideas and found a thread labelled "show your tug".  Most of the images in that thread are not visible.  Was there a change to a new server that broke these images or some sort of data cap we've hit and the hosting company is blocking images?

Sorry if this is a repeat question, I did look to see if something like this was previously asked and found nothing.

David Castor

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Are these photos lost for good?  It would have been nice if certain pics could have been reclaimed or a button where you could click to say "Can this photo be uploaded?"  There are many great threads with solid information that now don't have pictures which show details needed.  Would be awesome to have some way to re-upload from an old internet cache.

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I've had some luck finding some of the images in Google images. Takes clever searching. For example: I think I finally found the picture posted by Jetdriven of his overhead vent replacement in the "Overhead vent upgrade project" thread. He used vent covers from a Tahoe. My search phrase was 'mooneyspace jetdriven overhead vent'. In the 3rd row of pictures in Google Images, looks to be that picture. 

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