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Considering a Mooney as my first airplane...

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21 hours ago, AKEllsworth said:

Glad I finally posted this request for help.  I'm loving the insight, and From what I can tell, most Mooney owners are usually very satisfied with the product.  Other options I have considered (hold your fire) are beechcraft sundowner an Piper arrow or  *cherokee 180* ( not comanchee). I keep coming back to the efficiency and value of the mooney. 

Having recently flown all of the above options in my recent search for an airplane I found the following

Beechcraft Sundowner/Sierra/Musketeer:
Very comfortable (wide cockpit, some times two doors), VERY SLOW, rubber donuts like a Mooney but a stabilator like a piper. I was getting ready to close on a Sierra when I was talked out of it by a former Beechcraft engineer.

Piper Arrow:

Honestly with the new AD out I would avoid like the plague until the dust settles, the counter argument is that this may correct the "arrow bubble", 90K 8000hr Arrow IIIs are puzzling me.

Cherokee 180:
Have you considered a bold warrior Bold-Warrior (bold-warrior.com)

I ended up with a Mooney M20E. I would argue is a C or E model Mooney the best value for your money assuming you want to stay with Lycoming 4 cylinder. 

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On 1/24/2021 at 8:51 PM, carusoam said:

Two of the really nicest Mooneys.... Ever...


  • Nemo (JSG)
  • Gypsy Rose (EM)


Gypsy Rose had the honor of defining the terms for Forever-plane status... The M20E became the best retirement plane ever...


PP thoughts only...

Best regards,


Carusoam, you made my day with your accolade. I can now die happy----well, after I buy my next one (looking at an M20E vs a 201).

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While I'm on this topic: Who'd like to throw out a few utterly slanted, personal but experienced opinions on this topic?

1. Well updated panel M20E, some speed mods; in the upper $70's/low 80's.

2. mid generation 201, nice condition, close onto $100.


What to choose? 


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Let’s see what we have here...

1) Utterly slanted... check!

2) Personal... yep!

3) Experienced.... hmmmm.... that’s a tough one... score that as a maybe!

4) Opinions... everyone has one... and they may change with the weather, or age, or phase of familydom...

5) If you have family.... the mid-body J really rocks!

6) If you are a retired couple... the short body E is the ultimate retirement plane!

Do you want to build your own panel, or buy it already assembled?

Best regards,


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