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  1. MarkC

    Backfire on short final

    +1 to check for an intake leak. This was the cause for me once. Mark
  2. MarkC

    Oshkosh 2018 - Who's going?

    Planning to fly the Fisk arrival on Saturday and camp. I am not caravan certified so I will have to pass on that, but I am looking forward to seeing and meeting a lot of fellow MooneySpacer's this summer!
  3. MarkC

    Free Overhead Torpedo Lights

    Which LED upgrade did you do?
  4. MarkC

    Mooney Yoke emblem

    Yes, sorry about that. I meant to say I would like to have one for the co-pilot side. If that is possible just let me know how much to send!
  5. MarkC

    Mooney Yoke emblem

    I would love to have 1 for the pilot side as well if that's possible. -Mark
  6. MarkC

    Amelia Earhart HF Radio

    Nice installation Jose. W4ZF here. I sense there may be a Mooney HF net about to get started... Mark
  7. I am sorry to report that the autograph is no longer there. I read the part where Gordon said that Al had signed the flashing near the instrument panel, but I cannot find any evidence of that. I'm not sure where exactly this would place the signature. The panel itself was re-configured many years ago to a standard six pack. I have noticed that the flashing on the co-pilot's side appears to have been replaced at some point. Perhaps someone kept a souvenir along the way sometime.
  8. I can second Andy's recommendation on the book. It is a great read especially for any Mooney fan. And by the way, I am the current owner of Gordon Baxter's M20C. The old girl is still flying well. Mark
  9. Thanks again everyone. I disconnected the aileron as described and found an access hole. But the access hole on my plane was not aligned directly with the nut on the servo. I did use a right angle wrench and it was just enough to remove the nut turning it about 1/16th of a rev each time I engaged it. So I was able to remove the servo and reattach the tubing and it now appears to be securely attached. Thanks for all the good advice.
  10. Thanks for the input guys. You are confirming a lot of what I am seeing
  11. The vacuum tube has become disconnected from the right wing servo for the PC system on my C model. I have studied it as best I can but cannot see how to get access to the rear to see how to reconnect. Any advice?
  12. 1.4 today. Like many of you, just seemed like a great morning for a leisurely flight to enjoy the scenery and solitude early in the day before the family dinner and football for the remainder of the day.
  13. MarkC

    Engine cuts with carb heat

    Another thought here as to possible cause for the stumble or even shut down when applying carb heat at run-up. After eliminating the usual things like butterfly, leaky exhaust, check the float bowl on that carb. If it has worked loose it can cause the engine to quit because of the additional air being sucked in and making the mixture too lean. When the float bowl was loose on mine I would see excessive RPM drop at run-up.
  14. Wait... you mean you don't have to smartly tap these from time to time?
  15. MarkC

    Lazer nose gear control arm mod?

    I don't have any experience with the LASAR mod that you reference, but I am curious to hear more about the issue that you are experiencing. You say that your nose gear has some slop in it. Does that mean that you experience some excess lateral travel of the nosegear on the takeoff roll or landing rollout? Or is this something you only notice when the plane is up on jacks? My plane has a bit of an issue on the landing rollout where it will sometimes try to veer off the centerline and you really have to be quick on the rudder pedals to stay on top of it. It can get pretty interesting sometimes. I have been wondering if something similar to what you describe may be the issue with mine.