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  1. Yeah it’s not chirp it’s a continuous sound only when gear is up. When I heard this for the first time - I extended gear and warning sound disappeared. Only happened twice in the last 2 years. Will look into a throttle switch. Any pictures where it is located?
  2. I think I never said that but I always appreciate your detailed answers @carusoam
  3. Very rare I get a gear warning sound when I retract gear after takeoff (electric, Dukes). Tower says all 3 wheels up and “unsafe” light is illuminated. Did anyone had a similar issue and is this a safety concern? Also jokes about Johnson bar are always welcome
  4. My fuel sender has some kind of sticky goo on it around bolts and sender flange. My guess it’t to prevent small leaks at bolts. Does anyone know what product it can be? I need a bit more of it
  5. Just got my set if visors from Don installed! Looks great, can’t be happier!
  6. Did anyone try ovation paint schemes on vintage mooneys? Or these look funny on shorter bodies with rectangle windows?
  7. While seating at the restaurant! Nice!
  8. Is there a software (paid or free) with airplane templates paint scheme designers use? I want to visualize some of my ideas
  9. Is that a revolution across various manufacturers with unified interface / protocol?
  10. Here is my flat panel where it is in front of the glareshield on a copilot side
  11. Where did you get a new glareshield (thanks, @carusoam)?
  12. I was in hope that I can just replace the top part of the dash, not sure what it’s called. The one between the windshield and the panel where you put your cheeseburgers on
  13. Yeah I think you get it right. Not sure it is a bend, more like a tilt
  14. My panel is actually flat but in the co-pilot area it’s a bit in the front of the upper dash because it’s bent and this drives me nuts because I can see all the avionics and wires inside the gap. I also wonder why Mooney decided to to this tilt?
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