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  1. I found it hard to slow down below 100mph with no flaps unless idling. What is your power setting / descent rate for no flaps landing?
  2. Thank you guys. I feel way more confident now after your advises. The fact that my vintage POH is about 20 pages makes me a bit nervous at times. Especially because there is not much info in the checklists, emergency procedures, take-off and landing performance information
  3. That’s what my thinking is - do everything in advance and stay ahead in a critical phase of flight. But looks like you not concerned with the RPM increase prior landing? I am new to complex and as I said that RPM increase prior to landing looks awkward to me. I feel like by increasing a gap between MP and RPM i’m cooling the engine more that I need to
  4. Your answers make me thing that I was trying to push prop forward too early... somewhere in a downwind to base turn when I still want more power
  5. Ok so this is probably not a very Mooney specific question but what I found is that CFIs that transitioned me to complex and Mooney didn’t seem to care about this aspect and surprisingly I can’t find any information about the subject Context: M20E on approach. What I do is reducing MP / RPM to 17.5”-19” at 1950RPM in a terminal area or when it is time to slow down (normally 2000 ft above the pattern altitude or 5 mins prior to reaching FAF. I read that a lot of pilots keep RPM at 2400-2500 but I found that reducing it keeps an engine warmer per Zef article and also keeps the bird quieter. Then I drop the gear and half flaps and that gives me 90MPH with settings I mentioned. Electric pump, mixture - rich, start pushing the prop (well, actively rotate, as I being told that I should avoid pushing it forward too fast) and... wow, RPM is increasing, passengers have no clue what’s going on, kind of awkward for RPM to increase on final. Unless I reduce MP below 15” in advance so governor can’t longer maintain required speed. How do you guys manage prop speed on final? How do you avoid an RPM increase (following Zef technique) and when exactly you prefer to push prop forward considering safety when you might need to promptly increase power: 1. In the pattern 2. On a precision approach?
  6. Can you fly a dual VOR approach using clock? P.S: beautiful bird!
  7. Looks like the same nasty black stuff that I posted above. Is it?
  8. Hey Scott, I was in your shoes a month ago when I was purchasing my first airplane and it is a 1966 M20E. There is a MSC in Boise that previous owner agreed to deliver airplane to for pre-buy but and we agreed on a small deposit ($400). Before I got an airplane to MSC I asked a mechanic familiar with Mooneys to do a thorough log books review (owner sent me scans). Mooney service center in Boise is Cascade Aircraft Management and I am pretty happy with my experience with them. I also turned pre-buy into an annual. Before you travel to see the airplane - get logbooks, pictures, do a title search and if the owner back up - look for another airplane. I was waiting for mine for 4 months but if you think you found a good one - act fast As for the first airplane choice - I am very surprised as if you maintain proper airspeeds your every landing will be a greaser. I have 260h total and only 17 in Mooneys but I always use less than 2000ft from threshold to runway exit when I land. Some stuff requires more attention - such as MP / RPM combinations, protecting an engine from overheating / overcooling but that's due to the fact that I am also new to complex world and this is not a rental anymore
  9. To avoid confusion - this plastic tubing was there before my mechanic fabricated a new line: this is what he discarded
  10. It is a piece of the MP vacuum line my mechanic took out and refabricated to fix the issue with MP incorrect readings. I think the plastic piece was behind the dash from the firewall to the instrument. As for the sealant - what is a recommended one?
  11. And here is the chafed piece of the line. Issue is fixed. What is interesting is when we were removing avionics access panel there was a nasty black sticky stuff and mechanic said there should be a silicone and he never saw that black stuff before. Do you guys know what that is on last 2 pictures?
  12. Hm. Can anyone post what they are asking? Pictures are nice but price is a mystery
  13. Did you find a price list somewhere or just call them?
  14. Actually looks very nice. Did you remove radio tray and harness?
  15. Apparently I realized my Mooney had more space than I thought I pulled out old ADF (I prefer music from my phone) and now I think of what needs to be done to turn that hole into a gloves compartment... Should I recalculate weight and balance? Remove tray or just make some insert? Anyone did a similar “upgrade”?