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  1. @carusoam @DXB Unfortunately that airplane was sold before I get there to see it. At this point I am about to take one of the planes to a MSC in Idaho. Will post an update when (hopefully) close on it. Thanks guys!
  2. That's a good list of MSC to choose from depending on their workload! Thank you @jaylw314
  3. Thank you. These reviews add confidence. My comment was more about finding a party so I can speak to Jimmi on the same language because I am first time buyer. I need someone help me ask right questions. Also I never heard of SWTA and Dugosh. Are they closer than Don Maxwell?
  4. So, this is technically unrelated but I don't want to create a new post on a similar subject. I decided to trust my first purchase to Jimmi Garrison based on his reputation here and will be looking at one of his airplanes next Tuesday, May 7. If anyone experienced is around and want to join to help me make a decision I will appreciate!
  5. Thank you guys for fixing me. I am moving away with no regret
  6. @Marauder He is not asking for any deposit before an annual. I think he realizes that he needs it in order to sell an airplane for money he is asking and is going to just do that. Now of course someone can show up and buy his airplane while it is in annual but I am fine with that.I am certainly not protected from paper annuals but how this is different from other airplanes on the market that have a current and relatively fresh annual?
  7. That's the hardest part for me: not knowing what I don't know. Also I was monitoring the market for 2 months from now and all airplanes either were sitting a lot or they sold the same day to a reseller where the price is not where I want it and also no way I can negotiate as a first time buyer. I get an idea but in reality these airplanes are not popping in every day in my area
  8. So the Seller said he if fine with doing an annual (at his cost but asking price will incread) even before I came and see the airplane so I can test fly it and go for a pre-purchase whenever I want. I guess it is a good sign and simplifies a lot
  9. I don't think I said it's cheap. It is actually priced at Vref. Would you recommend looking at above average priced airplanes instead?
  10. Guys thank you for jumping in to help a newbie. Pretty happy now knowing I have a support group
  11. That airplane is out of annual only since Feb 2019 according to logbooks but I will appreciate if you PM me any details that you remember about seller and airplane
  12. That's fishy and I for sure will proceed cautiously. But I also trying to figure out how to weed out the odor at a minimum expense for me at least until I am relatively confident in the airplane (like have a test flight and preliminary pre-buy).
  13. I am thinking to verbally offer him +$1000 to the asking price (asking price is reasonable and I am ready to pay it) if he does the annual so I can test fly it and do a pre-buy at mechanic of my choice (off his home base). I realize his annual might be way different from the one I'd like but that might be the case with any airplane on the market where you don't know how reputable last AI name is in the logbook. Do you remember how you arrange an agreement for conditions you described? Who was paying for the annual in your case? How did you manage pass / no pass annual expenses in your agreement?
  14. According to a Seller he bought an airplane with the annual a bit more than a year ago then figured out he doesn't fly it much because he has another airplane. His mechanic doesn't know that airplane because he didn't service it. I would agree this is a challenge but I also see this as an opportunity when other buyers don't bulge. As if he can make a "paper" annual he probably would have done that already. He can tell truth or lie I don't know at this moment just trying to figure out a right course of action. He also said his mechanic can arrange a test flight. I am not sure how this is legally possible with an airplane that is out of annual - I don't think special flight permit can be issued to that type of operation
  15. I am a first time buyer. What is the caveat if proper pre-buy is made? According to a Seller airplane flown regularly. Price is the city in UT btw