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  1. I installed a TurboPlus intercooler about 300 hours ago. No change in anything except reduction in manifold pressure to obtain same level of performance. I still use about 1 quart of oil every 25 hours. Honestly, I can’t see why you’d puke out more oil just because of the intercooler installation. Good idea on oil filler cap. I have to put 2 gaskets on mine for a tight seal. Maybe you are pressurizing the crankcase that way?
  2. If you don’t want to mess around with repairing the Mooney control box you can replace them with MaxDim controllers. They are about $250 from Spruce and are STC’ed for M20s
  3. Thanks to everyone. Sent it off to Bevan. Waiting to hear back from them.
  4. How do you know they are glazed? Borescope? Was a compression check performed? If so, what were the compressions? If they were low, where did you hear the air leaks? Crankcase (piston ring leakage)? Exhaust (valve leakage)? Often if cylinders are just glazed you can break the glaze with a honing tool and install new rings. But, you have nearly the same labor cost as installing overhauled or new cylinders. I wouldn't throw money into an engine with that many hours. Spending $5-8 AMUs now when you'll probably have to go for overhaul in the near future doesn't sound prudent to me. If you are committed to not overhauling the motor in the near term, I'd go with the least costly route to minimize your financial exposure at overhaul. But, you really need to be certain of the problem before you start. If you pull a cylinder and it has a worn bore you are into a new ballgame. Overhauled or new cylinders will be required and the AMUs will start adding up! Also, when you pull the cylinders you should do a cam and lifter inspection. If they are not in great shape you'll be forced into pulling the engine and at 1950 hours you'll be doing an overhaul anyway.
  5. My replacement panel has the indentation. It doesn't affect anything. If you are really concerned about getting an exact copy of your existing panel Plane Plastics will make an copy for you. I have fold down rear seats and their panel would not accommodate the seat backs when they were down. You send them your piece and they make a template. Took about 6 or 8 weeks but the new piece popped right in.
  6. I installed all new plastic panels in my 231 about 7 years ago. Purchased everything from Plane Plastics. The pilot’s panel is not exactly the same. You will have to carefully create openings for oxygen gauge and pilot’s oxygen supply. Other than that it will fit very well with some trimming.
  7. My trusty KX165 has suddenly started acting up. It will not receive VOR or Localizer and Glide slope is consistently reading low. We know it is certainly the radio as I swapped in a known good one and it works fine .... so, the problem is certainly the radio, not the installation. Any recommendations who to send it to for fairly priced service? Yes, I know I should look at a replacement but not in the budget right now.
  8. Wonder what the wet weight is on the EPS engine? With all the accessories and coolant it can't be that light.
  9. I contacted Triad in Burlington, NC to get an estimate on my TSIO 360LB. When all is said and done expect around $55K with case, crank, etc that can be overhauled. Estimate includes new Continental cylinders, new exhaust system, overhauled fuel system, overhauled Merlyn and Turbo, overhauled alternator, new Slick Mags with harness, all the typical hoses removal and installation. Since I'm extremely happy with my nickel carbide cylinders I'm hopeful Continental will offer NiC3 when I overhaul. If not, I'll probably just have Triad send out the new cylinders to Aircraft Cylinders of America and have them plated. ACoA did my current cylinders.
  10. Agreed. Critical altitude on stock system is 15,700. The GB motor is notorious for running hot anyway. Merlyn Black Magic upper deck controller will boost Critical Altitude. Before I installed a Turbo Plus Intercooler CA with just the Merlyn was around 19,500. Cylinder 2 will always be the hottest as it has the worst airflow and the oil cooler is immediately behind it. Also, the highest you go although air temperature is lower there are fewer air molecules to cool the engine. Running the cowl flaps in trail will enhance the volume of cooling air.
  11. I have found setting up a Dremel as a router and taking very small bites is the way to go. You get a lot of control by holding just the work not the tool and possibly the work (lens). I fitted all the glass in my plane this way and it worked perfectly. My AI liked the result so much he uses the same technique on difficult pieces. I'd also recommend masking the entire lens, inside and out with tape to prevent any scratches. Using a step drill is the way to go for any holes.
  12. How do I PM you

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      You just did.  Just click on my name and find the envelope icon.  click on it and a window will appear.


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  13. Most certainly the factory oil pressure sender that feeds the ships stock gauge. It is a Bosch 0-10 Bar (atmosphere) that is relabeled. It should not be dangling around! Mine is has a clamp that secures it to the engine mount
  14. Without a way to measure EGT on each cylinder it is impossible to know which cylinder is at peak EGT first or last. I have never operated a 0-360 but I think common practice is to run 50 degrees or more Rich of Peak
  15. I have the Kannad Integra. It’s wired to my GTN 750 so it will transmit my position when activated. Additionally, it has its own internal GPS receiver and fold out 121.5/406 antenna. God forbid you went down and the ships antenna or cable was damaged, or for some reason you had to abandon the aircraft, you can easily remove the ELT from its bracket and still have a fully functional device transmitting your position within about 100 meters. Another plus is that they claim its waterproof. Thankfully, I haven’t had to test any of the features.