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  1. Great! - thanks for the response!
  2. Just wondering where folks are having their prop ECI done in FL and the typical cost. Thanks, Bruce
  3. Time is valuable for buyers and sellers alike. I want to see a minimum of 2 yrs of engine/airframe/prop log entries plus a current W&B before I even consider spending time and money to see the airplane in person. If there is a damage history or STCs then I want to see those entries too. This is not difficult if you are a serious seller. Take pix of the information and upload them to one of the many file sharing sites like Google Drive, etc., and then direct potential buyers to those sites via shareable links. This works well for detailed pix too, and that way you don't have to email large files to everyone who inquires. Consider two identical airplanes - one with minimal available information and an uncooperative seller and the other with all of the above plus recent borescope pictures and oil analysis data from the past several years provided by an accommodating seller. Which do you think will sell first?
  4. Untrue. The only thing you cannot do if you don't hold the repairman certificate for that particular aircraft is the condition inspection [but any A&P can sign it off - you do not need an IA]. Who can maintain a Homebuilt?FAR Part 43 specifically states that the rules of that part do not apply to amateur-built airplanes. Therefore, any maintenance on an experimental airplane can be performed virtually by anyone regardless of credentials. (This does not apply to the condition inspection previously discussed). Let common sense be your guide as to what maintenance you conduct yourself.